Thursday, March 31, 2011

A sad goodbye

Pepper found a rolly-polly bug in our back room the other day and I told her to take it outside. Today I found the rolly-polly in a small purse she likes to play with and I told her it had died and she needed to throw it away. She started crying and said she wanted to keep it! I told her that it was dead and it wouldn't do anything so she is now having a crying fit just saying Rolly-Polly over and over again. When she finally threw it away (after saying "good-bye Rolly Polly" in the saddest voice you ever heard) it was only because Sedona told her she was going to get blood on her if she didn't. Death is a sensative subject at our house. Sedona cried the other night for about 1/2 hour because she was so afraid to die. I have a feeling Pepper and I will be having a heart to heart tonight about death again. death is a hard subject no matter what age.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 in pictures part 2

More Pictures

In the folder I have it is labeled Jan-March 2011

So I am not sure when these pictuers take place for sure.

Pepper looks horrible, but they like to sit together and play the Wii

so cute

Yeerah made these for the girls Cute rabbit towels
Getting the gifts

Pepper's Valentine from the family

Dancing together at a Head Start family night

More of Pepper's great moves!

Hanging with dad

My Pretty Pepper!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 in Pictures Part 1


The footware worn by "valley" kids

Sedona after taking out her hair--

Year of the Rabbit New Years lunch with Yeerah as the cook
Rice with Tuna fish, some sea weed (eyes & nose) Ketchup (blush), and ham (ears)

A few of Pepper's awesome dance moves

The bump--it sticks straight out---kind of huge!!

Yeerah was more interested in making a snowman (who never made it past a snowball) than sledding.

Sedona did great --she really enjoyed it for the most part--the last run of the day and she feel pretty hard--

Pepper--Not so much loving the snow--she was tired, cold, and hungry.

Not a fun combo!

At a basketball game where Yeerah was dancing--

Pepper loves being in charge of the video camera.

The happy couple at the basketball game.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Giveaway Fun from Organized Chaos

I wish I had something to give-away, but truth is I entered a give-away and I get 5 whole extra entry just by blogging about it!

This Blog--called My Organized Chaos--is an excellent blog about a mom with twins and an older child. It is fun to read and she always has great giveaways!

This giveaway that I want is a cute basket full of cute baby things--and since I haven't even started to buy diapers or anything yet (but some clothes) I am really hoping I can win this!

Since I have forgotten how to do all the cool things on this blog, like post a hyperlink with a picture--you guys get the boring link--

There also is a link to a Childrens Dentist thing and Since Sedona just lost her first tooth it was really interesting to read on that site about things dealing with children's teeth.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To do list Day TWO

Since I didn't get finished on Tuesday I have rolled over my list to Wednesday--it is still Tuesday, but we are going to pretend it is Wed.

So here is how my day will go:

7:00-7:50: clean house
7:50-8:15: Shower and get ready
8:15-9:00: Get girls ready & feed animals
9:00-9:30: take Girls and Puppy to school
10:00ish: Lucas home to mostly clean house
10-2:30: Clean up other parts of house
Keep Laundry Going
2:30 Pick up Pepper
3:45 Pick up Sedona
5:00 Ices people coming to see Yeerah


Start Laundry
what is left --2 big loads & 1 mini load-- fold & put away 2 loads

Pick up dishes from last night
Cover burners with foil
Get out dinner stuff (chicken Pot Pie)

Pick up


Dining room
Computer area
Sewing area

Back Two rooms
General quick pick up
Take things upstairs

quick clean up and put away