Monday, May 31, 2010

Hard Lesson to learn and other fun stuff

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So here are a collection of random things for you to enjoy...

today Pepper, for no reason, tried to hit me, but hit my fingernail instead and pushed my nail back a little. I said "Ouch (cause it did hurt), Pepper why did you hit me that hurt!" Next thing I know she is getting a sad quivering lower lip and I said again "why did you hit me?" and she burst into a fit. I know it was because she was sad she hurt me, but she turned more mean and wouldn't look at me, or stop screaming, so she went to her bed till she calmed down. Later I told her (she still wouldn't talk to me) that she felt yucky inside because she was sad she hurt me, but that I was OK now and she didn't need to feel that way anymore, but she needed to say "I'm sorry." She wouldn't say it, so I started to get off her bed, when I hear a tiny voice say "I'm sorry mom. Please stay with me." So I gave her a big hug...really it was a heartbreaking ordeal. I don't know how well she will remember this lesson, but her little "I'm sorry" will be forever in my memory bank.


The girls were running through the sprinklers and I ran inside to do something and when I come back out, they are both mooning the street with the sprinkler hitting them in the bum and cars drive by. I was so embarrassed--but they were "just taking a shower mom!". We try to teach our girls to behave, so if you were mooned by them the other day--I am sorry!


Lucas enjoys taking a big truck (or a VW bug transformed into a truck) and go 4-wheeling/rock crawling/climbing. Sedona also loves it. we went this weekend and I could NOT get her to get out of the truck. She was even falling asleep at one point--this isn't nice, lets see where this trail goes---this is---"HUM...this trail goes straight up, I wonder if I could make it?"...or "This is a bigger rock I wonder If I could drive straight down it?" type of rock crawling. They will spend 1/2 hour in the same location trying to get over/up an "obstacle". I learned early to take a book or magazine, because that just isn't exciting....BUT put me on a fast four-wheeler (the small person four-wheeler) and I love the speed. Pepper rides with me and the fast we go (which really isn't very fast with me) the more I hear giggles and "yeah!" from Pepper.
So I told Lucas we need a trailer to carry his Tug (a lifted Toyota) and my future four-wheeler so that we both can enjoy the day out. I think he actually liked the idea!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Camping LIst

I am a LIST person--
So here is my CAMPING LIST

I have not finalized it--so there are some duplicate items and such....

Please let me know if I am missing anything.



Sleeping Bags/floor pads
Trash bags
Wet wipes (for clean up)
First Aid Kit
Glow Sticks
Bug Spray
Pocket Knife
Toilet Paper
Small Table
Guitar and Music
Camping Chairs
Towels (small & Large incase they fall in lake)
Work Gloves
Walkie Talkie
Small Dust Broom for Tent
Bucket to do dishes
Cards (games for kids if it rains)
Water Bottles
Duct Tape
Baby Backpack
Guns & Ammo-.22
Tub to do dishes or other
Table Cloth (or picnic cloth)
Ziplock Baggies for extra food, dirty stuff
Sharp knife
Aluminum foil
Cast iron
Dutch Oven
Paper Towels
Camp Chairs
Paper and Pen
Fishing Poles
Bait--and all the fishing stuff.

Pet Items
dog bowl

Cooking Items
Dish towels
Spatula-- with a long handle so you don’t have to reach into the fire
Frying Pan
Paper plates
Paper cups
Sippy Cups
Hot Coco
Graham Crackers
cooking oil
Hot Pads

Hot Dogs Ketchup Relish
Buns Mustard Mayo

Pancakes Milk Syrup Butter

Muffins/ popcorn/granola bars/tin foil/red-hot’s/cinnamon/Apples
apples cooked on fire, wrap in tin foil with red-hots & Cinnamon

Hamburgers (See Hot dog list)
Buns Cheese to melt

For the Kids

Toys (outside/digging)
Glue to make sand paintings
Paint & Paper (Make stamps of rocks, leafs, and so on)
Scavenger Hunt-- find and take a picture or do.
Skip rocks
Walking Stick
Pretty Flower
Round Stone
Litter (and pick it up)
See some wild-life
Backpacks to hold treasures and hiking stuff
Star gazing
Wood gathering
-longest, biggest, crookest, straightest etc

(Have kids have their own Camping backpack full of their stuff—not to heavy of course. This is an investment for 72 hour kits and food storage possible)
In Kids Backpack
Water bottle Flashlight
Whistle Sweater

Per Day
Amy Lucas Sedona Pepper
Pants Pants Pants Pants
Shirt Shirt Shirt Shirt
Socks Socks Socks Socks
Underwear Underwear Underwear Diapers
PJ underware

All Kids Extra
Soap (girls) Camera-Film/Batteries
Toothbrush Cell Phone
Toothpaste Lotion Chargers
Floss Pain Killer Day Planners
Hair brush Baby Soap Pillows
Hair Accessories Cold Medicine Brain Book
Nigh Medicine
Allergy Medicine
Nail Clippers

Diapers Wet Wipes Music Drink
Snacks Toys Books

Per Person
Extra set of clothes
Wash cloth

Sunscreen Bug Spray
Sandals Swimming things (goggles, suits, floating, toys)

Coats Hats Gloves
Scarves Boots

To do before leaving: Trash Dishes Animals Pets

-first aid book -cough medicine
-Bandaids -night time medincine
-pain reliever -Cortizone-10
-Calimine Lotion -instant icepacks
-neosporian -Tweezers
-ace bandage -

Break up your camping gear into boxes (kitchen box, bathroom box (with first aid), Tool box, kids activities box, clothing box---have a list inside each box so you can glance to see what needs to be refilled or what)

Camping Fun
1. Rubbings
Crayon, paper, leafs, backs, stones
2. Painting rocks
Rocks, paint, paint brush
3. Scavenger hunt
Mark off an area—can you find: ant, dead leaf, bud, pinecone, etc
4. Ice Cream in a bag
Salt, milk, sugar, ice
5. Kids Playing Tent: have fun things in there to play with
6. Sand Art—They find dirt/sand—you bring glue and paper
7. Bubbles
8. Sand Toys (outside toys)
9. Fishing Poles
10. Make Fire Starters (put in 72 hour kit & Food storage)
Egg carton, lint, pine needles—melt some wax on them (parents do) to have them stick together light up!-- I make mine similarly. I layer lint and wood shavings and smash as much as I can into each egg. Then I take an old candle completely coat the entire top with a nice layer of wax. It takes a while but its fun to do while watching tv. I’ve gotten 2 dozen out of one candle so far and can probably get another 2 dozen before its gone. It only takes 1 egg to get the fire going!
11. Bug Jar
12. Telescope
13. Maganfiy glass
14. Bird whistle
15. Butterfly Net
16. Flashlight


+Ever tried the omlette trick? You just put your egg, cheese and all other ingredients straight into a zip lock bag and throw that into boiling water. A few minutes later you have a perfect omlette!

+Cinnanom roll on a stick—take dough (Pillsbury) and wrap it on a stick and cook it like a marshmello

+ Camping Popcorn Popper
+Pie Irons

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Piano & Birthdays & Biggest Loser

So today I have really practiced hard at the piano. Yes, once every two weeks is not at all ideal, but you take what you can get. BUT--last week when I sat down to play I couldn't figure out how to get my fingers on both hands to work "together'. Somehow, maybe by using Prof. Harold Hill's method (rent the movie "The Music Man" if you have no idea what I am talking about), I was able to sit down this morning and plink most of it out.

I found that I could play it---about 100 times slower than it is supposed to be played, but I played it. This was the piece I was supposed to have played at the recital (first part of May), but chickened out on the whole thing. I did have one song prepared, I should have done it! Forget the fact taht I have had about 4 lessons (which I still owe her for!) and that I am about 20 years older than the rest of her students---yes 20 years older!--I should have done it. I needed to prove to myself that I could and that I wasn't a slacker, but when the big moment hit--I slacked.

The same thing would often happen when I had to perform--a concert, a play, pretty much anytime--I would get sick or super tired, and that would be my "excuse" for not performing to the top of my ability. I have learned that when I get tired, it means---yes I have poor sleeping habits, but mostly I am stressed. I can sleep through alot when I am nervous, depressed, worried, or stressed. Like the time I slept on the ground, in Arizona, under a big truck (we were moving and having car troubles) for a few hours---or the time I slept through all the graduation parties that were held the day of graduation (not sure why that stressed me out, but it did) or the time I slept through my freshman year. I have very few memories of Freshman year, most of them not the best memories. I slept in class, during lunch, after school, and anyother time I could sneak it in. But that is another story....

Tonight I have made my plans for Sedona's birthday party. I love planning them, now we will see if I follow thru with it. Plus (yes it isn't until Oct) I asked Pepper what she wanted for her party---she said Cupcakes--so I will be asking her again (and again if I have too) until she changes the theme, or understands the question more. I did look online and there are alot of FUN cupcake birthday ideas so maybe we will go with it, but I think she said that because she had just seen a cupcake on the birthday site I was looking at for Sedona---
Sedona is having a Dora Party/Fiesta--I will post the party details on another post--maybe sometime soon--maybe not.

I was watching "The Biggest Loser" (love that show) and I am happy with the winner! Mike--was over 500 pounds when he started and now is about 50% lighter. He lost over 250 pounds...INCREDIABLE! Such strength---such persistance--such motivation. really, I want to be as strong-mentally and physically, as they are.
Where is my Bob (with out cussing at me--I don't like to be cussed at) and my Jillian--(PS: anyone else thing Jillian was very buddy buddy/touchy touchy with Ashley?) to teach me what I need to do to loose my last 20 (but I have lost 5, so... my last 15). Ok truth be told I know what to do---I just need to do it! I have gotten better (not great, but better) eatting habits, now I need to find the desire and passion for exercizing! HOW DO YOU GET THAT---anyone have suggestions? I would LOVE to hear what motivates YOU to work out.
I have excuses--Its hard when you don't have someone to watch them when you work out, it is hard to work out with them around, it is too windy/cold/hot/buggy outside, I don't have the time/energy to do it. I DO have the equipment--I can't use that as an excuse. I have a great machine to do weights, and another great machine to do cardio--(the Wii is fun, but not near as fun as I thought it would be, Don't tell Lucas) :)

One last thing---Lucas's Great Aunt Anna will be here this weekend. I have alot of cleaning to do--actually, I have alot of "picking up" to do--it is pretty clean--just need to pick up mostly the (ta da--suprise!) dinning room and bedroom. The kitchen looks pretty good--and the rest just need a good dusting and vacuum. So wish me luck getting the house as clean as I would like!

again, I have slipped into bad sleeping habits so I am heading to bed!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scary room contest

So the scary room contest started yesterday and I got NOTHING DONE!

Ugg---so today I got nothing done!!

Come on Amy get your bottom in gear and get some stuff done!

My Scary room is NOT the actual scary room in my house. I might be going out of town on Friday, so I think I am going to do a TINY scary room (my water closet) and work on that.

It needs

100% empty out
new paint (a bright white)
Shelf Liners
Caulk and clean floor
re-evaluate what I store in there
put everything back.

Wish me luck!

Pictures to come tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts

Ah--happy thoughts.

So since it is PAST bedtime I thought I better have some happy thoughts so I don't have nightmares too bad...

Here we go..

1. Getting that perfect picture of anything (especially self!)
2. A really good calzone
3. Finding a good restraunt that EVERYONE in the family likes
4. A great deal on something you have wanted and were going to buy anyway
5. Left overs when you are too tired to cook
6. A bank account with money in it.
7. Hot Cocoa---
8. Plate sized Chocolate Chip cookies
9. Mini chocolate chips
10. A lunch date with a friend
11. a meteor shower (while watching from the country)
12. A friend who keeps secrets
13. A friend who has been where you are now
14. Clean Sheets on the bed
15. A clean kitchen
16. Laundry all done
17. Some thing fun arriving in the mail
18. Getting good advice
19. Giving advice that actually helps someone
20. A surprise phone call from an old friend
21. Songs that MAKE you move
22. Cute little travel sized items
23. A pinecone with peanut butter and seeds for the birds
24. My little girls kisses
25. finding your favorite sandwich on the menu
26. Getting checked out (of course by my hubby!)
27. Finding out a piece of useless information actually came in handy
28. Answering machines
29. Good energy--putting it out and receiving it
30. Learning something new that opens up a whole new part of your life.

OK I really could go on and on, but I think I am off to read a good book!


Monday, May 17, 2010

"Scary Room" Contest--

So I came across a contest that would award the winner a design team to come in and re-design a room in their house, give them countertops and a make-over worth about $5,000.00

I almost signed up, but then I thought. Other than my kitchen--where would I need countertops? I don't know---I have alot of rooms they would be great in, but what if I DON'T want countertops in those rooms? Which I don't--so I passed it up... which was hard for me since I like free things--even though it was a contest and I wouldn't have won anyway---

But them I got thinking!!

What if I did my OWN contest? I have NO idea what I would reward---it would NOT be big--since I am am a poor farmer/trucker wife---BUT I could do something--

So I started coming up with idea's--My favorite part...coming up with ideas---not following thru, but the creative planning part--(if anyone knows a job that pays for ideas (and not having to follow thru with those ideas) let me know) ).

Here is what I have

Starting NEXT MONDAY (I think the 24th) and the last day of school), I want people (all 7 of you that read my blog) to post a picture of your "scary room" on your blog-- (I know most people don't HAVE scary rooms like I do--but we all have a junk drawer, scary closet, scary toy room or SOMETHING that needs worked on. Then in one week we will post an AFTER picture. I will find a fun prize (an apron maybe) and send it to the Winner of the "Cut and Clean the Clutter Contest!" It will end on the 29th (since the 30th is a Sunday and you should be resting that day anyway!)--

I will post all before and after pictures on my website and do a poll to see who wins.

Sounds good? No cheating--If you want to do it this week instead of waiting that is fine, BUT don't cheat--You have 5 days to clear and clean a clutter spot. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who is that?

When ever someone new comes to my house and see my wedding picture they always ask--

who is that? OR Is that YOU?

I know I look different, but really I look THAT different?

Which is why I am asking the hair questions. My hair is blond, long, and straight in my wedding picture.

I am wearing good make-up--my eyebrows are plucked and I look pretty good if I say so myself!

I am working on the weight, I did drop .5 pounds this past week--but I think I am failing this week---gotta get a renewed weight lose mind going again!! Maybe I will Hulu Biggest Loser---but really I think they should do "the last 20" as a show to really motivate the rest of us that DON'T have 100 pounds to loose.....anyway--that is a whole other blog!!

So I guess my question is--where did that girl go? Did she fall into the "stupid Mormon mommy mindset"--which is (at least to a lot of women in our area)-(Mormons are not stupid, just that one flaw in their mindset--but you get what I am saying!)-Your kids are more important than you are-(which they are one of the MOST important things, but YOU are equally important to Heavenly Father)-so spend all your time and energy on your kids/house/husband--till you have become a fat, frumpy housewife. (again another blog!)---BUT moving on ....

Ok one more thing before I move on--I was talking with a friend about how people in our ward wear outdated clothes and she said "well doesn't that happen in most..." and I said "Mormon wards." and she laughted and said "no, small towns." OH---I felt stupid!

I want that "bride" back--I am OK with the wider hips and ribcage (yes my ribcage, but not my bra size!-(too much info!)-expanded while I was prego)--I want that girl who was happy with her looks, her body, and her life--I am happy with all of those things--they are a blessing, but I am NOT content with them---In my mind there is a difference.

Ok enough---I gotta go do laundry, dishes, and OK--actually I am off to possible watch a movie--or read.

how many do you get?

I was reading one of the hundreds of blogs that I follow---and I wonder why nothing gets done---and one women was saying she got 800 hits on her blog in one day--ONE DAY!

I get about 30 hits a week (and I would guess about 20 of them are my own--looking for comments and starting post and such).

So I started looking at what people do to attract more attention to their blog--here is what I have learned.

1. They have really interesting things to say (I am working on that).

2. They have personalized their title bar--I have NO idea yet on how to do that.

3. They post lots of good pictures--I fluxuate on this--sometimes I add alot--sometimes I don't.

4. They are consistant--they blog almost every day/every week--

5. They have a challenge, or a give away

6. They get featured on other blogs.

At this point in time NONE of those are important to me (except the scary room clean up one, but that is more selfish than anything!)---

Isn't that nice to know you don't have to keep with the Jones?