Friday, April 30, 2010

Hair questions

Do I keep my hair Short?

Do I try to dye it blond?

Anyone oppossed to blue highlights (only in the bottom back--kind of like scene hair)?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Am I the Biggest Loser?

Weight Loss % and Weekly Recap!

I have lost 2 pounds or

1.43% weight loss.

That is pretty huge!

I am NOT expecting weeks like this very often (my goal is 1/2 a pound a week).

A few things went into this week.

1. Stress: I was in charge of a benefit dinner, played a big role in a school function, sang on Wed for a bunch of teenagers, will sing on Sunday, and had a parent meeting at my house. All of which added to my stress level!

2. WAY TO MUCH INFORMATION: dealing with my monthly cycle--this is the time of the month when I naturally loose weight---It will be killer during the time when I naturally gain weight.

3. I have been physically active more than normal---setting up and taking down chairs and tables for two events, getting my yard raked up, helping Lucas in the the shop, and then my normal activities--I haven't "worked out" once this I started this, but I have been physical every day in some shape or form.

4. The biggest difference is my eatting habits. I have tried to eat about 1/2 of what I normally eat. I am guessing that 1/2 of what I normally eat is about what I SHOULD eat. For example, I made cookies and I ate 2 of them---I literally normally eat about 12 of them....I have even gotten my self food, and then put back 1/2 of what I took. I have a big drink before I eat (now I gotta work on that big drink being water and not milk or pop), but that helps too. I am full with eating 1/2--which is good. I know I tend to overeat--ok not tend--I DO overeat, so this has given me NEW eyes when I look at my food. Someone once said, we get enough to eat, but we are ready for the next meal when it comes! Interesting idea when it comes to food in this society!

So this next upcoming week...
since my stess level will be lower I want to add working out 3 times this week (and actually doing something to make me sweat), continue to eat less, but include more fruit and raw veggies as my snacks, and drink more water.

I will try to update my dieting only once a week so I don't bore you all to death!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Eggs

I was wondering why we have Easter Eggs at Easter a while ago--and I happened upon the answer just now. I have been asked to bear my testimony as Mary Magdalene. While researching about Mary I found this gem....

One tradition concerning Mary Magdalene says that following the death and resurrection of Jesus, she used her position to gain an invitation to a banquet given by Emperor Tiberius. When she met him, she held a plain egg in her hand and exclaimed "Christ is risen!" Caesar laughed, and said that Christ rising from the dead was as likely as the egg in her hand turning red while she held it. Before he finished speaking, the egg in her hand turned a bright red, and she continued proclaiming the Gospel to the entire imperial house.[33]

I copied that word for word from Wikipedia.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And so it starts....

Today while driving home with the girls from our Denver week-end we head to the park for lunch and running around.

The Walsenburg Head start was at the park---no big deal---good Sedona can play with them while I watch Pepper--which I didn't do a good job at--she feel off a big slide and landing right on her forehead--pictures will come later--if I can remember. Anyway...Pepper and I are swinging when I see three boys following Sedona and I hear her say "stop that!" and starts crying---I call for her and she starts running to me--the boys--run after her. Literaly-three boys are running after my little Sedona. Sedona tells me they won't let her slide down the slide---I look at them with my teacher eyes and in my teacher voice say "you CAN slide down the big slide, and NO ONE will stop you!" Then I follow her to the slide (with three little boys close at my feet) and then they all slide a couple more times---then she runs over to me again (still with three little boys following her) and starts swinging. I go to push her, but before I can, one of the boys is already pushing her--the other two just watch.

After a while Sedona moves on to the next playground thing and the boys follow her. Their teacher calls them and the whole time one of the boys is leaving he is yelling at Sedona...
"bye babe!" "see you later Pumpkin" "Your hot" "I will miss you sweetheart!".
I thought it was funny, but at the same time a little bothered!!

Sedona just laughed and said "that boy called Pepper Pumpkin--how silly!" She had no idea!

I love childhood innocence.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My biggest fear...

I have many fears--

Husband or Kids dying


the end of the world. I know I am strange, but It FREAKS ME OUT!!

I bought a book from Heaven Sake (an LDS store) about a women who died and comes alive again. Thinking this book was like others and would leave me feeling uplifted about the love Christ has for each of us--I soon found IT WAS NOT!

in this book--she is shown the end of the world and HER role in it. Which means--if this is true--the end of the world is coming in her life time. I am really hoping that she is old or has already died--that sounds heartless, but if that has happened then maybe this book is just all lies!

But in this book she describes life--not the happy when Christ is on earth, but the HORRIBLE scary conditions before that time. I keep thinking that how much worse can the world get before we can enjoy the 2nd coming--in her story--A lot worse. Major diese (in her town over 30% pass away alone from this disease)---famine---it will not stop raining so nothing grows---a invasion from a forein land which takes over all---corrupt new that reports lies over the radio to keep the moral up of the nation. No gas for cars---people scared to help each other for fear of illness. The only ones who have food are the ones with food storage. Finally even in their small town they have to flee the invators by going to the mountains--and they eventually use handcarts to flee to Zion.

I know this is silly to get so scared over this, but I image two small girls, a husband who is gone (the one thing that gave me hope was that her husband - a truck driver - was at home with her at the time since all truckers went on strike months before the troubles started because of fear of spreading the disease--not that is truckers on strike is good, but maybe that means Lucas will be home with me and not stranded someone in New Mexico), and me trying to fend for ourselves in a horrible world. I have NO survival skills. BUT this book has scared me so bad I have a great desire to learn!

I might even start looking into making a handcart. Laugh if you want--but didn't everyone laugh at Noah?

I have already started looking up--living off the wilderness--websites.

here are some good things I haven't thought of....(Plus they almost all say that living in the wilderness alone is very difficult, but in a group it is more manageable)

Other than your normal food storage items---include
1. How to purify water (natural methods--or how to identify clean water sources)
2. How to start fire with out matches
3. How to use a weapon (bow and arrow & Fishing Pole)
4. How to make a Bow
5. How to make Arrows
6. How to make Hooks
7. How to make a fishing pole
8. How to build a Shelter--tent/tipi with local materials
9. Local plants that are edible
10. How to make clothes--bring thread, needles and lots of them. (Plan on three light layers for everyone so you can layer or take off--according to weather)
11. Know places in your area you can flee to that are secluded
12. Compass--and how to use one
13. Radio with Batteries (or solar/hand power)
14. Sleeping Bags
15. Flashlights
16. Extra clothing—light clothes that can be layered—two set of clothes
17. Canvas tarp
18. High energy food
19. Lighters (MANY)
20. Garbage bags
21. Bear Pepper Spray
22. Good shoes -- (i know one family whose winter coats and hiking shoes are considered like Food Storage--by the best--you never know when that is what you will use!)
23. Backpack (one large to carry everything and a few small--to take on day excursions-if hunting and such)
24. State/Area map
25. Scriptures (especially the book of Revelation)
26. Book on surviving off the land
29. Stocking Cap and Ski Mask for each person
30. Mittens/heavy socks for every person
31. Light weight Axe
32. Superglue--great of closing open wounds-other 1st aid and is a great sealer.
33. This last one is adult oriented---be warned. I had a friend in high school whose mom (along with other basic supplies) stock piled condoms and tampons---she said "I know I will be able to trade these for other things I need"--someone else said chocolate would be a good trading tool.

I hear people say they are stock piling money/gold/stamps/and so on, but in my opinion, if the last days are anything like what I image--money, gold, and stamps won't be worth much! everything will be on the barter and trade system--so do YOU have a skill that is worth $$? Sewing, leather working, veterinarian skills, and so on?

Some of the list are repeats from the standard--but I would like to add--

Start backpacking with those backpacks on. After ONE day of hiking Sedona around on my back up to a mountain lake my hip joints didn't work so well. Lucas had to pack all our food and supplies and I ONLY had Sedona--image hiking with all of your supplies on your back and possibly toting a child (or two) by carring them!

OK--now that i am officially scared out of my mind--I am going to start living a normal life and focusing on the here and now!

Got a lot to get done today!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trucker Wife/ The Cost of owning a truck

This is a LONG post--so get ready!

Lucas and I went to Denver for Easter and saw a show Saturday night called

Mama Hates Diesels or Mama Hated Diesels--can't remember.

I was so happy our two worlds finally collided. Really I NEVER thought it would happen!

I cried twice during the show. Yep--a show about truckers and I cried. It takes place in a truck stop and it is just some truckers (a married trucking couple, a single guy, a trucking women, a man whose married, but wife's at home with their kid).

The thing that got me was --of course-- when they would tell about the truckers wife side. I didn't really know what it looked like to other people--this life I live being married to a trucker--until I saw it from a real point of view staring you in the face on stage!

I know other trucker wives and all of that--but I never really thought about the way they showed it on stage. Over all it was sad. A life of a trucker isn't the happiest thing out there. There is alot of pride in the trucking world and MOST of the truckers are good guys--It is sad that a few of the scummy ones are what most people know.

A few things that totally suck being a truckers wife.

-Even when your husband is home--he is so tired he isn't really "there"--or the truck needs worked on so he is gone working on the truck.

-Your conversations over the phone are often cut short because of traffic, lost signals, or just lack of things to say to each other.

-You get in a routine that works and then your husband comes home and changes that routine--DON'T get me wrong--I would rather have him home, but it just messes things up sometimes.

-You life is kind of "on-hold". You don't plan evening activities with friends (or church), because your husband MIGHT be home that night--or you do have plans and then have to break them because he comes home unexpected.

-Since he isn't home much most of all the house work/paper work/and to do things fall on your lap.

-you live separate lives

-you raise the kids alone alot

A few things I am thankful for

-I NEVER worry about Lucas being interested in Lot Lizards (prostitutes that hang out at truck stops)

-Lucas works hard to make ends meet and he doesn't buy alot of BLING for the truck--

-Lucas doesn't really enjoy trucking--so hopefully that means it won't last forever

-Luke is NOT an over the road--long haul trucker! I see him a couple times a weeks! Never more than a week goes by where I don't see him--some wives only see their hubby every couple months!

-I am thankful that Lucas hauls hay and other things instead of hot oil or hazardous materiel--like last year.

I was lured into thinking this was a great job because our friends showed us paychecks weekly for $5000 dollars. WOW! I was AMAZED! Who wouldn't be? BUT what they LEFT OUT was that -- You MIGHT take home $500 a week--once you figure in everything it really doesn't add up!

Some costs for owning a truck....

Truck Payment: We did a 2 year lease--and that is about $1500.00 a month--so image ANOTHER mortgage on something that if it breaks down--you are out of luck!

Truck Insurance: it is scary all the issues a trucker deals with--most places won't hire you unless you have at least a million dollar insurance plan. So we pay about $700 a month on insurance (which is good since most people pay that much for health!)

2290--$550 --(the tax you pay to OWN a truck)--Due this month!

IFTA--International Fuel Tax agreement--don't really understand--but you pay based on how much fuel you used in each state and how much you drove in each state--pay every three months.

IRP--once a year--again don't understand it much--you pay about $2500. to get licences plates that allow Trucks in each state.

Road Distant--A "Special" tax that new Mexico does every 3 months--you figure pay just like you do for IFTA, but only in NM--other states have special taxes, but NM is the only state that Lucas runs that does it.

OOIDA--not really a MUST, but it is for Owner/operators of trucks--the yearly fee goes towards have people lobbing for the trucker and their needs!


-Tires--at least $300.00 Per tire--and remember we have 18 of them--Plus with easily going 500 miles a day--they wear out pretty fast!

-Other truck parts/tools needed. It is amazing how quickly a monthly oil change adds up--a trucks average oil change is about $300.00 if you do the labor yourself! Again--since you can go about 800 miles a day--that could be at least one oil change a month, if not more. (we spent about $10,000 in this category this past year--and in 2010 we have already spent about $15,000--thanks to a transmission going out!)
-Paper work--while it is a small cost you have special forms and papers you have to fill out EVERYDAY--after a while it adds up about $5.00-$10.00 a month

-Truck washes--if you haul any live stock--this is important, but still with mud, snow, or salt--it can ruin tires easily, rust away trailers (which is a whole other issue and $$ deal-we spent about $9,000 on trailer payments this year), and just make a truck look bad-which could lead to fewer loads from other companies.
-Scales--each time you load up you are supposed to weight your truck to make sure you are not over weight--I think it is 80,000 in Colorado and 85,000 in NM--each state has it own rules on this--which can make you legal in some state and illegal in others-I think it is about $3 to $7 to get weighted depending on where you are (and plus add in the extra diesel if you have to drive out of your way to FIND a scale)

-food/showers/hotels--Lucas is rare--he gets in the truck and looses his appetite (and weight! The only trucker I know who looses weight while on the truck!) But when he does eat (only about once a day) it is always at a truck stop food or fast food place so it can add up. Thankfully he has only had to shower a few times at truck stop showers-yuck!--and only had to stay at a hotel a few times--truck was getting fixed somewhere and he had to stay the night.

-Diesel!--this is the big one! This year it was about $28,000.00--This is WAY less than last year-when diesel prices were really high last summer Lucas was working the most--so last year way over $50,000. This year we have been thankful for lower diesel prices since loads are harder to come by!

So why would I be so open with our expenses and how much we pay!? BECAUSE I would hate to see someone be lured into trucking thinking they were going to be rich. Yes, it does pay more than what Lucas was making just doing mechanic work, but we are further in debt (big trucks and trailers cost alot) and I see Lucas even LESS than before (which I didn't think was possible).

Hopefully I helped someone out there!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Grief

I got a call this morning for a person who is trying to help me with an aspect of my life! I am being very vague because I don't know who all reads this and I don't want her to get any more grief about stuff than she already has. (no this is NOT an issue about Lucas and I marriage).

So everything she told me was super good information and made me think that I can't just sit around and expect everything to be OK--I have to read, work, and let others know what the situation is and forget the fear of---they are older, they know more, they might feel belittled if I tell them they did something wrong and all those issues...

Just like my house--OK I know--but bear with me!

I always complained that when we lived in the trailer--that even if I cleaned it--it wasn't clean. Well I have a little bit of an Ah-Ha moment--If my house is picked up then I can REALLY CLEAN IT! Not wipe up the spills and such, but get a toothbrush and really scrub! I saw a spot somewhere and got down on my hands and knees and really cleaned it and guess what? It came out. A spot that I didn't think would come clean--can clean!! A little hard work did it. It is easier to complain and just ignore it. BUT if my house is "clean" aka picked up/not cluttered-- I can really get the deep down cleaning done and make my house look cleaner-not just say--Oh it won't be clean anyway.

For all of you out there that have this figure out--I know it is SO elementary! BUT for those who still don't get it--don't worry--keep working at it--it might click one day!