Friday, July 31, 2009

more pictures

Sedona's birthday outfit! Pepper wanted to have her picture taken too--don't leave me out!

Jon watching Cartoons when Dad was in the ICU
I love how Pepper is sitting--she sits like this often.

The statue outside the ICU

I was uploading 5 more pictures when I thought--OK better turn off my camera so I don't waste the batteries---Ugg--silly--the computer needs to get my pictures off my camera--
Oh well
Check in later for
Sedona's Birthday party
sand dunes
those are not in order according to occurrences, just what I thought of.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

finally got my camera back-Clutter Room

I decided to post pictures of the Scary Clutter Room again so I will be motivated to work on it!
I have lost alot of motivation so maybe this will help me out!

This last picture is looking into the other room from the clutter room--all that is TRASH! Yeah! I actually have done a little work and it looks better than this already--

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Door Bell

So I was upstairs the other day and I can't hear anything up there.
When I came back down Sedona told me Mom-"someone is here"-
I went to the door and no one was there-Sedona then told me
"The door went Ding-Dong"--I asked When--she said "during Seaseme Street"
Well that was about 45 minutes before then--I think she thinks people just stay at the door until we answer it. So sorry if I missed anyone!

I was very excited to find Lucas bringing me flowers out of our garden the other day--he sure has an eye for arrangement. One more thing he is better at then me :)

It is amazing to me how I can be almost caught up and instead of getting ahead I sit and play at the computer--so I am now saying goodbye until at earliest tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sedona Questions & Pepper!

Pepper is now very interested in going Potty. She asks many times a day to go potty and is so proud when she is finished--she yells YAH! when she is all done--I love it!
Potty training will begin soon!

Ah the questions a 4 year old askes.

She looked at me and said "mom do you what I have been day dreaming about?"
I said "no-what?"
"ME-I was day dreaming about me!"

After looking at the lines on her hands for a while she askes me--"What are these lines, are they were Jesus sewed us up?" Meaning-when we were created--he must have used our hands to finish the sewing up of our skin.

So much to do...makes life good

Just when I feel like I am catching up I find something that I am behind on.
I feel like the house is again under-control, but then I remember I am suppost to be painting the trim of the house, plus all my bills and such are out of control. I need to get those together too--
Plus I would love to start working on my Crazy Clutter room.
so...looks like I will be busy for the next few weeks--months--NOT YEARS!

I just heard on the news that since the movie business is down almost 50% they are auctioning off props from MANY movies--I think it would be so fun to go to the movie props auction! I could spend a ton of money there--good think I live so far away!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

YUCK and lots of thoughtless ramble

I came home tonight all excited to work on my blog when I figured out I left my camera at Pam& Micah/Jeff's house. Ugg--I just noticed my sunscreen and bug spray are both over there--guess I will be making a trip over there later.

The YUCK is because I came home to the smell of skunk! Both the front and back doors were open so it is everywhere in my house--but my dog is the biggest stink! I thought she wasn't hit because the smell seemed to go away pretty quickly, but now that she is in the house (on her rug) it is CLEAR that she did get sprayed! YUCK! Now the decision to make is leave her in--or throw her out for the night? I think she is going out--right now!

So I wanted to look cute for the 24th-so I wore my one accessory's that I thought might work--My CHEAP sunglasses and it worked! I tried to wear a little more stylish clothes and my sunglasses--I felt like I wasn't totally behind in the style. I felt almost like a Hot Mom! Maybe next year when I hit my goal weight I will feel 100% Hot Mom!

I loved the talk on Sunday about Pioneers and how much they have given us, but I can't help but think--What about OTHER PIONEERS. Not all pioneers went across the plains--My grandfather is/was a pioneer-he was the first (and only I think) person to join the church in his family. I am TOTALLY thankful for him! Also my sister-in-law--she is the first (other than a distant cousin) to join the church and she was disowned for doing so. She is WAY strong- I am totally impressed with her and her testimony and the spirit that I know she feels. I am thankful for her and the pioneer she is. I love the pioneers, but think maybe we overlook modern pioneers-

The 24th is such a bitter/sweet time. I love having Family like I said, but I am a PLANNER. I like to know what meals will be, who will make them, (and next year I am assigning CLEAN UP also!), but I have to know that not everyone is like that and maybe that much planning stresses people out as much as I get stressed out NOT having a plan. Plus I worry about problems that could happen--which never do--The buildup is so stressful that is almost ruins the whole time for me. This year I really tried to mellow out and just let things happen--Essa (sounds like the leaning tower of Pisa--I have no idea how to spell it--Uncle Steve's wife) was awesome--she can clean up a storm and I felt she really helped--along with everyone else. I enjoyed the activities more this year then last year, but I don't do well with out much sleep and I also feel like I am missing out on too much if I go to bed early so that combo just doesn't help me happy--which no one really seems but Lucas, and I think Pam.

We were able to go to the fireworks this year! That is my favorite part of the 24th activities-we literally sit about 50 feet from where they light the fireworks off. This year there were about 3 fireworks that didn't really make it up before blowing up. Those are scary, but really exciting also!

Lucas is camping tonight with his Cousin Vance. I hope he enjoys it and is able to catch some fish, but I hope he eats it all there and doesn't bring any home :)

also since I have kicked my dog out for the night the house smells better- looks like Mitsy is sleeping outside tonight!

alright it is late and I still want to fancy my blog up a bit--so I will say goodnight!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Almost over

The 24th celebration is so, but I am still debating if it is worth the hassle! I love the family, that is 100% the best part---but the float, th pageant, and everything else leading up to it?

I am mixed on the whole event.

Hopefully I will post pictures soon--like with in a week?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Alice in Wonderland!
very excited--hope the clip works!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alamosa Today

Off to Alamosa this morning--then to work on the float--finishing touches--and then to clean house/paint trim/ and then hopefully play tonight with the family that is now in town.

I have some pictures to post-One of the Primary on the Float--we are going to send it to The Friend-but I am running late so they will have to wait.

Have an excellent day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

here we go again.

It is amazing to me how the days just keep coming. No matter what! I am listening to Robert Downing Jr singing a song on YouTube. It is better then I was expecting.

Anyway. Today is another work day. The bottom level of the house is almost clean. Another hour and it will be done--except laundry. Hopfully at 1:00 I will be ready to move to painting some trim and doors.

finish downstairs
upstairs--start on scary clutter room-clean girls room.

I guess I better get my bum in gear if I am going to finish this all!

have a great day all!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

another day in paradise....

So last night I was asleep by 9:45--I was so tired! But I awoke ready to work.

so here is my to do list today
1. Finish scraping 1 railing upstairs and paint the windows on front of house
2. Meet with Shelley to give Cemetery stuff
3. Exercise
4. Laundry
5. Clean up bedroom
6. Clean up bathroom
7. Get clutter room moved around so I can readch other railing

This morning I tried to french braird Sedona's hair--I can't do it to tight or she complains, but I think it looks ok. Still learning...

plus she has been getting herself dressed in the morning...and choose Peppers clothes today too...

Pepper has discovered pockets and loves to put her hands in them. It looks like her hands are down her pants, but she is looking for pockets!

Still learning!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life at Larson's

Life today

To do list
-work on float (done)
-mow lawn (done)
-scrap and paint railing upstairs (started-take more time then I thought)
-Pass over the cemetery stuff (Tomorrow sometime-she'll call me)
-Post of Blog (done-for now)
-Clean House (except bedroom-maybe tomorrow)--will work on after blog and girls in bed!


The house with the brown trim--can't hardly tell a difference. The upstairs railing is next--then around the windows in front. I will be about 1/4 done with house when I finish the front (but the front has alot more to do on it then the other sides---but the other sides are higher so they will be harder.)
I had a before picture and accidently erased it--so sorry only picture is the AFTER picture.

Garden when it was first Planted.
The cut milk jugs are peppers
the Green wall o waters (which I LOVE!)
are covering tomatoes.

1/2 Way Garden Pictures
Everything is growing, but nothing to harvest yet.
In the background are weeds--but the tall plants are corn
then Tomatoes, carrotts, and radish
Then pea plants and lettuce--the spinach didn't do well this year-then Peppers.

From the other side of the garden--The lettuce is the closest row --then the peppers (both also pictured above)-Then Beans, Tomaotes, pumpkins, squash, and a few more peas.

Hopefully we will have a good crop this year. Also all of our apple trees are going crazy! So excited for some great apples!

Grandpa Jeff's Birthday
kids enjoying a nice night.
notice Sedona's pose-she wanted to stand like that.
A great sunset
And a grill full of meat---that is how Larsons' BBQ!

Worked on the Float--got about 1/2 done. The rest will be finished on Saturday so we can take a picture with the primary on Sunday and send it to the Friend Magazine

I will take finished pictures on Saturday-
The mountains on the back of the float
Sanford 1st Prim(ary)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Larson Family Blog!

Since my other blog was taken over with news about my dad and his recovery, I thought I would start a new blog.
I won't post much about my dad on this site--so you don't have to check both.
I find that it helps keep me focused and motivated in my daily life--so enjoy!
Today was not very productive. I was able to get almost all the front of the house trim scraped, but I still need to do around the windows, doors, and railing upstairs. I will finish the railing and hopefully start painting that tomorrow. Pictures to come tomorrow.
The girls and I were able to go to the park this afternoon. Pepper likes to look Pretty--which is what the first pictures are--the fearless girls playing!
Sedona at the top of the slide--she is starting to get herself dressed in the morning. So far I am impressed with her fashion sense.
Plus aren't the clouds awesome! Love it!
The Cute Larson sisters.

Fearless Pepper is our little Monkey Girl!
see the metal slide to the right of the picture--that is the one she fell off the top of.

Push me MOM!
Before the Park
I told her to look Pretty and this is what she cute!

She is getting really good at smiling for the camera!
Also tomorrow I hope to post pictures of my garden. I was gone for almost a month so it needed some work--still does--lots of weeds AROUND the garden and to clean up the pulled weeds inside the garden. The tree next to the garden had a few big branches blown down. So that will need to be cleaned up also--but that is not priority for me at this time.
ALSO The primary is building a float. I wish I could have got step by step pictures, but we are already about 1/8 done--I will take some from here on out--if I can remember.
The house has stayed mostly clean since I have been home--dishes are in the sink, but they will be clean before bedtime! Laundry is going, but only a load at a time till I am better at putting it away! The messy room is still up there--messier than before. But little by little I will get it done!!

Thanks for checking in with my life.