Monday, November 8, 2010

5 questions about me tagged me with these 5 questions:

1. If you had one super power to wish for (X-ray vision, invisibility etc.), what would it be and why?
My friend said never having to sleep anymore! That would be awesome--but since i better be creative and come up with my own--I think the ability to read minds. It would save alot of time--but could be really strange and embarrassing---so I think I will stick with the best ever answer of never having to sleep again. (unless I wanted too)

2. What is your favourite book of all time?
I love books, but there are a few I can read over and Jane Eyre and My Side of the Mountain (favorite book from when I was a kid) read allowed to children I think The Monster at the End of this Book...for the illustrations I love The Napping House. I also love listening to the books on tape by Jan Karon and the Redwall series by Brain Jaques (sp?)--honestly I could go on and on.

3. What is your idea of the perfect day?

Again--stealing my friends--
1. Having a perfectly clean house all day
2. Sleeping in unti I wanted
3. Delicious breakfast of bagels & Cream Cheese
4. Play on the computer
5. Play with kids--games, drawing, just talking---whatever we wanted!
6. Out to lunch at restaurant.
6 1/2. Buy one great new outfit that makes me feel pretty!
7. Go on a afternoon activity with the whole family--maybe Hot Springs pool
8. Home to nap and bath
9. Dinner out (or pizza delivered)
10. Movies with my kids
What would make this the MOST perfect day is if someone did all my laundry, and put it away, along with my iron and mend pile---and not have my kids argue---and have them listen the first time--and my husband be generous with complements.

This one would be a dream/no money day
1. Fly all my family (extended--aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, (and of course ALL the in laws too) into Disneyland for the day
2. Have credit cards with $500 limit for each person for the day
3. Eat at a character lunch
4. Have front of the line passes for every ride
5. A wonderful dinner where everyone got exactly what they wanted
6. Fly everyone home to a house that had been professionally cleaned.
I have many dream days---how about finding a Italian Mormon relative that had all our family history done, but no computer--I could spend a whole day in Italy doing that..
Or going to a war torn country and liberating men, women and children and set up a new way of life for them---I mean if I can dream lets dream big!
..but honestly most of my days are perfect, but they are wonderful and I am thankful for them.

4. If you had the chance, what one famous person would you meet and why?
I have no idea. There are so many people I would like to meet---the obvious ones like Christ, Joseph Smith or the Prophet, of course those are an easy one---
But I would also like to meet Joan of Arc or Emma Smith or Lucy Mac Smith or Jane Austin or some famous movie producer who just fell head over heals for my acting--that would be nice too!

5. If you could possess one talent (singing, painting, writing, etc) and be truly proficient in it, what would it be?

maybe writing, because I already love to write and if I was really good maybe I could finally get an agent. :)
also right now since I am practicing I will also say the piano---it is frustrating to plunk out notes when I hear the whole song in my head.


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