Friday, May 18, 2012

I had big plans for this year

I am not sure if I told you all or not, but this was going to be the year that I blogged all the time, with great pictures and fun little stories, but the truth is...

I was so worried about blogging the perfect stuff I haven't blogged AT ALL!

So here is our life in a nutshell

Pepper, Amy, and Wheeler have spent a lot of time at Head Start this year. Pepper is a student, Amy is the president of the parent committee and Wheeler is just along for the ride.

We have had some really fun adventures and party's. Pepper is really spunky and is growing smarter and more fun every day!  She makes us laughs and LOVES to have fun!

Sedona is rocking Kindergarten.  She is almost always top of her class and LOVES school.  I have been planning a summer school and she is SO excited about it!

She brings home so many art projects and worksheets her memory book has been overflowing and we have had to clean it out twice! She is so funny and is so fun to be with!

Wheeler is so smart! He is almost a year!  He loves walking around, playing with the computer keyboard, putting things into the dogs crate (magnets, shoes) and his new fun is putting clothes over his head and trying to walk around until he runs into something! Silly kid.  He has the best frowny face and such a fun smile.  He is a JOY to be around!

Lucas is AMAZING!  Running his own business and being wonderful!  I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing man!

Between Church, HeadStart, house, outside, and general life I am busy.  The garden is coming along, even though I am SLOW at doing it.  Life is full of fun and joy, now if only dishes and laundry could be conquered!