Friday, August 5, 2011

Aunt Anna--Balloons & Baptisms!

Wheeler enjoying being held by Grandma Minnie!

The two kids of the hour and their beautiful moms

Love this shot

Wonderful Fischio Family

I didn't get one of Liberty and her family :(

Wish the reflection wasn't in the way.

Did I already post this? The days are kind of scrabbled in my brain.

We woke up one morning to a bunch of Hot Air Balloons! It was really fun to watch for a little while.

I knew when we pulled up that this was Aunt Anna's place.

She had it decorated so cute and the flowers were so pretty.

Pepper is under the blanket and Sedona had run out of the picture right when I said I was taking it. They were crazy that day!

We got to see Aunt Anna's lovely house and visit for a while.

The kids were wild so I didn't enjoy it near as much as I wanted!

Family at the reception

Uncle Stan, Uncle Dan, and Aunt Annette.

I wish I lived closer so I could get to know my "Whitaker" side SO much better.

I feel like I have missed out on so much not knowing them. Drew-bie Love that little man!

Asia and her jumping dance--pretty awesome!
You can't tell but she is off the ground in this picture!

2nd Cousins--You would have never guess they just met each other for the first time about an hour before this picture! I love it!!

Blogging mood

So I am in a blogging mood and what does my camera do...

it crashes. I just need to order a new battery, but considering I have about 100 for groceries so far this month I think the battery can wait till people start paying their accounts -- come one people pay us so we can live ;)

really not that bad, but just frustrating...but I will post pictures again ASAP.

Thanks for waiting.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Utah Wedding and Reception

These pictures are NOT in order at all---so just enjoy.

The kids and some of the parents enjoyed the basement and the "show" the kids put on. Sedona would introduce someone and they would come out and dance or sing--everyone had lots of fun.
Pepper shaking her "groove thang".

The photographer took family pictures. This might be a birthday gift to Lucas in a cute frame for his desk in the shop--Wish I didn't have baby fat--but at least I have the baby!

Loved their shoes--well her shoes, his were standard tux shoes.


They love Aunt Jane already!

The Whitaker/Mcfadden/Larson grandkids!

Awesome hair--awesome dress

great shoes, pretty colors

what a stunning bride!

Taking pictures at the Springville Art Musuem where the Utah reception was held

My Aunt Annettes art piece--SO TALENTED!

Thanksgiving point--a beautiful little garden area where mom took a nap.

The Dance

wrestling kids! Enoch is one little handsome devil!

Sparklers as they left!

the end of the reception--really fun night

Jane was married on her birthday!

Tandy giving the Toast!

Temple Marriage---for time and all eternity


JK Jon--

Grandma Zola came to be with the girls and Wheeler while I enjoyed the wedding! What a win/win situation!!

Cousin Time

In my brothers awesome neighborhood there are parks literally on every corner.

This one was one of the larger ones next to the lake--

They had a lot of fun just playing and being together.

After this park we went to a little water sprinkler place and let the kids play in the water.

They totally enjoyed that!

With a new baby and no hubby around to help (he had to stay home and work to pay for all my fun!), I didn't get as many pictures of things as I wanted.

Off To Utah, BYU housing, lunch & Bridal Shower

We were home long enough to do a few fun things and then off to Utah for my younger brother Jon's Wedding! The last of the Whitakers (and the youngest of the Fischio cousins) to get married! We were so excited for Jon!

BUT..on the ride over...

The kids were amazing on the car ride. Eight hours is hard on any body and even more hard on little bodies...But honestly they were AWESOME! The best they have been on any car ride ever.

We met my mom and our friend Marci in Grand Junction for lunch and caravanned the last few hours together.

I stayed at BYU housing and it was AMAZING! I loved having my own little two bedroom apartment to go to at night and not stress about a mess, or my kids, or Wheeler waking up at night! Really I LOVED IT! Better than a Hotel anyday!

Thanks Again to my cousin Todd who set me up in it!! It was such a blessing--Plus the first night there he took us to the creamery and got the girls some ice cream and got us a gallon of milk--what an awesome thing to do! Thanks AGAIN!!!

The next day we met with my Sister Angela, my Brother Tandy, and the MAN OF THE HOUR JON--and my mom's siblings all went to lunch--It was really fun, just wished I could have talked to Jon more. The Food was AMAZING--Yum! Gardner Village--that is where the restraunt was located--totally cute little place-check it out sometime if you are in Utah and eat at the puts Cracker Barrel to shame --and I love Cracker Barrel.

(that is the closest thing I could think to compair it to)

The kids had fun--good thing we had our own room--they were a little wild!

Mom's family and Jon.

The Wedding was in a few days and I still hadn't met my new sister-in-law to be--Jane's Mom had a Sister/Mother bridal shower at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building--Beautiful.

Jane was quiet, but so lovely!

She was so cute and fun.

Her mother Michelle is just as lovely and fun as her daughter

Some of her Step Sisters (I didn't get a picture of her other half sister Mary) :(

So fun and interesting! I really like ALL of Jane's family!

Sedona turns 6!

Sedona had a --Princess Tea Party this year for her birthday!

I think that Cinderella Dress has seen it's fair share of halloween and birthday parties!

Each guest dressed in their cute little princess outfits

(Look at Peppers face in this picture--LOVE IT!)

We decorated Crowns---

Frosted Cookies

Played Pin the tea pot on the table

and ran out of time...

SO after most of the guest went home

Sedona opened her presents

She was so excited to get the movie Tangled!

and then the NEXT DAY

We had her cake---she is wishing so hard!

BUT I have no idea for what!

Pepper loving life

Pepper was SO Happy to be home--cute little happy dance!

(one of my favorite pictures of the summer!)

We are all glad to be home

Pepper got to go to the race car races with Dad again this year.

She LOVES it--she is SO into it she won't even turn to look at dad for a picture.

She sits for HOURS and watches the cars.

Lucas said she was picking winning cars so much that the people around her were asking

her which car she thought was going to win each race.

She was also able to really pay attention to "her car" and could tell if it was winning or not

--I watched the Video of it and I couldn't tell one car from the other--

She loves the races and I am sure she is looking forward to going again...

maybe she will want a race car party for her birthday again this year?

These new few posts aren't of Wheeler, but about the other exciting things in our life that happened in June...