Wednesday, September 12, 2012

kids sayings and lots more with pictures!

It is that time of year again--Hot Chocolate time!
I am SO cold today.  It is suppost to freeze tomorrow night (I would be suprised if it didn't freeze tonight), so that means the start of winter chores.
Collection fire wood, keeping the fire hot--I am not too worried about keeping Wheeler away from the stove--he stays away from anything that is hot.
Don't tell anyone, but Sedona has her first big crush.  She thought a few boys last year were cute, but this year she likes one boy more than the rest.  I am not tell who....
(though I doubt anyone who reads this would even know him). 
And I posted on facebook, but I am going to post here--the other day Pepper said
"I wish this little boy (wheeler) wasn't part of our family."
Me--a little shocked "WHY?!"
Pepper: "Because then I could find him and marry him."
I am really going to try hard to post more cute sayings from the kids.
 Right now all I can get out of Wheeler is gibberish, unless he is looking for me---then he calls me "Amy"--that is most often my wake up alarm--Wheeler in his crib saying "Amy? Amy?"   

Wheeler is such a ham!  He gives this big cheesy grin when ever I point the camera at him!  He is SO funny.

 Another thing I discovered today is that he is afraid of bubble gum bubbles.  Every time I blew one he would get this terrified look on his face and if I walked towards him he would try to get away from me in almost a paralyizing panic!  I video taped it I thought it was so funny.  Wish I knew how to upload those!
Wheeler has also gotten a hair cut since this picure--I will try to post it soon.

Pepper's face is painted in this picture-that is why she looks strange.  This was at our Early Iron Car Show. It is just about the only (and for sure) the largest car show our area puts on.  Pepper was SO excited to go and see the cars. That shirt she is wearing is her favorite and wears it whenever she can---She also loves her Pink cowgirl boots.  She has been wearing them since we got them even though they are too big for her and I have put them away more than once.  I love this spunky girl!

Anyone recognize this man?  He has been missing for a while, about 4 years I think, but he is back! Lucas got his hair cut and he looks good.  He had over 7 people tell him how good looking he was since he got his hair cut (and I Agree)!  This is his favorite car at the car show.

This is my picture, bucause while they were looking at cars I was painting kids.  I have a pathetic little set up, but I have a ton of fun and I made some money!  I was sad we didn't get any pictures other then this, but since it is the big car show Lucas had the camera the whole time. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

well months have past and I am writing a other--quick catch up on your life blog.  It is kind of like writing a christmas letter every couple months. 

I have figured out that I don't write as much because

1. Lucas is home more.  Since selling the truck I am not up till 2 each morning playing on the computer.

2. While I love blogging I have started about 10 different books (writing them) so that is often what I do when I DO have free time to write.

We started the summer out by doing a summer scool (see MegaMind the Movie to understand why we called it scool and not school).  Every day we had a great routin that we followed pretty well.  We would wake up, have breakfast, get ready (Work Clothes) and do some outside chores (about an hour and 1/2 worth).  We would come inside, change into "nice clothes".  We would clean inside for about an hour --which included piano time and have lunch.  By then Wheeler would be ready for a nap and we would go out to our camper and and have 2 hours worth of scool.  I felt for the most part it went really well.  After Denver and 24th our schedule fell apart and we didn't really do scool again (I think we did about 2 weeks worth the rest of summer.  I am going to do a seperate blog on scool. 

Lucas was in a movie--Yep a good old Disney Movie.  They filmed in a town in the Valley and Lucas was cast as an extra. So for about 3 weeks he played a solider for the movie The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.  It won't come out for another year!!  I am dying to see it!

The kids and I went up to Mom's for a couple weeks right after Lucas got home from filming. Angie and her boys were there for the 1st week and I didn't want mom alone for the 4th, so I stayed the next week.  Mom sure spoils us and we had fun.  When Angie was there we were going places everyday, but with me and the kids we took things a little slower. 

Angies boys went up to Boy Scout Camp and with all the fires in the Colorado Springs area they were sure if they were going to be able to stay the whole time, but they did and had what sounds like a great time! 

With Angies two boys we did a lot of fun things. Angie is always up for a party and I think I pulled her down a little. I didn't want to take Wheeler to a lot of places she wanted to go--she was great in changing her plans and I think we had fun. 

Coming home it was full speed ahead.  I was in charge of the float, with little knowledge on what I was doing so that has been frustrating for me, and the people I am working with I am sure. So we started that on Monday, Tuesday is the day I work for a wonderful old woman (93) so I helped her int the morning and was at the float that afternoon, wednesday was a catch up day at the house before the float, Thursday was the last day of story time at our local library, and friday we left to go on our first backpacking trip--

It was a 3 mile hike/walk--the first 20 mintues where the hardest and then it was mostly a walk.  BUT it was enough! I think we were all glad when we got to camp.  It was enjoyable, except trying to sleep with Wheeler---gotta re-think how that is going to work.  I didn't blog about that in the other posts.  The girls and Wheeler seem to sleep really warm, but I sleep cold.  Wheeler would NOT stay in his sleeping bag (I made a little bag for him by cutting an old sleeping bag down and sewing it closed (no zipper) it would work great if he would stay in it!  So then I would be worried he was too cold (which he never seemed to be) and wouldn't sleep well. 

Lucas and Sedona were fast and Pepper and I were slower, but it worked perfect! 

The 24th celebrations came ans went They were a week earlier and I actually loved it.  The last week was very calm and made summer feel like it lasted a little longer. Between working on the float and serving food it was a good Sanford Celebration.  My float however fell apart.  My friend warned me it might, but I didn't fully understand what she was saying, but she was totally correct.  My signs on the float all fell down.  It is too hard to explain so I will see if I can find pictures and post them in another post.  
Manassa celebrations were fun, but for the most part we skipped a lot of it. We enjoyed the parade on Saturday morning and rode some carnival rides.  I think we went to the Larson's house for lunch and hung out a while.  That night Lucas was gone somewhere---oh yeah he was asked to be part of a Demolition Derby crew, so I drove the kids to the base of the mountain and watched the fires works.  They light them off the mountain so we were as close as can be with out going up on the mountain. 
We went and talked around the carnival in the dark and looked at all the lights. It was really fun.  It would have been better if Lucas was with us, but he seemed to have fun.
He actually beat us home.  We didn't get home until after eleven and the girls were so tired.  I think they enjoyed it a lot this year too.
Between Summer Scool, Denver, hiking, and the celebrations I think the kids had a busy and fun summer!
I think I just need to go and post pictures and talk about them instead of these huge emails!


Last Hike of the summer

The Last place we went this summer was a river called Three Forks.  Again, we had never been on the trail so we didn't know what to expect.
I think this would have been a great trail but the mud and again rain did not make me happy.  After walking about a mile and hardley walking on the actual trail because the mud was so thick I wanted to go back, but the two girls out voted me and we kept going.  This was the slowest hike we did.  I am not sure, but I think we barely made it two miles--but with dodging mud and cow pies it seemed A LOT further.  Pepper really dragged on this one, and I was happy because I was dragging too!
Lucas and Sedona are really great hikers and would often be a few yards ahead of us.  Sedona could out walk Lucas I think.  She really is a crazy good hiker.  She justs wants to go. We would let Pepper lead and Sedona would literally be almost kicking her she was so close.  With in a few minutes Sedona couldn't stand going that slow and have to pass Pepper and walk fast for a while again.  I am pretty sure by the next time we go hiking Pepper will be faster then me too.

We would often play games on the hikes--"guess which animal I am thinking of" was the most popular one.  Lucas said when they went to Red Lake they would play --"Guess which piece of trail mix I pulled out"  Sedona would have Lucas and Pepper guess.  Sedona would pull something out and say "Did I pull out a peanut, or a skittle? or Did I pull out a raisin or a M&M?"  Pepper grew tired of it and soon she would guess something that wasn't an option, so when Sedona said "Did I pull out an M&M or a peanut?"  Pepper would answer "A raisin." and Sedona would get so frustrated.  I can see that happening and I love Pepper for her sense of humour. 
On this hike Sedona really wanted to "explore" on her own.  I told her as long as she could see the tent she could go anywhere.  She had her whistle and went off.  Most of the time I could see her hiking around the outskirts of our camp, and she found many glorious places (her words not mine).  She begged to take the camera and Pepper joined her.  They seemed to like the Independence and while I had to pack camp AND wrestle Wheeler, I am glad they got to go exploring.
Also we had a whistle system worked out--three short whistles means she is hurt/in trouble and come right away.  Two whistles means she is lost, but OK.
We never had to use the whistles. 
Lucas had gone up the river fishing. so he missed our morning "adventures"!
This cow and its totally white calf followed us for a while--this picture shows the path where it was just a little muddy, not suck off your shoe muddy.
I have never uploaded a video--I hope it works.

Another Video

Sedona looks so strange in this picture/video. 

The placed we camped had some fairy tale areas in it---that is moss carpet.  It was so pretty!

Sedona took this picture on her hike.

Pepper took this one.  They did a pretty good job.
Sedona took this one.

One of our obstacles.  We tried to make the hikes more fun by letting the kids figure out how to get around/go over/under  any obstacles in our path.  That included small streams, down tree's, and such.  They did a great job.   

Another Sedona picture--it was pretty where we camped.

THIS BOY!  Ugg I will NOT go camping with him until he is older.  He whined, cried, threw a tantrum A LOT!  If he wasn't trying to get into the food, he was trying to touch the fire, or getting into everything!  He is mostly a joy, but camping is NOT fun with an one year old.

I guess I took this, but I don't remember.  Again more of where we camped.
He just looks like trouble!  Oh what a boy!
Overall it was a fun camping/hiking summer and while I won't go again at all next year (Wheeler will be too small to walk that far and too heavy to carry) I hope the girls and Lucas get to go. 
I am sad the "camping" part of the summer is over, but I love those fall days and taking a drive to the mountains when the leaves are changing colors!  Thanks for sharing our hikes wtih us!

A BEAR of a Lake!

So you would think we would see a bear at Bear Lake, but we didn't---BUT it was a hard hike!
We gained about 2000 ft in 2 miles---it was mostly switchbacks and up---VERY little downhill, until coming back of course.

I was NOT really a happy camper on this one.  I don't like only going uphill and a light rain is OK, but a heavy rain is NOT---and since this one had both I don't think I enjoyed this hike much.
We did see lots of neat mushrooms!
We didn't take very many pictures because I was a little grumpy, the weather was a little rainy, and the trail took our concentration.
Wheeler seems to enjoy the hike and sleeps really well in my pack.  He gets heavy and hot while sleeping so that added to the not so fun part---I couldn't decide if I liked him awake and moving or asleep and heavy. 

starting out! 

Lucas has a big pack--It seems like our bags got heavier, but we weren't taking as much stuff
--go figure!

It was pretty

The trees were kind of strange--but that boy is cute!

LOVE this picture!

Bear Lake-

Amy taking a rest--I seem to have A LOT of stuff packed--
I normally carry the "diaper bag" as a fanny pack, but we put it behind me--
not sure a great idea. Made the back too heavy and awkward

We forgot to take an "end" picture because we struck up a conversation with some people from New Mexico who come a few weeks out of the year to hike in Colorado.  Seriously Colorado draws people from all over the world!  We meet a couple from Georgia the next trip who came on vacation specifically to hike in our little San Luis Vally! It is amazing! 

Family Backpacking Red Lake

I was doing a pampered chef open house Saturday morning so I didn't to to Red Lake, but Lucas said the girls did so good.  It was a little further, but pretty easy from what everyone says.
One thing we reward the girls with is when we return to the car we always have donuts waiting.  It helps the grown-ups look forward for a little treat too!
I was sorry I missed it--the hike not the donuts--ok the donuts too!

It doesn't look cold, but the girls have their coats on?

Pepper is SO cool!

 A cool Big Rock the girls liked along the path
They made it to the lake!

 Enjoying the beautiful lake

Seriously beautiful! Gotta LOVE Colorado

 Great little Campers
Glad to be back at the car--awesome kids!

Family Backpacking

This summer we decided to go backpacking as a family.  I loved and hated it.

My kids are AMAZING!  Pepper and Sedona are little mountain goats---Sedona for sure--Pepper was more like me and would have been happy to go a mile and camp.

We choose to go to lakes mostly since both girls love to fish and it makes for a good motivation.

I will post a new post for the 4 different places we went--but here is an overview....

Sedona and Pepper both carried (a TON of stuff!)

1. Their sleeping bags
2. extra pair of clothes (including light shoes)
3. Poncho
4. Gorp
5. Whistle
6. A coat
7. chap stick
8. Flashlight (small & Ligtht)

And Sedona also carried
9. A compass
10. Some water (About 4 cups-except on the 1st one--she carried way more)

I carried
1. Wheeler--that boy gained weight between ever hike!
2. my sleeping bag
3. sleeping pads
4. the diaper bag (a few diapers, wipes, and a few other things)
5. a camelpack
6. a front fanny pack (which doubled as the diaper bag, but also held, whistle, lighter, sunscreen, and a few more things like that.

Lucas carried
Everything else...he had a huge pack on.--but he took a HEAVY coat and a way HEAVY sleeping bag---silly man!  I hope Santa brings us (Lucas and I) lighter sleeping bags for Christmas. The girls are pretty small and light.

The first trip was awesome.  We went to big lake--about 2 1/2 miles of an easy trail.  good fishing, beautiful lake, just over all nice.  Pepper had on a backpack that wasn't supposed to be used backpacking, but she still do good (since it was smaller she carried the 1st aid kit and a few other things-but not her backpack).  Sedona carried a FULL camelpack along with all her other stuff so her pack was WAY to heavy for her, but she still did awesome.

Everything went really well except the last 5 minutes.  Lucas and Sedona went ahead of Pepper, Wheeler, and me--and it started to rain and hail a little so we had to run the last little bit to the car since there was NO where to get out of the weather. 
Every time I backpack I gain a little more heartache and appreciation for the pioneers.

At the start of the trail. 

 Cut little waterfall about 1/2 way up--just past the 1st small lake called Rock Lake

Do you see the red jacket in the right of this picture and the brown coat?  That is Sedona and Lucas--Pepper is right behind them.

THIS is the reason I will not go backpacking again for a few years--Read the other backpacking posts to find out why. 

He loved my walking sticks and was ready to go

Lucas enjoyed the fishing and caught quite a few

It rained a little while we where there, but they seemed to like it!
Mom letting wheeler out to walk a little.

Wheeler didn't know what to think of the fish Lucas had caught--love that face

Life keeps going

I laugh at life.  I think of all the things I have a passion for and find that with so many passions no fire gets really going. 

+Right now I think...I should write a blog so awesome that I could be paid to do it.
+When I watch a movie I think--why don't I get a community theater going--this would be a fun show to do.
+When I go through my craft stuff I think---I should do a once a month scrapbook/cardmaking night at the library.
+As I clean my kitchen I think.  I can do the once-a-month cooking. I should either 1. get a group of people to each make a few meals and we can exchange them or 2. I need to get into once a month cooking and teach other people or 3. I need to get into extreme couponing--that way I don't have to do once a month cooking.
+I have about 10 books started or half way written. Everything from kids books to Adult love stories (once again, not Romance--but Love--one is heaving bossoms and one is a lovely tender kiss).


Right now my passion is....


I am totally in love with facepainting!  It is so fun---it combines so much--art, make-up, a little bit of acting (You are dealing with people) and creativity.

So I am REALLY new at it.  I have one done 1 birthday party, and got paid to do about 7 faces at our local car show.  But I am hooked.

Real and good facepaints are totally expensive so I am limited in what I can do colorwise.  But I did make a little money and will order some more soon -- I hope.

Mostly these pictures I am posting was me trying different techniques out and finding what works for me and just practicing.   I am loving using my little girls legs as canvas while we watch a movie.   That sounds like I have little girl legs--ha ha ha.  But Pepper and Sedona let me paint their legs-- ;)

I liked the ones at the car show better, but since it was the only car show we have in our area all year my hubby got the camera---but I am hoping to do some more tonight and I will post more soon.

I am posting my very first few facepaints so that we can see the progression (lets hope) through time.

 1st Hearts                  1st Tiger--never even practiced it before as you can tell!!
(The spacing just went all strange and I am not going to take the time to fix it--sorry)

1st Rainbow Kitty  --  -----------just a random face design--I call these Fantasy Faces

2nd attempt A princess Headband  & 1st Attempt at Flowers with vines

1st butterfly 
1st attempt at Princess headband design