Wednesday, September 28, 2011

These are actually in backwards order---but here you go!

The night of the 4th!

So cute--love her excitment!

The BYU cops busted us! Ok--really it is my Cousin Todd, but at first I really did think they were going to 'bust' us!

Uncle Jim holding Wheeler --earlier in the day on the 4th


Sedona at Aunt Patsy and Uncle Jim's house--

everything looked so good and it was wonderful to be with them all again!

Some of the family/friends that were there

Teresa and Madeline! So cute!

Raising the flag---Asia got to do it! Uncle Robert was not happy that they used a flag that had been flown over Iraq and then specially folded--they couldn't find the right flag

Andrew playing the Trumpet---wasn't it his 27 year playing?

More to come soon--

Monday, September 19, 2011

I do exist

I am here, I am just not here--I am pinning over at pinterst! Don't join--it is addicting and personally I think it is even getting a little trashy--

So wait a little while longer until I am all pinned out and then I will return to good old blogging!

until then--have a lovely day/night/morning!