Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st post of the year--I hope I win!

It is past Jan and into Feb already and I am posting my 1st post---
BUT it really isn't a post about me---I just want to WIN!!
Check out this super cute Bento box! I am totally in love with this blog and the FUN things she does---Wouldn't you eat everything and anything if it was packaged like this for you?! If I lived in a big city maybe I would start a business and make lunches like this--I would drop them off at your office and collect the boxes after your work--then have another lunch ready for the next day---that would be fun--ANYWAY
She is going away this Bento Box and I want it!!
So I am sharing with all of you this great website.
Since I can't remember how to hyperlink anymore here is the picture from the top of her blog! Super cute!!