Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Decor

I would love to have a very cute house

I DO have a very cute house--AMAZING HOUSE!! but I am not an amazing decorator or house cleaner or organizer--anyway---
These are some Easter idea's that I love--Most of them are from Martha Stewart--no surprise there!

I might be able to use some of them in my quest for "amazing decorator"!
So enjoy!

Love the black door---love this arrangement, but think eggs would look cute too

Love this Bunny Banner in the background--
That is why people need a cricut!
Cute, cute cakes, cute bags--the whole thing is cute!

The pink is a little much, but what a cute idea!

A little much for me, but cute concept!
Without the feathers, with real (blown out eggs) and no funny costumes--
this could be really cute!

These are darling! not sure where to place them, but cute!

These I LOVE! I want to make them!

Eggs, Candy, and a darling plant--Not a fan of the flower pots painted like that-
but again great concept!

I think these would be fun to make too, but I have no egg holders--Might have to thrift store them this summer!

Too darling!

I would like this tree on top of my Piano

Again--colors don't do anything for me, but love it!

Maybe this could work with my Cupcake stand--
I would have put the jelly beans in the bottom.

Really cute and with the right cricut cartridge, this could be SUPER easy!

I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Again, I am going to be looking for pastel colored buttons!
(Annie -- inspired by your jars!)
Or I could put Jelly Beans, or other candy, or ??? The possibilities are endless!


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