Thursday, April 28, 2011


Easter Morning

I really like the tradition that Lucas's famiy did where the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday so that Sunday can be Christ Centered, but this year Yeerah had a track meet on Saturday and had to leave early in the morning so we did Easter on Sunday.

Easter isn't a huge holiday in our house, but it is still fun. We do Easter baskets and then always get some church items--this year coloring books about Christ and the Easter Bunny always leaves us the story about Christs Atonment, death, and resurrection...but in Easter eggs.

After church we dyed Easter Eggs and then had Jeff and the missionaries come and join us for dinner. It was yummy.

Marinda (Lucas's sister) and her husband Steve were in town Saturday so I took most of my food and prepared most of Easter dinner at Pam's house so we could hang out with Marinda and Steve more. They are so fun! Poor Steve is a favorite with the neices and nephew--so he becomes a human jungle gym.

Some pictures from Easter morning....

Not sure why Sedona looks kind of scary in this picture.

Sedona is so excited for Easter morning

Pepper still isn't awake enough to figure out what is happening.

Coloring Easter Eggs that afternoon

Lucas has always enjoyed doing art, so dying eggs is his job--while I finished picking up the house and finished dinner he, the girls, and Yeerah enjoyed dying eggs.

I can't believe I didn't get one picture of the eggs!!



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