Thursday, March 11, 2010

early morning babbling

I know it is 7:00 and that is NOT early, but I normally don't crack an eyelid until at about 8:00---so what do I do with an extra hour--Blog of course....

well normally I would clean or some thing, but Lucas is sleeping, so I quietly type.

I do have a load of laundry going--that counts for something right?

Today a "fun" day is scheduled.

8:00: Teach the Head Start ladies how to use the cricut
9:00: Run to grocery store for Milk and bread
10:00 Primary meeting (yes I finished my agenda!)
12:00 Taxes in Alamosa--I will blog about that later
then do all my normal alamosa stuff (not in this order)
-$1.00 store to look for My Little Pony party stuff for Pam
-drop stuff off at thrift store
-grocery shop
-Pick up film at wal-mart

Come home--NAP
make dinner
pay some bills
prepare for interveiw---


1:15 INTERVEIW WITH LIBRARY!! I am so excited. I want to prepare for that interveiw tonight--I have been preparing for it for a while, but I will "cram" for it--you know. I will reveiw all the library information on their website...I will write down my goals and objectives for the library...I will focus on what I think is the most important things--I will dye my hair--
yes--you read that last part correct. I don't think 2 inc roots showing is very professional, so part of being prepared is finding an outfit (I am thinking my great or tan pants with my purple shirt), looking good and being prepared!


Taxes 101

1. do taxes
2. go to get taxes done
3. have a HUGE loss
4. Tell Lucas
5. Have him go over taxes with me
6. find THOUSANDS of DOLLARS worth of mistakes (anyone can put diseal in three times right? Not such a big deal for others, but when our diseal total for the year is about $28,000. then it becomes a BIG deal)

So I went in and did taxes--we showed a loss at about $17,000. I felt like I did all the figures right, so I didn't argue. Then I called Lucas and he had some things to say about that. He called our tax person back and said "give us a few days to figure this out"! What a smart man!!

I put ALL of lucky luke's trucking income (minus Lucas's personal income) as Lucas's personal income!! The business income I put as the total (minus Luca's income--which was wrong in the first place)--minus the deductions--which was wrong in the second place--I am not sure how we only showed a $17,000 loss----Plus -- I didn't check ALL the bank statements the first time (we have about 6 active accounts)--and MISSED THOUSANDS of dollars of deposts--yep--that is how great I am!!

WISH us better luck today!

So after Lucas going over it with a fine tooth comb, we are both happy (not so much during--but I thank Heavenly Father for a patient husband!)--and ready to submit our taxes (again).


I moved toys into the playroom---Not happy at all with the way it looks. I am not sure what do to do about it. Maybe repaint all the walls a creamy yellow color--add rugs to help section off the floor--do a different storage idea with the toys? I am just not sure! pictures to come soon


Tomena said...

Good Luck on your interview... I'm excited for you. We NEED a good Librarian...period.

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