Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some things still working

I can say that I am enjoying my new life, but I am still making adjustments.

I am trying to figure out this "new" mom position called Exchange Student Mom. So far, great, but I feel like I have to entertain her somewhat.

I will write alot more about Yee Rah (ye-raw), just not right now.

Getting up early and exercising is working, but now the class will start at 5:45, which will be even harder for me.

I fell asleep reading scriptures after exercising---that means I gotta go to bed earlier! that will be tough for me.

Anyway---life is going good, the clean house plan to music, is still good in theory, but until my kids are in school (Yee Rah) I feel like I should spend time with her. So next Tuesday, that part of my NEW LIFE will be put into motion.

I am not giving up---just revamping a little for a few more days.

Next week I want to Can food like crazy---anyone have extra garden items they would like to share since I didn't do one this year?

PS: I had a Lia Sophia party---check out the website and let me know if you want to order anything before Wednesday...Thanks!


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