Thursday, December 16, 2010

kids and Christmas

Sedona just said to Pepper they are playing lost puppy....Pepper is the puppy...

"Puppy are looking for some owners? How about the Larson's? The O-N Larson's?"
(I am forever telling people here our last name is spelled with an "O" not and an "E".

funny what kids pick up.

Then Sedona brings Pepper to me and introduces me as "Mother" so now Pepper is calling me "mudder". They are cute!!

most of the time...

What is it about Christmas time that turns kids into Angels and Devils? We don't watch TV, but my kids are still full of the give me's. Pepper has totally stopped listening to me and Sedona cries at everything.

I was thinking about things that I don't like about the holiday's...
here are a few of the things...

1. Not having a gift for someone who gives you a gift (posted this on facebook)
2. Getting stuff mailed Christmas cards and Christmas gifts
3. Going to kids parties and getting a bunch of gunky little trinkets or a bag of peanuts--what a mess.
4. Having so much stuff scheduled at dinner time (school party at 5:30-7:00 and no food--not great planning), if you do a party at dinner time, feed us or tell us you aren't feeding us---kids with no dinner a ton of candy are not fun to be around.
5. Having pressure (self-inflicted) to make cookies, candies, and all the Christmas goodies even if you don't like them.
6. I love Christmas lights, but I stink at putting them up---so I hate the guilt I feel over that.
7. Christmas decorations. Again...I love going into peoples homes and they are so pretty and decorated---I really went through my decorations this year. I have such a hodge-podge of stuff that I want to start over, but then the clutter freak in my mind jumps in and I pull out a few things and repack the rest-
8. The process of getting ready to go to Christmas stuff. I love being at them, but getting ready for them is not fun for me, at least I know i will be the one holding the camera so I am never "pretty"....I just make sure the girls look cute and away we go!
9. Candy---my kids want candy all the time. I finally got a candy bucket and gathered all the candy up and put it in the bucket--that way it is out of sight, unless I want to give it to them.

OK---enough for today---maybe I will make a list of what i LOVE about the season!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

still going...

I know I read a quote---don't know where or who said it, but it was something like....

"one thing I have learned in life-it keeps going."

That is so true.

after reading that quote I had the courage to confront a friend about a difficult circumstance she had gotten into. I felt better afterwards and even though I was dreading it the results (which turned out fine)--guess what--life when on.

i am trying to deal with control issues. Tonight the man behind me at Sedona's School Christmas Operetta decided to talk through all the songs the honor choir sang. I sat fuming that he didn't have respect enough for the kids who were singing, the parents sitting around us and how rude of him to think that it was only important to be quite when HIS granddaughter was on the stage. I saw the issue in myself and calmly got up and moved seats. I knew him and didn't want to "shhh's him"---so I removed myself from the situation.

Also having our exchange student. She is an excellent student, very well mannered, but I have issues because she does things differently than the way I would do it. She doesn't do it bad, just different. like the way we put the toilet paper on the holder---I like paper to go over the top, the few times she had done it, she puts it going under---not a big deal right? So why am I clutching my teeth as I wrote it. I have issues I know.

So do you have any suggestions, books, or personal ways you deal with control issues--

also this Christmas season had been fun and I have enjoyed it a great deal. I am not in charge of anything, I volunteer for what I want (and help if I am asked). It is kind of nice. This is a new thing for me.

It is also nice having Yee Rah around so if she is home I can say "will you watch the girls while I run to take Lucas some food?" So much nicer than trying to get the girls in and out of the car--Only 7 more years till Sedona is a "built-in" babysitter.