Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Train of thought

As I was running this morning (day two of "new life"), I had a hundred things run through my head about what I could blog, but when I got home and studied scriptures I couldn't remember most of it....

Here is what I remember---
-That rooster is SO loud
-Stupid Dogs
-How does a baby bird end up dead in the middle of the road when It can't even fly yet?
-I should have worn my glasses
-car, you better move over a little more, you are making me nervouse
-Stupid teenager driver--could you drive ANY faster (yes I am getting to be an Old person)
-perfect morning
-Holy cow those bike riders scared me
-should have worn sunglasses
-yuck---what is that smell?

OK---I will stop now, but you get the idea.

Also the other thought I had was how I will study the scriptures...this is what I came up with.
Really it sounded much more profound in my mind----

Monday: Subject Study (right now Celestial marriage)
Tuesday: Read Scriptures ( I am just starting 2 Nephi--)
Wednesday: Subject Study
Thursday: Read Scriptures
Friday: Read Sundays Lessons, and plan FHE
Saturday: Free Read (What ever I want in scriptures)
Sunday: Free Read (what ever I want in scriptures)


Shelly said...

I like your scripture study idea. Maybe I'll have to do something like that. Good ideas.

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