Monday, July 11, 2011

internet answers

I am so thankful for smart people.

I looked up how to fix my camera and the first post I came to had the answer--I followed their advice and Poof!! My camera is now fixed. so get ready soon for lots of blog pictures (or go over to facebook since they are easier to upload--they will be posted sooner).

Saturday, July 9, 2011


This past week my younger brother (and youngest of our family and last to get married) got married!!

He is this awesome kids who is a little shy, totally goofy, a little nerdy (sorry Jon), but 100% AWESOME!

He hasn't dated a ton, so we were starting to wonder if he would ever seriously "like" anyone.

Then a few weeks before graduating he met Jane. She is pretty, sweet, and from what I can tell alot like Jon.

They dated for a few weeks and then Jon left--THANKFULLY Jon and Jane stayed in contact and pretty soon nightly calls and flying over to see each other on the weekends became a necessity for them.

Then BOOM! It happened. Jon was in love. and the wedding was being planned. It is funny because they were planning the wedding, but Jon still had not officially proposed. So when he finally did propose Jane posted her Blog (which had been kept private until then)--but she was already looking at dresses, and booking locations, and all of that. It was fun to read.

Since I live far away I didn't get to meet Jane until the day before the wedding. Her mother did a mother/sister reception that was so fun. Jane has an awesome family and I think Jon is very lucky!

The next day was the big Wedding day! Jon and Jane looked SO happy and they were so cute together. Jane is a little shy, but you can tell she has a really fun side! A perfect match for Jon.

The actual ceremony was beautiful and they looked at each other and were blind to the rest of everything else going on.

The reception was really fun and the only complaints I have are 1. I was so tired I was having a hard time being in the "now" 2. I didn't get a piece of cake 3. I didn't have enough time with all the people I wanted to spend time with. :)

Again--I will write more when I can post pictures (I say that alot, but never actually post pictures do I?)

This week instead of going home for a week, like I had planned, I just caravanned with my mom to her house and I am helping her get the house together for the reception here.

I also get to spend some time with Jon and Jane and I am so excited to get to know her a little more.


Broken Camera and the Best kids in the whole world

You know those kids who are out of control? The one's who don't listen? Who run crazy at restraunts--are rude and talk back?

well those are NOT my girls (most of the time)--Sedona is getting to be a little older and she can have attitude, and Pepper has been pushing the limits lately--BUT in their defense we were on a horrible schedule in Utah and staying at Grandma's never helps (but we LOVE Grandma lots and lots!).

However, I am not blind to my kids rudeness or craziness---I KNOW they can be bad, and they go to timeout and Pepper even got spanked the other night (don't call social services)--I am not a parent who thinks my kids are never wrong or bad or have faults--cause they are and they do have faults, but most of the time they are just good.

I have amazing kids. I am so blessed/lucky to have them. During this trip we have gotten out of control a few times, but really overall I can't complain! Plus sometimes when they are naughty they are just so dang cute--Pepper will normally make what she is doing bad into a joke and we all end up laughing (not a good way to discipline I know--but after we stop laughing then she goes to timeout). And Sedona is sensitive that normally I don't have to punish her because she is already crying she feels so bad about being naughty. I love these kids!

Right now Pepper is following Sedona around and Sedona is doing silly things to make her laugh. They will stop and do a funny dance for Wheeler and then keep going.

I love those girls so much.

Pepper just said "MOM!" I said "what?" She said "I love you and breakfast is so good." Such sweet girls


Wheeler is getting so big. We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and there was a tiny baby. I asked "how old is your baby"---"a little more than a month" --He was the same age as my wheeler, but Wheeler was huge! yeah for a strong, healthy, big baby!

He is holding his head up more and more everyday and he looks so much older than your normal baby.

He also is making eye contact and I can swear he has smiled a few time.

I would LOVE to show you pictures, but my camera isn't turning on!


I am not sure why--the battery is charged and still nothing. I have read a few self help blogs about camera repair, but so far nothing has worked!!

I am too scared to do anything to much and break it even more.

I am also scared to take it to a repair shop because I have no idea how much it will cost to repair. BUT I don't want to NOT have a camera!

UGG--I wish I was smarter at this stuff.

Friday, July 8, 2011

more to come soon

Hello all 8 people who read my blog---I am just saying I am still around, well not really---but I am still in cyberworld.

After spending a week (plus) in Utah for my Brothers wedding and the 4th of July --I decided to come over to Denver and just hang here for another week (plus) till the reception here.

Mostly I am weeding and trying to keep the house cleaned up after me and the kids---

I will have lots of pictures to post and lots of blogs to write soon--