Friday, September 10, 2010

Wedding Bells

In no order what so ever.....
Josh (my Step-brother-in-law) and his new wife Michelle

The Bridesmaids

The Groomsmen

Yee Rah (Our exchange student from Korea)
and our lovely Sedona

Yee Rah again :)

Suzie "Dancing" down the isle with her grandson William

Some of the wonderful decorations

The Cemermony took place under the gazebo

The Buffet line that had AMAZING food!!
Really SO YUMMY!

Josh and his Mom Suzie

Lucas and Pepper weren't really that miserable, that is just the face they were born with!

The cake and punch

The Reception area

Very Pretty Garden Location

Waiting for the Wedding to start--we look so happy!

So pretty!

Look how pretty! The Grooms Cake was very cool!

Newly home Elder Phillip
and Best Man

Some of the Grandkids and cousins Sedona is hugging William (Josh's (the groom's) little boy)-and the two girls--Dang! I can't remember their names. They are Suzies sisters kids.


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