Wednesday, April 27, 2011

loosing teeth

First Lost Tooth

We are now in the season of loosing teeth

When Sedona came to me and told me she had a loose tooth I went to the computer to see if this was indeed the time for her to start loosing teeth and guess what?! IT IS!

She has lost the two bottom teeth and couldn't be more proud--I on the other hand am already worried about the cost of braces.

She was so excited when the first one fell out she told EVERYONE and we even had to give a call to cousin Asia to let her know the exciting news. (I think Asia and her must have talked at length about teeth because she always associates loose teeth with Asia).

Her mouth is all green because she bit open an easter egg dye packet and got it all over herself.

I had to add one of Pepper--she tells me all the time she feels a loose tooth--or that "I can tell this one is going to be loose".


Madeline said...

Ha! I love toothless smiles! My oldest lost his two bottom teeth when he was almost 8 and now he is almost 8 1/2 and we still haven't lost any more teeth! And the dentist predicts that my 6 year old has a good two years before he loses teeth. Late bloomers, I guess.

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