Thursday, December 16, 2010

kids and Christmas

Sedona just said to Pepper they are playing lost puppy....Pepper is the puppy...

"Puppy are looking for some owners? How about the Larson's? The O-N Larson's?"
(I am forever telling people here our last name is spelled with an "O" not and an "E".

funny what kids pick up.

Then Sedona brings Pepper to me and introduces me as "Mother" so now Pepper is calling me "mudder". They are cute!!

most of the time...

What is it about Christmas time that turns kids into Angels and Devils? We don't watch TV, but my kids are still full of the give me's. Pepper has totally stopped listening to me and Sedona cries at everything.

I was thinking about things that I don't like about the holiday's...
here are a few of the things...

1. Not having a gift for someone who gives you a gift (posted this on facebook)
2. Getting stuff mailed Christmas cards and Christmas gifts
3. Going to kids parties and getting a bunch of gunky little trinkets or a bag of peanuts--what a mess.
4. Having so much stuff scheduled at dinner time (school party at 5:30-7:00 and no food--not great planning), if you do a party at dinner time, feed us or tell us you aren't feeding us---kids with no dinner a ton of candy are not fun to be around.
5. Having pressure (self-inflicted) to make cookies, candies, and all the Christmas goodies even if you don't like them.
6. I love Christmas lights, but I stink at putting them up---so I hate the guilt I feel over that.
7. Christmas decorations. Again...I love going into peoples homes and they are so pretty and decorated---I really went through my decorations this year. I have such a hodge-podge of stuff that I want to start over, but then the clutter freak in my mind jumps in and I pull out a few things and repack the rest-
8. The process of getting ready to go to Christmas stuff. I love being at them, but getting ready for them is not fun for me, at least I know i will be the one holding the camera so I am never "pretty"....I just make sure the girls look cute and away we go!
9. Candy---my kids want candy all the time. I finally got a candy bucket and gathered all the candy up and put it in the bucket--that way it is out of sight, unless I want to give it to them.

OK---enough for today---maybe I will make a list of what i LOVE about the season!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

still going...

I know I read a quote---don't know where or who said it, but it was something like....

"one thing I have learned in life-it keeps going."

That is so true.

after reading that quote I had the courage to confront a friend about a difficult circumstance she had gotten into. I felt better afterwards and even though I was dreading it the results (which turned out fine)--guess what--life when on.

i am trying to deal with control issues. Tonight the man behind me at Sedona's School Christmas Operetta decided to talk through all the songs the honor choir sang. I sat fuming that he didn't have respect enough for the kids who were singing, the parents sitting around us and how rude of him to think that it was only important to be quite when HIS granddaughter was on the stage. I saw the issue in myself and calmly got up and moved seats. I knew him and didn't want to "shhh's him"---so I removed myself from the situation.

Also having our exchange student. She is an excellent student, very well mannered, but I have issues because she does things differently than the way I would do it. She doesn't do it bad, just different. like the way we put the toilet paper on the holder---I like paper to go over the top, the few times she had done it, she puts it going under---not a big deal right? So why am I clutching my teeth as I wrote it. I have issues I know.

So do you have any suggestions, books, or personal ways you deal with control issues--

also this Christmas season had been fun and I have enjoyed it a great deal. I am not in charge of anything, I volunteer for what I want (and help if I am asked). It is kind of nice. This is a new thing for me.

It is also nice having Yee Rah around so if she is home I can say "will you watch the girls while I run to take Lucas some food?" So much nicer than trying to get the girls in and out of the car--Only 7 more years till Sedona is a "built-in" babysitter.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

haven't check comments in a while

Hey all--

wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my
"do you care" post.

I re-read it and it sounded rather pathetic---sorry about that.

I am glad that people care about what I write--so


to everyone.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Countdown--

This August I was so excited to really do each holiday really big so Yee Rah could experience "holidays" American style....
Fast forward and I didn't even decorate for Thanksgiving---SLACKER---
I lost all motivation when I found out I was pregnaunt and sleeping became more important than decorations--pathic I know.

a few year ago at Hobby Lobby (I think), I bought the most expensive Christmas decoration I have ever bought. It is a advent calendar that is for the whole month. I am not functioning clean enought to do justice to decsribe it, so I will post a picture as soon as I pull it out. I will say that it is kind of like a shadow box and it has 25 doors--one for each day of course.

I do however have a list of fun things that happen in December to help make the season more merry--I will post my 25 things at the end of this blog. Last year I even put in the things I was going to do for exercize each day---it was fun and the girls loved opening it up to see what fun thing was in store for them that day.

so here is my list of fun 25 things to do: (somethings will have to switch because of Church Christmas Program and last minute things, but overall this is it)

1st: get out Some Christmas Decorations (start Christmas lights?)
2nd: get out Some Christmas Decorations (more Chirstmas Lights?)
3rd : Denver
4th : Nutcracker
5th: Denver --- Read with Grandma Minnie
6: Christmas Pictures (Girls & Family)—FHE??
7: Christmas Cookies
8: Christmas Caroling as a family (in our own house with Hot coco & Cookies)
9: Christmas Shopping--??--Mail out Christmas Gifts (cuss because I haven't started the Christmas lights)
10: Put up Christmas Tree
11: Muppets Christmas (Freeze while hating every second I put up lights)
12: FREE NIGHT (do a crappy job of putting up the rest of the lights and hate them)
13: 12 Days of Christmas Secret Santa--do or not do---that is the question
14th: Write Letter To Santa
15th: School Party
16: Movie night as a family
17th: Read Christmas stories by Candlelight
18th: Yee Rah piano recital
19th: Deive around to look at other christmas lights (feel so guilty I didn't do a better job on my lights)
20th: Christmas Ding Door Ditch
21st: Reindeer Food and Santa Cookies (turn on all lights for a few hours---have Lucas tell me I shouldn't turn them on at all)
22nd: Gingerbread Houses
24: Look up Santa on the Internet-is he almost here? (forget all about the Christmas lights and enjoy the peace)
25: Do the Nativity Story (Start dreading taking and putting away the Christmas lights)

SO hear is hoping that this Christmas is more decorated than Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

do you even care?

Some times I read blogs and I think
"wow--I really didn't care about a thing I just read"

BUT those are by people I don't know---so I wonder...

When people read my blog do they really care?

Do I blog to prove something? To entertain? To get comments? To purge feelings?

I think I blog for many reason---maybe some of each of those.

Mostly I try to be honest, but I have started about 20 posts I have never posted---why?
I don't know? Maybe because some of them are too personal...maybe I feel some are too shallow, or just plain embarresing. Do I really want everyone to know "that" about me?

I find that it is easy to post things like To Do Lists, and things that don't share the "real" me.

one reason I haven't posted is because I haven't felt well and haven't felt like blogging, and I feel guilty about that---

I need to let go of alot of guilt and worry that I carry around so IF I don't post for a month I am letting go of the guilt---I won't worry what people think if I post a blog that they might not find interesting!

PS: I had 3 more sentenses written here and deleted them--because I was worried what you would thing---*sigh* I will keep working on it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Got it done---only to do it all again tomorrow

I know I left everyone is such a cliff hanger the other day--ha ha ha!

Anyway---I got everything buy my bedroom cleaned---and I mean really clean!

So tomorrow I am doing it again, but instead of 5 hours it will take me 1! Ahhh that feels good.

Tomorrow is also Sedona's Ballet so look for pictures coming to my facebook soon---

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another To Do list

OK--my house is about at 60% mess--and I have friends for dinner tonight and a big apron swap on Saturday here---so TODAY is my clean day.

I am childless today because Pepper started school. I miss her. I hope she is having fun.
Walking her into class I asked her "Do you want me to stay for a while or go home?"
Pepper didn't even look at me and said "Go home mom."


here is what I am doing today

1. Kitchen (I think an hour including the floor)
2. Back Room (10 minutes)
3. Middle Room (20 minutes--including takinge everything upstairs)
4. Dinning room (1 hour)
5. Bathroom (20 minutes)
6. Bedroom (30 minutes)
7. Mudroom (1 hour)

That is about 3 and 1/2 hours BUT I also need to do these things

-bring wood in (looks like snow soon)
-Buy Sedona tights for Ballet
-Make an Apron
-Make Food for dinner
-Go shopping for some of the food for tonight and for Apron swap
-Not get sick
-not take a nap

READY SET ......


I will keep you posted on my progress....

OK 40 minutes later the Mudroom is clean and the wood pile is restocked--PLUS I got some of the trash and stuff picked up around the porch---I am off to a great start! I am +20 minutes--I will start a load of dishes and work on the middle room---that way I will be +40 minutes!! YEAH ME!

Now about 20 minutes later and ALL the dishes are done (not put away yet)---which since I didn't allot a certain amount for dishes, just kitchen---I will finish the kitchen--according to plan I have 40 minutes to do the rest of the kitchen--including the floor--


Got distracted---had a few phone calls--I kept working, but didn't get as much done as I would have liked. It is 6 minutes to noon---so I am taking a break till 12:30 so I can eat and regroup---See you at 12:30 :)

OK 12:15 and I am ready to go again.

I still have almost everything left to do---

Here is the NEW plan

1. kitchen (30 minutes)
2. Bathroom (20 Minutes)
3. Dinning Room (1 hour)
4. middle room (30 Minutes)
5. Vacuum (20 minutes)

I will have to go and get Pepper before I do the vacuuming--so that is my goal---Everything done by vacumming before Pepper comes home! :)

if this isn't boring enough--here is my grocery list for tonight

1. Garlic
2. French Bread
3. Cream/ Half and Half
4. Trash bags
5. Salad stuff

Alright GO!

Kitchen and Bathroom Done!

Dinning Room and Middle room with about an hour to go!

I need 5 minutes to look up a few things and I am off again!

Monday, November 8, 2010

5 questions about me tagged me with these 5 questions:

1. If you had one super power to wish for (X-ray vision, invisibility etc.), what would it be and why?
My friend said never having to sleep anymore! That would be awesome--but since i better be creative and come up with my own--I think the ability to read minds. It would save alot of time--but could be really strange and embarrassing---so I think I will stick with the best ever answer of never having to sleep again. (unless I wanted too)

2. What is your favourite book of all time?
I love books, but there are a few I can read over and Jane Eyre and My Side of the Mountain (favorite book from when I was a kid) read allowed to children I think The Monster at the End of this Book...for the illustrations I love The Napping House. I also love listening to the books on tape by Jan Karon and the Redwall series by Brain Jaques (sp?)--honestly I could go on and on.

3. What is your idea of the perfect day?

Again--stealing my friends--
1. Having a perfectly clean house all day
2. Sleeping in unti I wanted
3. Delicious breakfast of bagels & Cream Cheese
4. Play on the computer
5. Play with kids--games, drawing, just talking---whatever we wanted!
6. Out to lunch at restaurant.
6 1/2. Buy one great new outfit that makes me feel pretty!
7. Go on a afternoon activity with the whole family--maybe Hot Springs pool
8. Home to nap and bath
9. Dinner out (or pizza delivered)
10. Movies with my kids
What would make this the MOST perfect day is if someone did all my laundry, and put it away, along with my iron and mend pile---and not have my kids argue---and have them listen the first time--and my husband be generous with complements.

This one would be a dream/no money day
1. Fly all my family (extended--aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, (and of course ALL the in laws too) into Disneyland for the day
2. Have credit cards with $500 limit for each person for the day
3. Eat at a character lunch
4. Have front of the line passes for every ride
5. A wonderful dinner where everyone got exactly what they wanted
6. Fly everyone home to a house that had been professionally cleaned.
I have many dream days---how about finding a Italian Mormon relative that had all our family history done, but no computer--I could spend a whole day in Italy doing that..
Or going to a war torn country and liberating men, women and children and set up a new way of life for them---I mean if I can dream lets dream big!
..but honestly most of my days are perfect, but they are wonderful and I am thankful for them.

4. If you had the chance, what one famous person would you meet and why?
I have no idea. There are so many people I would like to meet---the obvious ones like Christ, Joseph Smith or the Prophet, of course those are an easy one---
But I would also like to meet Joan of Arc or Emma Smith or Lucy Mac Smith or Jane Austin or some famous movie producer who just fell head over heals for my acting--that would be nice too!

5. If you could possess one talent (singing, painting, writing, etc) and be truly proficient in it, what would it be?

maybe writing, because I already love to write and if I was really good maybe I could finally get an agent. :)
also right now since I am practicing I will also say the piano---it is frustrating to plunk out notes when I hear the whole song in my head.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

work in progress

I once had a great friend who was excellent at writting poems---he wrote one about a knight who would do anything for the princess. When he started to have some serious problems in his life come to light, I wrote this as a response.

The Lonely Knight

A knight stood so strong, brave and true.
If any dragons came he knew actually what to do.

He had won the heart of a fair maiden, and she worked by his side,
But he would never tell the deepest of what he had to hide.

He had a dragon that came to him years before.
This dragon was fierce, horrible, and so much more.

The knight felt hopeless, fearless, and weak,
Whenever they had to fight, the dragon would not be beat.

After years of the terrible secret dragon the knight let go on his pride,
And knew facing the dragon was his journey alone to ride.

Knowing this time his victory will be known,
He faces the dragon, with better weapons, yet still alone.

While the knight feels defeated and sometimes is,
The battle against the dragon isn’t over until the victory is his.

He needs to defeat this dragon until it is no more;
if he does not win, he will be ruined, even down to his core.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 Little Inches

My big question the last few months is how can something smaller than two inches make you...

1. So TIRED all the time
2. Dry heave for no reason--even in the middle of conducting a song at Church --lovely!
3. Crave Pizza and Taco bell and give you heart burn after eating ice cream
4. cause me to gain over 4 pounds (OK maybe closer to 9?) -- it is the size of the baby carrot!!!
5. Cry at stupid things
6. Get upset over stupider things
7. Get sick trying to cook eggs
8. Have my belly already totally showing--again---the baby is the size of a mini candy bar!!
9. give me strange/weird/scary dreams more than normal
10. make me want to stay in bed all day.

The Embryo is now called a fetus officially at week 10--in my opinion it should be called a BABY from day one-

So almost 10 weeks along--not even out of the 1st tri-mester---*SIGH*

interesting facts about week 10----who knew?

This week is somewhat of a landmark for your developing baby. By now, your baby's complete body plan is laid down. Your baby has taste and tooth buds at this point. The brain will continue to grow at an amazing rate and nearly a quarter of a million new neurons are produced every minute! The embryonic heart is completely developed. External genitalia are not apparent until next week, but a male's testes will already be producing testosterone. (HOPING FOR LOTS OF TESTOSTERONE!)
The Mom to be may notice an abundance of emotional and physical effects.---(Oh great!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Race Car Party...

Actually it turned more into a "speed" party, but no one really noticed the lack of race car... :)

I had the cutest Littlest Pet Shop party all planned out and was very excited. I had the cutest activities and such cute little decorations...and then Lucas pointed out...

"Why are you doing Littlest Pet Shop? She likes race cars." and that was the end of it. From that comment forward she just wanted a Race Car Party.

Lucas was the smart one and said, "why don't we have them ride in Tug, and a motorcycle, and 4-wheelers for the party?" OK. so that is what we did. We invited a few nursery friends over and each kid got a turn riding in the vehical of choice. Pam and Micah (Big THANK YOU to them) took kids on the 4-wheelers and Lucas drove them in Tug and then in his black bug. It was actually really fun and none of the kids did the other games that I had because they were all able to ride something each time. I was TOTALLY fine with that--(but I thought switching the name of "follow the leader" to "follow the pace car" was pretty creative on my end) :) We would switch after a couple minutes and start the engines again...

Then we had cake and ice cream. I am proud of my cake. I normally have great idea's for my cake and then try to make it happen about 20 minutes before the party starts (and do everything else) this year I planned a little better and did it the night before. It is pretty plain, but I am happy with it. If I had any of the pictures of my other cakes you would see why I liked this one so much...

and of course opened presents....

Pepper had a great time, and it was overall a good success! We were a little sad our race car was not able to make it (maybe Pepper will get a ride some other time), but totally understand moving cows from down from the mountains is more important! Hopefully they get them all before the snow comes! :)

Thank MOSTLY to wonderful Lucas who is SO CREATIVE!!

and to PEPPER for turning 3 and being such a fun and wonderful daughter!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

she is alive!

I am alive, I just haven't felt like blogging AT ALL lately.

Well things are changing in my world, for the good, and the bad.

I am prego--and along comes the pregnancy brain. It really is bad! Also this time around, I am SO TIRED! Really---one load of laundry adn one meal a day is draining me! I am really worried for when I am further along if this is what I have to look forward too. And I dry heave like mad. If you see me in the grocery store heaving--I will not throw up, I just do that. Infact Sedona told someone the other day---"that is what my mom when she has a baby in her tummy--she is ok."

Funny kids---one good thing about being tired--I am not making messes---which means a cleaner house. I am the mess maker in my family as many of you know. I am famous for starting projects and leaving them 1/3 of the way finished...but when you don't start projects you don't have to clean them up.

I also no longer an employeed...I know I worked very few hours a month, but I resigned and that is that. I may have fallen asleep at work anyway--so maybe it is better. :)

Lucas has been trucking on and off---I feel bad for the guy because when he is home he wants to go to sleep right away, but bedtime (actually between 9:30 and 11:30 at night) is when my brain turns on and I have 100 things to talk to him about. I am no longer offened when he falls asleep in the middle of a story...most of the time. So my pillow talk is a good time for me to get things out...but when he is gone I have no pillow talk time, so I blog---I have about 10 blogs started right now, but none of them ready to publish--maybe I am just taking my mess making and putting it on the computer where it doesn't make as big as a mess---ANYWAY---I am hoping that my energy will become more constant so I don't spend all my time cleaning when I feel well enough to do anything.
also I have posted most of my pictures on facebook--so you are out of luck if you only read the blog and do facebook too. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

anyone know how to...

two things....

How do I find a blog and follow it while logged in.

My brother has a girlfriend who blogs and I want to read it, but I have only learned how to follow blogs by click from one blog to teh next---since i have no direct link to her I don't know how to do it.

Please help---if you can understand what I am saying :)

I will hopefully write a real post soon...

How do people make money Blogging? I was reading a little about it, but I just don't get it...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I woke up today feeling so yucky and haven't gotten much better. Both girls and hubby have colds (but Sedona went to school since she is the least affected), so life isn't that wonderful here. Hopefully Luke will feel better since he had to go trucking today! :( That makes me so sad to know he is feeling bad and has to drive instead of sit around and watch Blue's Clues with Pepper and me.

Last night I didn't sleep well and wrote about 10 posts in my head, but alas, I can't remember a single one of them today--which might be why I don't feel all that great today!

My media fast has mostly turned into just a Facebook fast. I logged on once to see pictures of a friends new baby! I had that great list of things to accomplish, but mostly it isn't going to get done. I think I finally got all my online banking up and going! Not on the list, but needed done! I won't have an excuse...I will be responsible, take my finances by the horns and look them straight in the eyes! I will know daily (OK weekly) where I am at and not worry about bounced checks or what account to write what check out of. I will say that my net worth is pathetic. But considering that we owe less total than alot of people own on a house mortgage makes me feel a little better (but not much!).

We finally ordered parts for our bathroom. We have lived in this house since 2004, owned it since 2005, and never had a working bathroom. We have most of the parts we need for the bathroom, we just buy things a little at a time here and there. We have been waiting for plumbing to be fixes, but it couldn't be fixed till we bought our fixtures. Lucas did some good loads so we sat down, I showed him what I liked--then had to go--so he went in and found what we wanted for about 1/2 the price of the ones I was looking at! Way to go!! So maybe this bathroom will be finished before Luke's B-day in October? OK wishful thinking---maybe this bathroom will be done by Christmas!

Pam (sister-in-law) has a family friend who was in a motorcycle accident. Denise had just won a motorcycle so her husband got one too so they could go riding. I don't know any details really, but Skip is being moved to an acute care facility soon. Reading her blog is like Dad all over again. It is almost surreal reading someone else going through this and using words in her blog almost word for word what I wrote. I keep her in my prayers all the time.

The family went up to Creede on Saturday to see a car show and to look at the cute little shops. I could spend SO MUCH money if i had it. Maybe I am not rich because I already spend to much money on junk! If I had unlimited money, my house would be full--image the show Hoarders! OK, not that bad (but you have all seen my scary room), but I would buy stuff I wouldn't need that is for sure! Anyway---the car show was ok (just like very other car show in my viewpoint), but I saw an old friend. Rose was there! Rose was the costume mistress at the college I went to. She looked so good. It was fun seeing her and getting caught up on her life a little! That was fun!

Well I am off to go work on Lois's family history---only 933 names left to match and merge--then I will start her other files! Wow--she is going to have a great reunion with these people in heaven!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Media Fast Plans (Revised)

Hello all---

This is the first day of my Media fast. Yes, I am blogging, but I am allowing myself that much, because I use it as kind of a journal.
There are alot of loopholes--I can read to my kids, I can read books to help me do things (like how to clean a chimney), I can listen to classical music (thru YouTube), I can have the kids watch movies, I can use the computer to do Family History, finance stuff, or to help make my lists and such. So see there are lots of ways I will still be using Media, mostly I have given up Facebook, looking at others blogs, and the useless Internet surfing that normally consumes good portions of my day!

I have big plans for this week....

So I have changed this to figure out what I want done each day.

Morning: Take Yee Rah homecoming dress shopping---Bank---Libary in Alamosa---Grocery Shop (make a head meals)
Evening: Pay Bills & Apron Swap Invite

Morning: Pull Garden Weeds & Black Plastic
Afternoon: Cut down all flowers and clean up
Evening: mow Lawn (I think it is Stake conference this weekend?)

Morning: Stake Conference
Afternoon: Lois Family History & MAKE AHEAD MEALS

Morning: Spring Clean two rooms
Evening: FHE & Apron Swap Invites

Morning: Clean out Garage some
Afternoon: Clean Cars out (Vacuum) & Wash Cars
Evening: Figure out how to do Quicken

Morning: Work on Christmas and Birthdays & Laundry
Afternoon: Paint the rest of the porch
Evening: Pack for Denver

Morning: Spring Clean Kitchen & Laundry
Afternoon: Organize Magazines a little & Finish Library bag (Tandy)
Evening: Catch up on what needs done

Friday: DENVER!

See if I can clean out Chimney--SCARY FOR ME!!

This is a big list I know....but I have a week....If I work on 3 things a day I can accomplish it!
Since some of them are big (Lilac bushes) and will take all day, I better use my day wisely in the other pursuits!

Here we go!

I know today's post is kind of boring, like most my "List posts"---but they really help me stay focused and motivated.

Well off to the library---Yes I am on a NO media fast, but the kids aren't and I can still read to them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mountain Getaway Part 2

A view looking down at the valley--much prettier in person!

Wish I was an amazing photographer and could capture the beauty!

See Lucas hand---See how huge that fish is!!

We saw 4 Big Horn sheep at the upper lake

Lucas feeding the masses (ok a group of about 7 guys asked Lucas to get them fish---they traded for granola, dried fruit, and propel water flavors)--see I told you he was a good hunter/gatherer

You can't see it, but there is a Big Horn Sheep literally about 10 feet from Lucas...awesome!

Tug watching over our cabin
When we first pulled up--a guy came right over and said

"I have heard that sometimes when people come up here there is a bug here,

can I take a picture?"

Mountain Getaway Part 1

Lucas way up on a big rock

We fed the hikers up there. This was breakfast burritos that we shared, we also shared Bratwursts, fish, and S'mores. We were the "favorites" on the mountain. I loved doing this and will remember to bring extra food every time we go up!

One of Lucas's "Hunter" rewards. I don't like fish at all, but ate more of these fish then I have ever eaten of fish in my whole life. They were good!

More of the wonderful Lake

Still not sure if I like fishing or not....I do like "fly fishing" better than "sink and wait fishing"

Lucas was a great Hunter/Gather this trip!!

The sun would hit the mountains they would GLOW! It was so pretty!

Our Cabin

This fish has the coolest colors--Pink, yellow, blue, greens. You can't see all of them-but it really was pretty

Inside the Cabin--I swept it out--and someone has even left a toilet seat to be used outside--How nice of them (No I didn't even touch it!)

Lucas has some great fishing locations

A man and his faithful friend

The water was really clear

More beautiful views

All the way up the trails were balanced rocks like this. I think they are neat.


so I didn't blog on the 11th, it was the 10th, but I thought---I blogged on September 11th and could only talk about Christmas!
What is wrong with me...

I think Sept 11th is an important day in our history. Rarely has America been attacked on our soil...Dec 6th and Sept 11th I think are very important days. They are to remind us that we are not unbreakable, but we are strong. Think about how you felt the days after the 11th. I was scared, I was worried, but I tried to be nicer to my fellow humans. I wanted to connect to them more.

We were living in Arizona at the time and I remember being scared for weeks anytime one of those really low flying planes came into land.

BUT...I also feel in our land of peace and plenty, we are very spoiled. We forget so quickly the hardships that others face. People are now talking about the 11th like it wasn't a big deal and our children don't even bat an eye at it (and I didn't either since I blogged about Christmas!).

I do want to share my thanks and up most gratitude to those who served to protect our country, in any way, shape, or form. The government officials who keep an eye for the bad guys...really who had heard of all these bad guys, and within minutes the news were spewing out names of people they had been tracking for years....The soldiers, the fear, boredom, and utter terror they live with....I am forever grateful to anyone anywhere who has fought for our freedom.Korean war, Vietnam War (conflict), Desert Storm, and any of the unknown battles that take place that I have no clue about...the local law enforcement, they keep my community safe. They keep the bad guys away from me and my children! Right now in our town we have a great cop. He is a great combination of compassion and justice. He didn't make the girl who re-ended another boy at the school feel like a moron, but he held her accountable...That isn't always the case with some of our other lovely cops we have had in the past---(like the cop who pulled me over to flirt with me...really!)

So while September 11th is already passed, I do think about it often. I will never be able to forget the images of burning buildings, people covered in ashes, and the worst, those people jumping to their deaths instead of burning to their deaths.

War and acts of violence and totally beyond me and my understanding, but I believe as those in the Book of Mormon, that anyone who is trying to take away our freedoms (or the freedoms of others) need stopped, and I thank those who do just that!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wedding Bells

In no order what so ever.....
Josh (my Step-brother-in-law) and his new wife Michelle

The Bridesmaids

The Groomsmen

Yee Rah (Our exchange student from Korea)
and our lovely Sedona

Yee Rah again :)

Suzie "Dancing" down the isle with her grandson William

Some of the wonderful decorations

The Cemermony took place under the gazebo

The Buffet line that had AMAZING food!!
Really SO YUMMY!

Josh and his Mom Suzie

Lucas and Pepper weren't really that miserable, that is just the face they were born with!

The cake and punch

The Reception area

Very Pretty Garden Location

Waiting for the Wedding to start--we look so happy!

So pretty!

Look how pretty! The Grooms Cake was very cool!

Newly home Elder Phillip
and Best Man

Some of the Grandkids and cousins Sedona is hugging William (Josh's (the groom's) little boy)-and the two girls--Dang! I can't remember their names. They are Suzies sisters kids.

Random thoughts

Today is September 11th?, but I am already full swing into Christmas....CHRISTMAS!? I know!
I like to have Christmas done by October...a little anal, but it saves that last minute splurge on stuff I don't really want to give people.

So I started my list of people to give too....

Yee Rah

Step mom-in-law
Grandma Cluff
Grandma Bev

(he looks so alone on this list) :(

Angie & Brad Family (my side)
Larson Family (yet to know we have)

Uncles & Aunts
(I will not name them all)

Teachers (Sedona has 4 this year)
Kitchen Staff (head start)
Bus Driver (head start)
Principle (2)


Church Leaders

Garbage Man

Who else DO you send Christmas gifts too?
And what do you get for all those "non-big gift" people? Like teachers, or bus drivers....
What do you sent as gifts to those you Mail things too?

Like I said...I know it is early, but I am already getting it done.


Home Making--or whatever the crap it is called now.

That sounded very bitter, but it was not. I just don't know what it is called....anyway

Last night we had a great homemaking night. We learned how to make....

1. Lip balm
2. Lotion
3. Soap
4. Fire starters
5. Butter
6. Cheese
7. Laundry detergent

I am so grateful to live in an area where the people have so many talents.

I would have never thought to make my own lip balm--I always have them everywhere! Now I can make it for much cheaper--and I can add my own smells!

Plus ricotta cheese--I would use it a ton, but it is kind of expensive, not anymore (well, not if I owned a cow, which we do not...)

What is something you wish you knew how to make, or do...that you just never have done?

I am trying so hard to be a morning person, but my body (and mind) fight me like crazy! I get up at 5:30 two days a week, and try to be up by 6:30-7:00 and rest of the week, but man it is killing me. PLUS the hours between 9 and 11 just fly (it use to be 11 till 2--so I am getting better) when I want to be in bed by 10:00 I have to set my alarm to remind me to go to bed.

any other suggestions?

girls are in the tub yelling for me, so I gotta go. I hope to post pictures next time. So be prepared :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wonderful Morning--kind of

I woke up at 6:20 and headed out for a run, but was so exhausted that I only got 1.91 Miles walking.

then I came home crawled into bed until 8:15--got Sedona ready--and then crawled back into bed till 10:45.

Yep I had a wonderful morning...

but now the rest of my day---

here is the list
1. Finish blogging (DUH)
2. Shower
3. Clean Kitchen
4. Do my House cleaning routine (but skip a few of the less important steps)
5. Finish reading Mockingjay
6. Dinner (super easy Chili--cause I have...
7. Relief Society tonight

What does the perfect morning look like for you?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have nightmares.

When I dream, it is almost always a nightmare.

Last nights nightmares included

Me trying to save my family, and extended family during the end of the world, not to bad last night, but a common dream for me....Variations on the dream--
there is a flood and I can only hold on to one of my children, the whole dream is me choosing which one to let go.
...or that I have in charge of a whole (primary) bunch of kids and there is no food, medical supplies, or help.
.... or an army is taking over my town and I have to hid my children so the bad guys won't find them, but they won't stop crying and the army men are entering my house....
...trying to get my family into the mountains to hid from the bad guys coming into town, I am alone with the girls and I can't carry our supplies alone, and Pepper is so tired and hungry and Sedona is sick....
and the list could go on...these dreams often keep me awake for hours after I have them. Last night wasn't so bad--I wasn't up for more than about 15 minutes.

I also dreamed (dreamt) that Lucas and I weren't married and I was hanging out at a club with a bunch of people from high school and a Sanford friend kept telling me, "wow these people all really hate you...what did you do in high school to make them hate you so much?"
Not really a bad dream, but not a good one either.

Last dream of the night--not so scary, but totally weird. I was driving my PT Cruiser and stopped at a red light. With the car in neutral, I get out of my car and watch it go down the road hoping that it doesn't hit anything. It keeps going and going so finally I call the cops and tell them what I did...stop at the LDS bookstore while telling the cops and buy a movie, before going to find my car and face the tickets and repercussions of my decision.

All and all I woke up about 5 times last night---I kept hearing things fall (I think they were in my dreams, but they would wake me up) and 3 times with unusual dreams. I think I deserve a nap today :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

I don't believe in France

So imagine this conversation

Women: I don't believe in France.

Man: Really? why?

Women: Well I went there once a long time ago. I believed it then, but since leaving France and having a strong disliking for everything French I just don't believe it anymore. My whole family is from France, but I just think they are blinded to the truth...that there is no France. Plus, alot of bad things have happened to me, my family, and society, and most of the bad things have been done by people who are from French or believe in the country of France.

Man: Um....but don't you know there are French restaurants, and I could show you some money from France--would you believe then?

Women: You are trying to convince me of France by using French things...convince me by not using french things.

Man: ummm....Ok, could I introduce you to people who have lived in France?

Women: No. There have been people in the past who were from France who treated me poorly, so I won't listen to anyone French.

Man: What if I TOOK you to France?

Women: I could go, even get a glimpse of the French life and remember it, but I still wouldn't believe it.

Man: I don't think the problem lies within people convincing you there is a France. There IS a France even if YOU choose to believe or not. People can show you things that OBVIOUSLY show there is a country called France, but you won't except them.
The problem does not lie with them not showing sufficient and relevant evidence, the issue is in your arrogance and unwillingness to believe the truth.

How many people do YOU know that feel this way about religion?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

No fluff for now

Hey all--I can't get my blog to do a cute background, so no fluff--just the basic.

I only have about 3 minutes to write, but I think I am getting over this cold quickly!

That is amazing! Normally these things last weeks...

In exercise class today I was looking around (I normally don't wear my glasses so I can't see anyone) and Annie was totally kicking bum on every station (think curves on steroids)--she would be the gold star A+ student if we were being graded! I don't know how she does it!! the class is 1/2 over (3 weeks) and I have lost only 3 pounds--which is a pound a week, so I guess it isn't that bad, but I just wanted to see results faster... I will take my measurements some time this week and see if I have progressed any there.

I am transferring all my old notes from my high school Scriptures in to my new ones. It is taking alot longer than I thought it I have no idea what some of those mean that I wrote back then. It is kind of like taking a trip down memory lane. I had two seminary teachers--Brother Heap, who was AWESOME! The best teacher I EVER had...truly a totally amazing Christ-like man, and Brother Peterson. Brother Peterson was a great teacher, but we didn't see eye to eye on alot of things. We clashed a few times, but I still remember some of the lessons he gave clearly in my mind! Plus he helped me understand how to get over hurt feelings in a great Christ like way.

Well my 3 minutes are up--you wish I only had 3 minutes every day, but maybe tomorrow I will write more. I have to laugh because through out the day, I write blog posts in my head, but can't remember a single one when I sit down to write. Maybe I will jot notes down today and write a whole novel tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

photo bucket

anyone know how to get rid of the photobucket thing?

This week has not gone according to plan

So first I heard that my sister and her hubby sold their house! Yeah--so quick--Angie if you read this I want to know more details.

Lucas, the girls, and Yee Rah, and I--all climbed into lucas's truck and took off for New Mexico. I stayed awake as long as I could--About 4:00 AM, and then we stopped for the "night" -- then got up and drove to Texas for Lucas's Step Brothers wedding.

The wedding was in a beautiful garden area and the reception had YUMMY food and was so pretty. There was dancing which only reminded me how much I love to dance and how horrible at it I am.

It was all very romantic and lovely!

I am not sure if it was the change in sleep schedule so quickly, or what, but I was worthless the whole time we were there. I was so tired!

Then today I work up sick. I thought I could be just fine exercising, but man I was wrong! I am getting old---they say everything falls apart when you turn 30--I just never experienced before!

Also we did chore charts for FHE yesterday, and started them today. They work pretty well, but already need vamped a little.

My cleaning schedule also needs vamped, but I haven't actually done it 100% since the first week. I am starting up again tomorrow.

On my non-group workout days, I am not going to wake up till 5:50--then work out from 6-6:45. Then instead of scriptures right after I want to take a shower--1. it will help me stay awake a little more 2. I don't seem to do it later in the day if I wait.
then I will read scriptures and such until it is time to wake the girls.

so anyway...

not much new in my life. Maybe when I get ride of this stupid cold/sinus infection I will tackle the scary room or garage again.

PS: Do you work out when you are

1. Sick (not laying in bed sick, but just feel crappy sick)?
2. On Vacation?

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Life Week 2

so far so good.

In my new life I have

1. Worked out 4 times a week
2. Kept the house mostly clean
3. Gave Blood--first time
4. Had a yard sale
5. made pretty good meals almost every night
6. Had a Lia Sophia party (jewerly--still taking orders)
7. Welcome a new Exhange Studen
8. Started Sedona at school
9. read scriptures and had prayers
10. started a new calling at church
11. Learned how to use the Roots Magic Program
12. Attended a Relief Society Party (which was really good)
13. Finished a book
14. Started 2 new books
15. Was Visit Taught

good week---ready for this week---bring it on!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some things still working

I can say that I am enjoying my new life, but I am still making adjustments.

I am trying to figure out this "new" mom position called Exchange Student Mom. So far, great, but I feel like I have to entertain her somewhat.

I will write alot more about Yee Rah (ye-raw), just not right now.

Getting up early and exercising is working, but now the class will start at 5:45, which will be even harder for me.

I fell asleep reading scriptures after exercising---that means I gotta go to bed earlier! that will be tough for me.

Anyway---life is going good, the clean house plan to music, is still good in theory, but until my kids are in school (Yee Rah) I feel like I should spend time with her. So next Tuesday, that part of my NEW LIFE will be put into motion.

I am not giving up---just revamping a little for a few more days.

Next week I want to Can food like crazy---anyone have extra garden items they would like to share since I didn't do one this year?

PS: I had a Lia Sophia party---check out the website and let me know if you want to order anything before Wednesday...Thanks!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Train of thought

As I was running this morning (day two of "new life"), I had a hundred things run through my head about what I could blog, but when I got home and studied scriptures I couldn't remember most of it....

Here is what I remember---
-That rooster is SO loud
-Stupid Dogs
-How does a baby bird end up dead in the middle of the road when It can't even fly yet?
-I should have worn my glasses
-car, you better move over a little more, you are making me nervouse
-Stupid teenager driver--could you drive ANY faster (yes I am getting to be an Old person)
-perfect morning
-Holy cow those bike riders scared me
-should have worn sunglasses
-yuck---what is that smell?

OK---I will stop now, but you get the idea.

Also the other thought I had was how I will study the scriptures...this is what I came up with.
Really it sounded much more profound in my mind----

Monday: Subject Study (right now Celestial marriage)
Tuesday: Read Scriptures ( I am just starting 2 Nephi--)
Wednesday: Subject Study
Thursday: Read Scriptures
Friday: Read Sundays Lessons, and plan FHE
Saturday: Free Read (What ever I want in scriptures)
Sunday: Free Read (what ever I want in scriptures)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my new life

Well today I started my "new" life.

I have been trying to get it in order for about a month, but it started today.

I am changing my sleeping pattern, my house work routine, and my outlook on a few things.

All I have to do is remind myself when I slip back into old habits--that wasn't working for me--I don't want to live like I was--and that will give me renewed energy!!

Yes I am positive, but I have totally changed my life once (except the sleeping pattern). When I went to college, I choose a college where I didn't know anyone so that I could start fresh, and forget my old bad habits and begin new. I was able to change some things about myself, and had success.


1. I will be up by 5:50 so that i can start my exercise at 6:00--I have a class T & TH (which started today and kicked my bum, and the rest of my muscles), and will exercise on my own M-W-F.

2. Since I will wake up at 5:50, I will be in bed by 10:00 and asleep by 10:30. This might be my hardest challenge.

3. I have about 2 hours worth of songs on my YouTube account set up under "clean house". I am able to clean downstairs in 2 hours. Once the downstairs is clean enough to have extra time on each song, I will start working more upstairs, until I will be able to clean my whole house in about 3 hours. I work fast and sweat while I am working so not only does my house look better, I will continue to loose weight!

4. We have an exchange student living with us now, so I want to make sure that we do more as a family so that she won't miss hers so much, and so that I can grow closer to my kids. Sedona has school all day (Head start & Pre-school--she wanted to do both), and Pepper will start school in mid October, so I will have all morning to get my house stuff done, so that I can be ready to do fun things with the girls after school.

5. Lucas and I had a wonderful weekend in the mountains, just us. The girls stayed mostly with Pam & Micah and a few DEAR friends took the girls for a couple of the mornings--THANKS AGAIN!!--We had a good talk about our relationship and we both have things to work on. One of the things we discussed (notice that the word cuss is in discuss?--no worries non of that happened during out talk) :)--Anyway, we discussed how I need to change how I perceive, receive, and accept what people tell me. For example, Lucas comes in and tells me "the house looks good." and I hear "The house looks good, but why didn't you do the dished, or vacuum?" He did not say those last things, but I put them there---example Lucas says "you look good in that skirt" I hear "that skirt hides your fat well." See the problem? It is only with him that I do this--why? I think maybe because I want to be better than I am--so when he gives a complement, I only hear the bad, since that I what I am focused on. I really need to work on that!!

6. I want to de-junk. I am having a yard sale on Friday & Saturday, so I really am going through my stuff and thinking "do I really need/want this?" I have already gone through most my kitchen, and while it isn't amazing, I was able to clear something out of each area. If feels good to toss--something I don't know if I have ever said before!! This evening I would like to try to go through the "scary" room. That is where most of my junk is located--

7. On Friday, I am going to donate blood. I am SO SCARED to do it, but that is why I am doing it. I have never done it, and I think I need to. At least once a month, I need to find something that I am scared, or nervous, or challenged to do, and do it!

8. I am no longer in primary, and I am not going to substitute in Primary for at least 3 months--harsh I know, but I really want to enjoy RS and Sunday School for a while, before I get sucked into subbing alot. After working out, I want to come home, and study scriptures and have personal prayer time. With our Exchange student, I am thinking she will be getting ready for school between 7-8 (school starts at 8:20?) so I will get ready after the girls are at school. I went to relief society, and was read up on the lesson, and had even read a few things about it on the side, so I really got alot out of it.

9. Another part of my new life, is owning my time. I use to feel like I had to say YES and be involved with everything. I like being part of a group, and being in charge, but I have learned, that this year is about my family. I am saying NO to anything that doesn't bring me closer to my family. I am NOT doing the Headstart Parent committee, because I am not good at putting boundaries on myself. I end up stressing and spending WAY to much thought, time and energy, on things that don't need it. I also have a "Sunday calling", which is really nice. So I won't over exert myself with stress about a calling.

10. Which leads to my last "new life" question. With both girls in school and all this free time, is it time to have another baby? I always said I would wait 5 years after Pepper to have a kid, but I am getting to selfish with having free time, so I think I might want to rething that 5 year thing, plus I am not sure what Lucas will think. He has always said one, maybe two kids, but I would like 2 more---so the conversations will continue.

alright, I have been using my Scripture/prayer time to type (maybe I will take 10-15 minutes to write on my blog daily, kind of like journal writing)--we will see..

Happy New Day (and life) to everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing profound

More summertime fun--

1. 4-wheeling again
2. atv 4-wheeling again
3. Camping in a tent (at a cabin)
4. Went to denver
5. Played with cousins
6. Casa bonita
7. Aquarium
8. Water Park
9. Board games
10. and SO MUCH MORE---but....

I am going to end my list there---


I haven't written for a while because...

1. I am trying to cut down on computer time (and not doing great)

2. I feel like I need to write important things, but haven't felt like I had anything to share.

and the list could go on---BUT

the missionaries are coming for dinner, our exchange student comes on Sunday, and the house is a mess!


well--other than blog?

I put on rocking tunes on youtube and work like crazy!

so here are my goals---

Song One : Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas)---Get all rooms downstairs, but kitchen and bathroom organized

Song Two: I Got a Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)---Organize bathroom and start cleaning it

Song Three-four & Five: Finish Cleaning (except floor)--hopefully as I spend more time cleainign the bathroom it will take a little less time.
3. Apologize (Timberland)---
4. Tik Tok (Kie$ha)
5. 1-2-3-4 By Fiest

Song 6-8: Sort, Start Laundry, and put all clean laundry away:
6. 500 miles by Proclaimers
7. (Single Ladies by Beyonce)
8. (Friday I'm in love by the Cure)

Song 9-14: work like mad to get kitchen clean!
9. Upload dishwasher (Pretty Vegas by Inxs)
10. Start Filling Dishwasher (Vertigo By U2)
11. Finish Loading Dishwasher (Pink--Get this party Started)
12. Clean off counters & Tables (grayson singing Lady Gaga)
13. Spray down and clean all (Little Wonders by Rob Thomas)

(I don't have songs for this yet, but I will see what I can find)
14. Vacuum all floors (but kitchen & Bathroom)
15. Sweep Floors
16. Mop Bathroom Floor
17. Mop Kitchen Floor
18. Mop Kitchen Floor

OK---Here I go!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I have been home for a total of about 24 hours in the last week and a half.

I am so lucky to have an amazing husband and life--where I can just pick up and go.

I enjoyed a wonderful extended weekend with my fantastic family-in-law....then headed home for part of a day and then headed to Denver to see my mom, sister, and my nephews. I didn't plan to see anyone this trip (sorry!), because I wanted to really enjoy the time with just us and to enjoy less stress for a week, before heading back home to all the normal (mostly self inflicted) stress factors.

I think we added over 100 fun things just in the last two weeks alone!!

Life is good---now how can I get it to be like this at home?


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


These are random pictures I took of the girls. Sedona got jewerly for her birthday and Pepper--well--is being Pepper!

summer day

I love summer days--kids seem more carefree then ever.
The wind in their hair.
The smiles on their faces

the joys in the little things ....
Like this wind chime.

Or wearing moms shoes around....