Thursday, March 25, 2010

Piano Lessons

My Uncle Danny tells the funnest story about how he signed up for the ward talent show--to play the piano. He went on stage and played chopsticks and NOT well---he had to start over a few times, and kept messing up-

what the audience DIDN'T know--what that my Uncle Dan can ROCK the piano---so as the audience was getting squirmy in their seats -- his playing was so uncomfortable to watch-and listen-to Uncle Dan play Chopsticks--slowly he started getting a little better and a little more rockin' right before their eyes--by the time the song ended I am sure Uncle Danny had pushed the piano bench away and was rocking the whole piano standing up. I love hearing him play--I haven't ever seen him play with sheet music, but he is awesome at that jazzy boogie-woogie style! Like the song Great Balls of Fire style.


Inspired by the lack of piano players in our ward (and sometime the difficulty to find a piano player to play for me at times) I have taken up piano.

I am going to brag a bit. I am better than I thought I was, and I figured out all I really need is practice, and lots of it. But just as I am typing here without looking, very quickly---I know I can get that good at the piano. It will take a long time and I will have to practice a lot, but it can and will happen!

I would like to sign up for our Primary Talent show in April, but I am not sure I am ready for that or not ! :)

I love this picture, because we were blessed to have the "family" piano. I can image past family members and maybe future--not pregnant!--(as in grand kids) playing the family piano.


Jonathan Whitaker said...

I hope you do it. I am sorry for telling you "its not that hard" whenever you would practice before. I think you should learn and it will benefit your family a lot.

Good Luck!

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