Tuesday, September 14, 2010


so I didn't blog on the 11th, it was the 10th, but I thought---I blogged on September 11th and could only talk about Christmas!
What is wrong with me...

I think Sept 11th is an important day in our history. Rarely has America been attacked on our soil...Dec 6th and Sept 11th I think are very important days. They are to remind us that we are not unbreakable, but we are strong. Think about how you felt the days after the 11th. I was scared, I was worried, but I tried to be nicer to my fellow humans. I wanted to connect to them more.

We were living in Arizona at the time and I remember being scared for weeks anytime one of those really low flying planes came into land.

BUT...I also feel in our land of peace and plenty, we are very spoiled. We forget so quickly the hardships that others face. People are now talking about the 11th like it wasn't a big deal and our children don't even bat an eye at it (and I didn't either since I blogged about Christmas!).

I do want to share my thanks and up most gratitude to those who served to protect our country, in any way, shape, or form. The government officials who keep an eye for the bad guys...really who had heard of all these bad guys, and within minutes the news were spewing out names of people they had been tracking for years....The soldiers, the fear, boredom, and utter terror they live with....I am forever grateful to anyone anywhere who has fought for our freedom.Korean war, Vietnam War (conflict), Desert Storm, and any of the unknown battles that take place that I have no clue about...the local law enforcement, they keep my community safe. They keep the bad guys away from me and my children! Right now in our town we have a great cop. He is a great combination of compassion and justice. He didn't make the girl who re-ended another boy at the school feel like a moron, but he held her accountable...That isn't always the case with some of our other lovely cops we have had in the past---(like the cop who pulled me over to flirt with me...really!)

So while September 11th is already passed, I do think about it often. I will never be able to forget the images of burning buildings, people covered in ashes, and the worst, those people jumping to their deaths instead of burning to their deaths.

War and acts of violence and totally beyond me and my understanding, but I believe as those in the Book of Mormon, that anyone who is trying to take away our freedoms (or the freedoms of others) need stopped, and I thank those who do just that!


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