Friday, December 11, 2009

Always learning

So I learned something about me the night before last--

I love to read, and often read self-help books (mostly on being a good mom and wife and housecleaner)--but the problem is I read right before going to bed--which is great, but then I read these books and I start getting ideas and so I am so motivated I have a hard time falling asleep which causes me to be really tired in the morning--so my friend Annie suggest that I got o bed early (she is always suggesting that) and then read in the morning all those books that get me excited about improving my parent/marriage/housekeeping skills!

so even thought I just borrowed three books, and check out three more, I will save all my "motivational" books till the morning. I will wake up even 15 minutes before my girls and read away and see if it gets me more excited in the morning for the day ahead of me!!

Random though...

Also I think I have said this before, but do you ever think in terms of "blog writing". As I go about my day I think--how would I write about this in my blog? and then come up with a whole blog on how to describe what I am doing. Strange, but true.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Win an Apron!

OK so I really normally don't enter contests (that is kind-of a joke) BUT this one I REALLY want to win!!

I have been trying to make an apron for um...a while now!

But maybe I could just WIN one :0 !!

SO take a look at this cute blog

and then this cute blog