Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Media Fast Plans (Revised)

Hello all---

This is the first day of my Media fast. Yes, I am blogging, but I am allowing myself that much, because I use it as kind of a journal.
There are alot of loopholes--I can read to my kids, I can read books to help me do things (like how to clean a chimney), I can listen to classical music (thru YouTube), I can have the kids watch movies, I can use the computer to do Family History, finance stuff, or to help make my lists and such. So see there are lots of ways I will still be using Media, mostly I have given up Facebook, looking at others blogs, and the useless Internet surfing that normally consumes good portions of my day!

I have big plans for this week....

So I have changed this to figure out what I want done each day.

Morning: Take Yee Rah homecoming dress shopping---Bank---Libary in Alamosa---Grocery Shop (make a head meals)
Evening: Pay Bills & Apron Swap Invite

Morning: Pull Garden Weeds & Black Plastic
Afternoon: Cut down all flowers and clean up
Evening: mow Lawn (I think it is Stake conference this weekend?)

Morning: Stake Conference
Afternoon: Lois Family History & MAKE AHEAD MEALS

Morning: Spring Clean two rooms
Evening: FHE & Apron Swap Invites

Morning: Clean out Garage some
Afternoon: Clean Cars out (Vacuum) & Wash Cars
Evening: Figure out how to do Quicken

Morning: Work on Christmas and Birthdays & Laundry
Afternoon: Paint the rest of the porch
Evening: Pack for Denver

Morning: Spring Clean Kitchen & Laundry
Afternoon: Organize Magazines a little & Finish Library bag (Tandy)
Evening: Catch up on what needs done

Friday: DENVER!

See if I can clean out Chimney--SCARY FOR ME!!

This is a big list I know....but I have a week....If I work on 3 things a day I can accomplish it!
Since some of them are big (Lilac bushes) and will take all day, I better use my day wisely in the other pursuits!

Here we go!

I know today's post is kind of boring, like most my "List posts"---but they really help me stay focused and motivated.

Well off to the library---Yes I am on a NO media fast, but the kids aren't and I can still read to them.


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