Tuesday, August 31, 2010

photo bucket

anyone know how to get rid of the photobucket thing?

This week has not gone according to plan

So first I heard that my sister and her hubby sold their house! Yeah--so quick--Angie if you read this I want to know more details.

Lucas, the girls, and Yee Rah, and I--all climbed into lucas's truck and took off for New Mexico. I stayed awake as long as I could--About 4:00 AM, and then we stopped for the "night" -- then got up and drove to Texas for Lucas's Step Brothers wedding.

The wedding was in a beautiful garden area and the reception had YUMMY food and was so pretty. There was dancing which only reminded me how much I love to dance and how horrible at it I am.

It was all very romantic and lovely!

I am not sure if it was the change in sleep schedule so quickly, or what, but I was worthless the whole time we were there. I was so tired!

Then today I work up sick. I thought I could be just fine exercising, but man I was wrong! I am getting old---they say everything falls apart when you turn 30--I just never experienced before!

Also we did chore charts for FHE yesterday, and started them today. They work pretty well, but already need vamped a little.

My cleaning schedule also needs vamped, but I haven't actually done it 100% since the first week. I am starting up again tomorrow.

On my non-group workout days, I am not going to wake up till 5:50--then work out from 6-6:45. Then instead of scriptures right after I want to take a shower--1. it will help me stay awake a little more 2. I don't seem to do it later in the day if I wait.
then I will read scriptures and such until it is time to wake the girls.

so anyway...

not much new in my life. Maybe when I get ride of this stupid cold/sinus infection I will tackle the scary room or garage again.

PS: Do you work out when you are

1. Sick (not laying in bed sick, but just feel crappy sick)?
2. On Vacation?

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Life Week 2

so far so good.

In my new life I have

1. Worked out 4 times a week
2. Kept the house mostly clean
3. Gave Blood--first time
4. Had a yard sale
5. made pretty good meals almost every night
6. Had a Lia Sophia party (jewerly--still taking orders)
7. Welcome a new Exhange Studen
8. Started Sedona at school
9. read scriptures and had prayers
10. started a new calling at church
11. Learned how to use the Roots Magic Program
12. Attended a Relief Society Party (which was really good)
13. Finished a book
14. Started 2 new books
15. Was Visit Taught

good week---ready for this week---bring it on!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some things still working

I can say that I am enjoying my new life, but I am still making adjustments.

I am trying to figure out this "new" mom position called Exchange Student Mom. So far, great, but I feel like I have to entertain her somewhat.

I will write alot more about Yee Rah (ye-raw), just not right now.

Getting up early and exercising is working, but now the class will start at 5:45, which will be even harder for me.

I fell asleep reading scriptures after exercising---that means I gotta go to bed earlier! that will be tough for me.

Anyway---life is going good, the clean house plan to music, is still good in theory, but until my kids are in school (Yee Rah) I feel like I should spend time with her. So next Tuesday, that part of my NEW LIFE will be put into motion.

I am not giving up---just revamping a little for a few more days.

Next week I want to Can food like crazy---anyone have extra garden items they would like to share since I didn't do one this year?

PS: I had a Lia Sophia party---check out the website and let me know if you want to order anything before Wednesday...Thanks!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Train of thought

As I was running this morning (day two of "new life"), I had a hundred things run through my head about what I could blog, but when I got home and studied scriptures I couldn't remember most of it....

Here is what I remember---
-That rooster is SO loud
-Stupid Dogs
-How does a baby bird end up dead in the middle of the road when It can't even fly yet?
-I should have worn my glasses
-car, you better move over a little more, you are making me nervouse
-Stupid teenager driver--could you drive ANY faster (yes I am getting to be an Old person)
-perfect morning
-Holy cow those bike riders scared me
-should have worn sunglasses
-yuck---what is that smell?

OK---I will stop now, but you get the idea.

Also the other thought I had was how I will study the scriptures...this is what I came up with.
Really it sounded much more profound in my mind----

Monday: Subject Study (right now Celestial marriage)
Tuesday: Read Scriptures ( I am just starting 2 Nephi--)
Wednesday: Subject Study
Thursday: Read Scriptures
Friday: Read Sundays Lessons, and plan FHE
Saturday: Free Read (What ever I want in scriptures)
Sunday: Free Read (what ever I want in scriptures)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my new life

Well today I started my "new" life.

I have been trying to get it in order for about a month, but it started today.

I am changing my sleeping pattern, my house work routine, and my outlook on a few things.

All I have to do is remind myself when I slip back into old habits--that wasn't working for me--I don't want to live like I was--and that will give me renewed energy!!

Yes I am positive, but I have totally changed my life once (except the sleeping pattern). When I went to college, I choose a college where I didn't know anyone so that I could start fresh, and forget my old bad habits and begin new. I was able to change some things about myself, and had success.


1. I will be up by 5:50 so that i can start my exercise at 6:00--I have a class T & TH (which started today and kicked my bum, and the rest of my muscles), and will exercise on my own M-W-F.

2. Since I will wake up at 5:50, I will be in bed by 10:00 and asleep by 10:30. This might be my hardest challenge.

3. I have about 2 hours worth of songs on my YouTube account set up under "clean house". I am able to clean downstairs in 2 hours. Once the downstairs is clean enough to have extra time on each song, I will start working more upstairs, until I will be able to clean my whole house in about 3 hours. I work fast and sweat while I am working so not only does my house look better, I will continue to loose weight!

4. We have an exchange student living with us now, so I want to make sure that we do more as a family so that she won't miss hers so much, and so that I can grow closer to my kids. Sedona has school all day (Head start & Pre-school--she wanted to do both), and Pepper will start school in mid October, so I will have all morning to get my house stuff done, so that I can be ready to do fun things with the girls after school.

5. Lucas and I had a wonderful weekend in the mountains, just us. The girls stayed mostly with Pam & Micah and a few DEAR friends took the girls for a couple of the mornings--THANKS AGAIN!!--We had a good talk about our relationship and we both have things to work on. One of the things we discussed (notice that the word cuss is in discuss?--no worries non of that happened during out talk) :)--Anyway, we discussed how I need to change how I perceive, receive, and accept what people tell me. For example, Lucas comes in and tells me "the house looks good." and I hear "The house looks good, but why didn't you do the dished, or vacuum?" He did not say those last things, but I put them there---example Lucas says "you look good in that skirt" I hear "that skirt hides your fat well." See the problem? It is only with him that I do this--why? I think maybe because I want to be better than I am--so when he gives a complement, I only hear the bad, since that I what I am focused on. I really need to work on that!!

6. I want to de-junk. I am having a yard sale on Friday & Saturday, so I really am going through my stuff and thinking "do I really need/want this?" I have already gone through most my kitchen, and while it isn't amazing, I was able to clear something out of each area. If feels good to toss--something I don't know if I have ever said before!! This evening I would like to try to go through the "scary" room. That is where most of my junk is located--

7. On Friday, I am going to donate blood. I am SO SCARED to do it, but that is why I am doing it. I have never done it, and I think I need to. At least once a month, I need to find something that I am scared, or nervous, or challenged to do, and do it!

8. I am no longer in primary, and I am not going to substitute in Primary for at least 3 months--harsh I know, but I really want to enjoy RS and Sunday School for a while, before I get sucked into subbing alot. After working out, I want to come home, and study scriptures and have personal prayer time. With our Exchange student, I am thinking she will be getting ready for school between 7-8 (school starts at 8:20?) so I will get ready after the girls are at school. I went to relief society, and was read up on the lesson, and had even read a few things about it on the side, so I really got alot out of it.

9. Another part of my new life, is owning my time. I use to feel like I had to say YES and be involved with everything. I like being part of a group, and being in charge, but I have learned, that this year is about my family. I am saying NO to anything that doesn't bring me closer to my family. I am NOT doing the Headstart Parent committee, because I am not good at putting boundaries on myself. I end up stressing and spending WAY to much thought, time and energy, on things that don't need it. I also have a "Sunday calling", which is really nice. So I won't over exert myself with stress about a calling.

10. Which leads to my last "new life" question. With both girls in school and all this free time, is it time to have another baby? I always said I would wait 5 years after Pepper to have a kid, but I am getting to selfish with having free time, so I think I might want to rething that 5 year thing, plus I am not sure what Lucas will think. He has always said one, maybe two kids, but I would like 2 more---so the conversations will continue.

alright, I have been using my Scripture/prayer time to type (maybe I will take 10-15 minutes to write on my blog daily, kind of like journal writing)--we will see..

Happy New Day (and life) to everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing profound

More summertime fun--

1. 4-wheeling again
2. atv 4-wheeling again
3. Camping in a tent (at a cabin)
4. Went to denver
5. Played with cousins
6. Casa bonita
7. Aquarium
8. Water Park
9. Board games
10. and SO MUCH MORE---but....

I am going to end my list there---


I haven't written for a while because...

1. I am trying to cut down on computer time (and not doing great)

2. I feel like I need to write important things, but haven't felt like I had anything to share.

and the list could go on---BUT

the missionaries are coming for dinner, our exchange student comes on Sunday, and the house is a mess!


well--other than blog?

I put on rocking tunes on youtube and work like crazy!

so here are my goals---

Song One : Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas)---Get all rooms downstairs, but kitchen and bathroom organized

Song Two: I Got a Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)---Organize bathroom and start cleaning it

Song Three-four & Five: Finish Cleaning (except floor)--hopefully as I spend more time cleainign the bathroom it will take a little less time.
3. Apologize (Timberland)---
4. Tik Tok (Kie$ha)
5. 1-2-3-4 By Fiest

Song 6-8: Sort, Start Laundry, and put all clean laundry away:
6. 500 miles by Proclaimers
7. (Single Ladies by Beyonce)
8. (Friday I'm in love by the Cure)

Song 9-14: work like mad to get kitchen clean!
9. Upload dishwasher (Pretty Vegas by Inxs)
10. Start Filling Dishwasher (Vertigo By U2)
11. Finish Loading Dishwasher (Pink--Get this party Started)
12. Clean off counters & Tables (grayson singing Lady Gaga)
13. Spray down and clean all (Little Wonders by Rob Thomas)

(I don't have songs for this yet, but I will see what I can find)
14. Vacuum all floors (but kitchen & Bathroom)
15. Sweep Floors
16. Mop Bathroom Floor
17. Mop Kitchen Floor
18. Mop Kitchen Floor

OK---Here I go!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I have been home for a total of about 24 hours in the last week and a half.

I am so lucky to have an amazing husband and life--where I can just pick up and go.

I enjoyed a wonderful extended weekend with my fantastic family-in-law....then headed home for part of a day and then headed to Denver to see my mom, sister, and my nephews. I didn't plan to see anyone this trip (sorry!), because I wanted to really enjoy the time with just us and to enjoy less stress for a week, before heading back home to all the normal (mostly self inflicted) stress factors.

I think we added over 100 fun things just in the last two weeks alone!!

Life is good---now how can I get it to be like this at home?