Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mom Plan of Action

I have the ability to be a GREAT mom--one of those Super moms that the kids in the neighborhood think is great because I have fun things to do with the kids and I enjoy the kids, teach the kids, and actually interact with the kids--BUT my biggest down fall is I enjoy coming up with ideas to do better than actually doing them. SO...

Mom Plan of Action:

1. Spend more time with the girls--This is vague because I am trying to teach Pepper to play "alone" instead of hanging out at mom's side all the time--but overall I find myself saying "Just a Minute" Way TOO OFTEN. (since writing this post --a few days before I actually posted it--I have held both girls almost every time they asked)

2. Work with them to teach them some basic chores I want them to learn. Pepper loves to help, but Sedona is now a slowpoke when it comes to cleaning up.

Things I will teach them
1. Fold/hang up/put away Clothes
2. "make" bed (mostly just straighten it up)
3. Put toys in their proper place when done playing

1. Pick up toys after playing with them
2. Set the Table
3. Clear the Table
(she can do the last 2 things pretty well--but we will keep working on them)

3. Have Family Home Evening and Family Prayer. The girls really enjoy this--I want FHE to be something that I have thought about and planned, not thrown together in the last 5 minutes.

How I will accomplish this--I have a FHE folder, but it is not very organized. I will take one month at a time and get everything together for the lessons I will teach that month. They will be placed is a FHE box and pulled out during the appropriate time. This should be fun--

Family Prayer and Scriptures are easier to do with Lucas home. BUT I have a routine we try to follow when we are at home and Prayer and Scripture fit right in! I AM NOT SO TIRED I CAN'T TEACH MY CHILDREN--which sometimes becomes an issue when it is time for them to go to bed--

4. Enjoy my girls. Sometimes I am so busy being a mom I forget I need to enjoy this time with them. I want individual time doing something they enjoy (not spending that time researching WHAT COULD be fun).

Here is a quick list of fun things I will do with them. I will not spend time "researching" other activities until I have accomplished these! Most of these are easy to start out with and I have all the items at home (so no "but I didn't have the items I needed excuse!).

Each girl has 10 things I want to do with them--There are a couple duplicates, but that is ok, I want to do things together also.

1. Tea Party
2. Dress Up/Make-up/Fingernails
3. Games
4. Work Books (Sedona loves these!)
5. Watch a movie and engage with her during it--what do you think will happen?
6. Go to the actual Movies
7. Record her singing
8. Macaroni Necklaces
9. Painting
10. Reading

Pepper (she is a little harder to find "fun" things to do with because she isn't as established in her likes/dislikes as Sedona)
1. Reading
2. Wrestling
3. Pillow fight
4. Coloring with her
5. Make a fort with her
6. Record her singing
7. Painting
8. Play-Doh
9. Play with babies and Blankets
10. Tickle Machine

What a blessed life I live! I can actually have FUN for a living!! I can enjoy the greatest blessings our Father in Heaven has in store for us-motherhood!

This mommy post will also be updated often and will include the growth I see in not only my girls, but in me and our family relationship!


Jean said...

I love the list of things you want to do with your daughters! I love reading your blog too! I feel the same way all the time...that these words could have come out of mine own mouth...after my 3rd was born I made the simple yet difficult challenge to spend time each day with each one. Some days it was as simple as looking out the window with my 11 month old. Because that is what he liked to do, look out the window :) I need to revisit this simple idea of doing the little things with them that they really love and enjoy. Thanks for always being so honest!

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