Thursday, April 28, 2011


Easter Morning

I really like the tradition that Lucas's famiy did where the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday so that Sunday can be Christ Centered, but this year Yeerah had a track meet on Saturday and had to leave early in the morning so we did Easter on Sunday.

Easter isn't a huge holiday in our house, but it is still fun. We do Easter baskets and then always get some church items--this year coloring books about Christ and the Easter Bunny always leaves us the story about Christs Atonment, death, and resurrection...but in Easter eggs.

After church we dyed Easter Eggs and then had Jeff and the missionaries come and join us for dinner. It was yummy.

Marinda (Lucas's sister) and her husband Steve were in town Saturday so I took most of my food and prepared most of Easter dinner at Pam's house so we could hang out with Marinda and Steve more. They are so fun! Poor Steve is a favorite with the neices and nephew--so he becomes a human jungle gym.

Some pictures from Easter morning....

Not sure why Sedona looks kind of scary in this picture.

Sedona is so excited for Easter morning

Pepper still isn't awake enough to figure out what is happening.

Coloring Easter Eggs that afternoon

Lucas has always enjoyed doing art, so dying eggs is his job--while I finished picking up the house and finished dinner he, the girls, and Yeerah enjoyed dying eggs.

I can't believe I didn't get one picture of the eggs!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

loosing teeth

First Lost Tooth

We are now in the season of loosing teeth

When Sedona came to me and told me she had a loose tooth I went to the computer to see if this was indeed the time for her to start loosing teeth and guess what?! IT IS!

She has lost the two bottom teeth and couldn't be more proud--I on the other hand am already worried about the cost of braces.

She was so excited when the first one fell out she told EVERYONE and we even had to give a call to cousin Asia to let her know the exciting news. (I think Asia and her must have talked at length about teeth because she always associates loose teeth with Asia).

Her mouth is all green because she bit open an easter egg dye packet and got it all over herself.

I had to add one of Pepper--she tells me all the time she feels a loose tooth--or that "I can tell this one is going to be loose".

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Letting go of control

I am a control freak.

If you wonder if you are a control freak or not, host an exchange student and you will find out soon enough.

We have a exchange student (for another few weeks), who is a model student. Straight A's, never does ANYTHING that I have to worry about--no parties, no smoking, no drugs, no alcholo, no boyfriend, no stealing---really compaired to SOME of the stories I have heard we are really blessed to have the one we have BUT

I like things done a certain way. I like to live my life a certain way. I like my rules followed and people to understand the unspoken rules and regulations that run a house.

Throw in a teen-ager who doesn't know any of those rules and you have a control freaks delema. Like I said, it isn't her, it is me.

PLUS I have been living pretty much alone (with out adult compainionship) for the last 5 years with Lucas gone so much--so then to have someone there alot is kind of strange. Plus she is a teenager and likes teenager things (make-up, jewerly, and so on), and that is different for me.

SO I have been trying really hard to let go on control this past month. I have learning that I will soon have 3 kids and even less control then I do right now. My focus for this year has been to simplfy and focus. Maybe by simplifying my expectations of self, family, and others I can learn that control isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am winning the house battle

not sure if it just me nesting, but for about the last month I now feel like I have 85% control of my downstairs. I know I said I wouldn't blog about my house, but here you go anyway... Laundry, dishes, and the bathroom are my next focus. My mom told me once: "If you can keep up with the dishes and laundry, the rest of the house is easy." I really believe her. But Out of the 7 rooms on the lower level I can pick up 3-4 of them in about 20 minutes. Wow!--I have 7 rooms alone in the downstairs part of my house--maybe that is why I have a hard time keeping up. 1. Mudroom 2. Kitchen 3. Bathroom 4. Master bedroom 5. Dining room 6. Middle Room 7. Parlour/TV room Wow--yep that is 7! Upstairs I have 1. "Landing area"/Pepper's room 2. Toy room 3. Yeerah's Room 4. Scary Room 5. Craft room It makes it sound like I live in a huge house, which to me it is, but it is about 2,500 sq. feet. the rooms are smaller, with high ceilings. SO even if each room took me 10 minutes to clean, I would still be cleaning for over an hour easily a day. I know to most people that is nothing, and to me that should be easy too--- Looking at it that way I think I need to change my attack plan on my house---stay tuned for more because as boring as it is, I can't stop blogging about it!! maybe next time you might even get pictures!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being Prego

So I use the word prego because I can't ever remember how to spell pregnancy, not because I am chic.

BUT...moving on.

I had someone request me talking more about being pregnant. So here you go...

I am huge! No really. I have had more than one person ask if I was having twins. I still have the last month, which is the month of the biggest weight gain, and I am at where I should be in my weight gain (meaning yes I have gained already the 35 pounds).

SEE BELOW! Whoa Mama!

I understand why overweight people sometimes have their belly hanging out of the bottom of their pants--their pants don't stay up and it is hard to find a shirt long enough. Even my maternity shirts aren't long enough alot of the time!

While most of the time I love it, and it will be the one of the things I miss the most, this kid is kicking hard. I haven't ever had a kid do this to me---I know the following sentences will be WAY to much info---but here it goes. I am pretty sure he is head down, and one hand is pushing my on my blatter most of the time and the other one likes to try to "break out" by punching a certain part of my body, which stops me in my tracks every time. (see too much I know). Its bottom is mostly right above my belly button (which is now super sensitive to the touch and pokes out so much), and his feet are to my right side. I am pretty sure if I could look down and see into my belly he would be in an "L" position. There is always something pointy and sticking out to the right side of my belly. It hurts sometimes to touch it.

It is fun to see my belly rock back and forth and he tries to move, or see the whole belly jump when he has hicc-ups.

I am really tried and my joints are starting to shift, which makes me get up and walk like most of the 80 year old women I know. Plus I have to go to the restroom about every hour, which is frustrating.

I don't really have any cravings, but I didn't with the other kids until after they were born--strange I know...I craved food WAY more after they arrived then before.

I have heartburn with most everything I eat--and I carry tums with me.

I have acted irrational a few times (ok more than a few, but hey I have an excuse!), and of course I get teary eyed at stupid things, but stay stone cold unmoved by others...This is also somewhat of a new experience for me--normally I am more level with my emotions and feels when prego than not.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to nap when I need. I try to nap in the late afternoon, but sometimes I just don't make it that long. Other times I am roaring with energy.

I am nesting on and off. I have a whole list of things I need to get done, but then spend an hour washing half of a window--I know--My house will look great, and then two days later you would have never known it was spotless (normally it doesn't even get to the spotless stage -- that is how I know I must be nesting). Plus projects that haven't even been thought of in years are now very important and I am working on them.

BUT...I love it. I will say that I am more excited for this kid to arrive than I have been for any of the others. I know now why women say "they are easier to take care of when they are out, then when they are in". With my first two, that wasn't true, but with this one....I am a believer!

so far that is about all I have to report--was there anything else anyone wanted to know? I am happy to share :)

Sedona is SO PROUD to have lost her 1st tooth!! I think she looks adorable! This picture kind of makes her other teeth look strange, but it is SO cute!

Have to put a few pictures of my girls in--this is my little cutie who LOVES to have foot baths!!

PS: my masterlist is still underway--just slow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Micro fiber cloth

I have got to tell you three things I learned today-- first: I think I am in my nesting stage. I am enjoying the results of a really good clean--which my kitchen was in need of. I took about 2 hours to clean the kitchen. After 15 minutes I normally am sick of cleaning the kitchen. Today, I cleaned the counters really well, cleaned the oven knobs and the front of the oven, I cleaned the front of most of the bupoards and really cleaned the floor. What made the difference... second: I used a microfiber cleaning cloth, and not even a really good one. I had two that I bought at the dollar store a while ago. I didn't have anything to clean the window with, so I used it and wow! It was so much easier to clean with if it works well on windows... why not the floor? I normally use flimsy washcloths, but I am sold. I just hope the dollar store still has about 20 more for sale. I will get rid of ALL my rags and just use those. I love them that much! -------------------------------------------------------------- Pepper goes to headstart and when I went to pick her up---she was still asleep. She told me this morning she was really tired and didn't want to wake up, but I made her. I guess she wasn't joking. The teacher said she asked for her napping map right after lunch and sleep through the afternoon---Poor girl, I know just how she feels. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Last one--total random---I am still totally freaked out by UFO's. Never seen one, never want to see one.

Ok that is it for today!

PS: Can anyone tell me how you can tell which postition the baby is sitting in when you are getting close to the end? I think baby is head down, but I can't tell and since I won't have an ultrasound for a few more weeks I just would like to know.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what a mess!

I have never written out my Master Plan for my once a month cooking and it is very difficult to follow--so while I have MOST of it written--I won't post it until I can make it a little easier to read--plus most everyone I talked to said that the blog posts were to long and hard to follow... so sorry everyone---just be patient and hopefully my next once a month cooking post will make more sence. PS: I went grocery shopping and instead of my normal 25% savings--I saved 28%--thanks to a couple coupons! I think I could get into this!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Be or Not To Be

Today in one of the General Conference Talks--the speaker--sorry can't remember who--said something to the effect of--We write lists of what we want to do, so why don't we write lists of what we want to BE. So here is a quick list of what I want to BE My list is all the NORMALS 1. Be a good wife 2. Be a good mother 3. Be a good homemaker 4. Be a good cook

I am going to put some real though into this and work on it! So keep your eyes out for a more in depth TO BE list soon ;)

HUmmmm...remember how my post a few times ago was about how all my previous blogs are so similar? Looking at my TO BE list I can see why my posts are all so similar.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is NOT going to work--how frustrating! I had the last post looking so nice and organized, but then when I posted it-- everything ran together! Since I am not sure how to do blog formatting so I am frustrated. I will post what I have, but I am warning you that it will be difficult to follow. If you are really interested in having me send you all my freezer meal information in a correct format I will email it to you-- You can email me your email at that way you don't have to leave your email address out in the open. Sorry about that! I was so excited to share it with all of you!! OK--so the first post didn't work, but the second post worked fine--gotta love computers and my lack of knowledge---I will keep posting as I finish up the posts. Thanks for checking it out.

Prep and Grocery list for Freezer Meals

Each step of the freezer meals are important. So prepping your kitchen is important too. Can you image having a kitchen full of food to go into a freezer, only to have a freezer already full of other food. So here are my prep suggestions: (do at least a week or more before) 1. Make a grocery list--My Grocery List will be at the end--I do not include Fresh items that need bought (like tomatoes--and lettuce) 2. Take inventory of what you have - you don't need to go and buy 10 pounds of Cheddar Cheese if you have 5 pounds in your fridge or freezer already--I suggest pulling out what you have on hand that you will need and place in a box, or other location so you don't use it before you need it. 3. Clean out your freezer. Toss what is no longer good, give away food you are NOT going to eat, and make sure it is free of frost. This alone will take me half an afternoon. I have a normal fridge freezer, a stand up freezer and a deep freezer. The deep freezer is the "family" freezer so I don't use it much, but the stand up freezer and fridge freezer full. With what, I am not sure. I have tried not to buy anything that needs to be frozen the last few shopping trips (Unless it is directly related to the meals I will make.) Some of it will be eaten in the next month so that I can clear out even more space. 4. Make a place for your freezer meal ingredience to be stored until you use it. I use a box and leave it in a room not used much in my house-- 5. Clean kitchen: Sounds simple, but having a clean kitchen to start with helps alot. (do this the night before!) 6. Make sure you have all the "extras" also--like Paper towels, aluminum foil, mixing bowls, dish soap, Freezer Zip-lock bags, Disposable food containers and so on. I will add a section for your help in a later blog.

Here is my grocery list: Remember this list looks huge and will be expensive, but it feeds your family for at least a month and if you start looking for great deals now you can save alot of money (or if you are lucky enough to live near a bulk food store you can save a ton!)



Chicken (17 Pounds of chicken)—I buy boneless skinless—it just saves me some time.

Need the Food For: How many Pounds I am guessing I need

1. Enchilada Chunks 3

2. Chicken Alfredo chunks 3

3. Chicken Fried Rice 1.5

4. Shredded BBQ Chicken 2

5. Other cubed and Shredded chicken 5

6. Shredded Chicken Pot Pie 2

Beef Ground Beef (25) Pounds

1. Burrito’s 1

2. Taco meat 4

3. Manicotti 2

4. Baked Ziti 2

5. Meatball 5

6. Meatloaf 6

7. Beef Pot Pie

1 Sirloin Beef (cut into strips or cubes) (10 pounds)

1. Fajita’s 4

2. Beef Pot Pie 2

3. Beef Stroganoff 4

French Dip (deli Meat) (1 Pound)

1. Roast Beef 1

Sausage (1/2 hot & ½ Country)

4 pounds of Hot 6 Pounds of Normal

1. Manicotti 2

2. Baked Ziti 2

3. Chicken Alfredo 1

4. Meatloaf ½

5. Chicken Fried Rice ½

6. Breakfast Burrito 3 (I buy sausage links for this)


1. Ham & Cheese Casserole 3 pounds

Fruit & Veggie (Fresh/Frozen/Canned)

+9 Bell Peppers (various colors)

+1 Bag Frozen Spinach

+ 9 Avocado’s (buy early enough to have them ripe the day you need them)

+ 2 bags frozen peas and carrots +2 bags cubed frozen potatoes

+2 bags hashed brown potatoes +2 packages Mushrooms

+1 small bag potatoes

+6 cans of Veggie


1 medium container of Sour Cream

5 Dozen Eggs

5 Pounds Colby Jack (or kind you like)

5 Pounds Cheddar

4 small packages ricotta cheese

4 packages cream cheese

1 can Parmesan cheese

1 pound mozzarella cheese

2 packages of sliced Pepper Jack

2 packages of American Slices

Canned Food

10 Cans of Cream of Chicken Soup

3 Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup

4 Cans of Green Chili (or 1 big can)

8 Cans of Green Chili Sauce

3 cans of chili

4 Cans of Refried Beans

8 jars of spaghetti Sauce

2 cans tomatoes sauce

2 cans tomatoes paste

2 cans of Evaporated Milk

2 cans of Aujou soup


24 Corn Tortilla

40 Flour Tortilla

1 package Bread Crumbs

3 package steak Rolls

5 Pie Crusts

2 packages Alfredo noodles

2 packets Penne Noodles

3 boxes Manicotti Sauce

1 taco shell

4 pounds rice


3 containers of BBQ Sauce

1 package Beef Bouillon Cubes

1 package Chicken Bouillon Cubes

1 bottle Soy Sauce 3 packets of Guacamole Mix

I also took a while to write down what recipes need what ingredience--

so here is that list.

Chicken enchilada -Corn tortilla -Green chili -Cream of chicken -Green chili sauce -Chicken -Spices -Cheese

Burritos -Flour Tortillas -Ground Beef -Rice -chili -Refried beans -cheese -green chili sauce

Fajita -Strip meat -Bell Peppers -Tortilla -guacamole

Taco Meat -Shredded cheese -ground beef -Cheese -Shells


Manicotti -Ricotta Cheese -cheese -Sausage -hamburger -Spinach -spaghetti sauce -manicotti shells

Baked Ziti -Penne Noodles -Spaghetti Sauce -Cream Cheese -Sausage -Hamburger -cheese

Lasagna BUY FROM STORE--I got a really good deal on it so I bought 3 of them.

Chicken Alfredo -Cream Cheese -milk -Chicken -butter -Flour -spices -Parmesan cheese -white cheese


Meatballs -Buy? -Hamburger -Tomato Sauce -Bread crumbs -eggs -Green Pepper -spices

Meatloaf -ground beef -sausage -bread crumbs -milk -egg -spices -Tomato Sauce/paste

French Dip Sandwiches -Deli meat -Anjou sauce -Cheese slice of choice -Rolls


Chicken Fried Rice -Rice -chicken Bouillon Cubes -Eggs -Soy sauce -Frozen peas and carrots -Chicken -sausage

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches -Chicken -BBQ Sauce -Rolls -Cheese Slices Chicken—Shredded and cubed

BREAKFAST BURRITO -Sausage -Tortillas -Eggs -Green Chili's -Potatoes (cubed small) -Cheese -Refried Beans (A few) -Any other veggies you want (peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and so on)

Cheesy Ham & Potatoes Casserole -cubed potatoes (or hashbrowns) -Cubed Ham ( I use lunch meat cut into chucks, but good ham is the best) -Sour Cream -Cream of Chicken

Beef Stroganoff -Mushrooms -Strip Beef -Cream of chicken -milk/gravy Beef /

Chicken/Beef Pot Pie -Pie Crusts -shredded Beef/chicken -Cream of mushroom/chicken -Veggie All -Mashed Potatoes (or biscuits)

(I am going to buy some fresh herbs—and I didn’t include any onion in any recipe—so you might want to add some to yours)

One more thing I did was figure out what type of container I would need in order to store it--so here is that list.


-Chicken Enchilada 2- 9 X 12 Pans

-Burritos 2- 9 X 12 Pans

-Fajita (Meat) Freezer Zip-locks

-Taco Meat (Meat) Freezer Zip-locks 4


-Manicotti 2- 9 X 12 Pans

-Baked Ziti 2- 9 X 12 Pans

-Lasagna BOUGHT

-Chicken Alfredo Freezer Zip-locks

-Meatballs (lots for spaghetti or Meatball sandwiches) Freezer Zip-locks -

Meatloaf 2-Bread Loaf Pans -

Roast Beef Sandwiches (French dip) Freezer Zip-locks 3 Chicken -

Shredded Chicken Freezer Zip-locks -

Chicken Fried Rice Freezer Zip-locks -

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches Freezer Zip-locks

Breakfast Burritos Aluminium Foil

Cheesy Ham & Potatoes 2- 9 X 12 Pans

Beef Stroganoff Freezer Zip-locks

Beef pot pie Pie Crust holder and Aluminium Foil

OK--this one is long enough, so on to the next post.

Freezer Meals

Here is the WHOLE story... I had my first child by c-section. But it was all her fault! Ok--she was frank breech, which means even if she did turn she would have most likely been feet first, so I just decided instead of risking it (the doctor gave me a less than 1% chance of her turning) I did the c-section. The second child I didn't want a C-section so I hoofed it up to Denver and got approved to have a V-Bac at the hospital up there. So three weeks before I was due- Sedona and I headed to Denver to live with my mom-while Lucas stayed home and worked. He came up the week I was due and ta-da--she was a week late, meaning I wasn't home for almost a month by the time I did get home. They have you go up early to make sure you aren't traveling when you go into labor, and plus going over the pass isn't good for really prego women---besides, I get to live with my mom for a few weeks--who wouldn't want that right before they are due! This is where the freezer meals come it--- I am now due with baby #3 (A BOY!) and again I am headed up to Denver a few weeks before the baby is due. Lucas said he was really sad that no one brought him a meal once the whole time he was home alone (in our community it is common to have church members check up on each other, and bring meals, and do that kind of stuff for each other)--He wasn't really sad, but just making a comment. SO with this baby I will be working on that. I have a whole list of meals I am going to make before I leave so that Lucas has a freezer meal and so that I have about 15-20 meals when I get home waiting to use so I don't have to cook either. Yeerah (our Korean exhance student) really enjoys cooking so I have enlisted her help for the day--and possibly my sister-in-law Pam will be in on it too. I did freezer meals once or twice and loved it. I have also done once-a-month-meat cooking too. When I didn't have time to do all the meals, I just cooked up a whole bunch of meat and froze it. Instead of having to wait for hamburger to thaw, or chicken to cook, I could grab a pre-cooked meat ziplock and use that--really handy! Like I said in this area women often bring in meals to each other when we have had children, an illness, an accident, and anytime we might need a little boost--Infact--there is a lady I should take a meal in to today! Gotta work on that later. So this is going to be a LONG post about Freezer meals. First I came up with meals that I really wanted and some meals that I knew Lucas would want. I wanted a variety so this is what I have as a To MAKE menu Itailian -Manicotti -Baked Ziti -Lasgnana -Chicken Alfredo Mexician -Chicken Enchilada -Burrito's- -Fajita's -Taco's Beef Meals -Meatballs -Meatloaf -French Dip Sandwiches -Beef Stroganoff -Beef Pot Pie (In cupcakes) Chicken Meals -Chicken Fried Rice -BBQ Chicekn Sanwiches -Lots of extra shredded/cubbed chucks -Chicken Pot Pie (In Cupcakes) Other meals -French Toast Sticks -Cheesy Ham & potatoe casserole -Breakfast Casserole (in cupcakes) -Breakfast Burritos -Frozen Fruit Chunks -Muffins Over ambious!? YES!? But I will have an extra pair of hands, and I am NOT planning on doing all of this in one day. OK most of it in one day! The Blue is what I want to accomplish in one day. Yes--still over ambious--but remember I will have two extra people in the kitchen helping. I will have a plan for each person and a plan for the whole day. So next I will post the Prep I need to do to the kitchen and my grocery list.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking Back

Wow--looking at my past posts--both on this blog and the previous one-- I am really boring. If I had a housekeeper I am not sure anyone would anyone hear from me! :) I had to laugh because I read some blogs and I think--do they have no faults? And then I read mine and think--wow--my faults are clearly out there! well the faults that I am not too scared to share--but really I do try to "keep it real". So here is a list quick list of 5 (ok 6) things I need to work on! 1. Eat more healthy 2. Early to bed, early to rise 3. Have my scary room total clean out 4. Put the needs of my family first no matter how tired I was 5. Exercize at least 3 times a week 6. Keep up with daily chores THE SAME TOP 6 I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING ABOUT FOREVER!! So I am going to do something that isn't "cool" in our society. I am going to make a list of things I am good at or proud of about MYSELF *GASP*. I am sure some people could do a list of 20-100 things that they like about themselves, but I am going to start with 15-- Why 15--because it is easy to do 5, a little harder to do 10, but 15--I might need to actually think past the "normal" proud of myself things. 1. I can get along with a variety of people pretty well. 2. I have good leadership skills. 3. I am self taught with most of my computer skills. 4. I have been within 5 pounds of my goal weight between each kid so far. 5. I love to learn--and I am passing that on to my kids. 6. I love to read--and I am passing that on to my kids. 7. I am proud that I went from City Girl to Country girl and love both! 8. I honestly want and try to be a good mom and good wife. 9. I like to find weaknesses in myself and improve on them. 10. I am pretty creative and love to plan things. 11. Most of the time I like change. 12. I can let go of things that hurt pretty easy. 13. I try to be self-sufficent. 14. I am someone people can count on. 15. I am willing to share my life with you! Ha ha--OK I had to have one freebie right? -This was hard for me, but what was even harder was not to put a negative comment after my positive comment--for example: I am self taught in my computer skills--I ALMOST wrote--"which might not be a strength after all". I am learning - those negative comments after a postive comment will not work for me anymore! Self discovery is a good thing. I challenge you to either do a list of 5, 10, or 15 things you are proud of, and then a list of 5 things you could work on.