Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer fun continued

I can't remember all the things we have done so I will just write what I remember

1. Popsicles on the front lawn
2. helping mom mow the lawn (Pepper loves this)
3. water balloon with Jade
4. helping dad
5. Playing at the playground with Annie kids
6. play with cousins
7. working with dad (getting Hay)
8. learned how to make our beds! (mom really likes this one!)
9. rented a movie
10. rented a movie
11. painted fingernails
12. painted toe nails
13. find bugs and look at them in our bug catcher

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the list goes on (but more slowly now we are home)

more summer list--(Not in a specific order)

1. Sedona got to go with Dad on the truck
2. Seeing Uncle Jon
3. Playing Piano with Uncle Jon
4. Playing at Subway (in Walsenburgs) tiny playground
5. Subway chocolate chip cookies! YUM
6. Amy signed up for a 5K (yes I am a little nervous!)
7. Eating at a YUMMY mexican restraunt in Littleton
8. Orange rolls as The Lion House Pantry shop in Desert Books (MY FAVORITE)
9. Yummy Forzen Yogurt shakes at a little Fro-Yo place---SO YUMMY!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

more summer list

wow--when you go out of town for a week your list grows by A TON!

Here is my list continued...
1. Car trip to Denver (1st one with out stopping 1/2 way--yeah to sleeping for 1/2 of it and to bigger bladders!)
2. seeing Grandma!!
3. Watching Home Movies

(Next Day)
1. Going to a movie (Peppers 1st-Sedona's 2nd)
2. Shopping at non-valley stores!
3. Having Uncle Tandy hang out with us!

(next day)
1. Shopping at non-valley stores!
2. Watermelon (Since it is Sedonas FAVORITE-it counts everytime we eat it)
3. Chucky Cheese's for dinner
4. chucky cheeese's arcade games (which mom likes more than the girls)
5. Chucky Cheese rides
6. Dancing on the big Chucky Cheese screen
7. Playing Uncle Tandy's Iphone
8. Donuts at Daylight Donuts!

(next day)
1. Playing at the park
2. Guther Toodies (a 50's diner) They sang Happy Birthday to Sedona and had her do the Twist in front of the whole restaurant--she loved it!
3. Ice Cream with Chocolate syrup
4. Openning a present from Zufelt's
5. Opening Uncle Jons Present
6. Opening Grandma Minnies present

More to come------