Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being Prego

So I use the word prego because I can't ever remember how to spell pregnancy, not because I am chic.

BUT...moving on.

I had someone request me talking more about being pregnant. So here you go...

I am huge! No really. I have had more than one person ask if I was having twins. I still have the last month, which is the month of the biggest weight gain, and I am at where I should be in my weight gain (meaning yes I have gained already the 35 pounds).

SEE BELOW! Whoa Mama!

I understand why overweight people sometimes have their belly hanging out of the bottom of their pants--their pants don't stay up and it is hard to find a shirt long enough. Even my maternity shirts aren't long enough alot of the time!

While most of the time I love it, and it will be the one of the things I miss the most, this kid is kicking hard. I haven't ever had a kid do this to me---I know the following sentences will be WAY to much info---but here it goes. I am pretty sure he is head down, and one hand is pushing my on my blatter most of the time and the other one likes to try to "break out" by punching a certain part of my body, which stops me in my tracks every time. (see too much I know). Its bottom is mostly right above my belly button (which is now super sensitive to the touch and pokes out so much), and his feet are to my right side. I am pretty sure if I could look down and see into my belly he would be in an "L" position. There is always something pointy and sticking out to the right side of my belly. It hurts sometimes to touch it.

It is fun to see my belly rock back and forth and he tries to move, or see the whole belly jump when he has hicc-ups.

I am really tried and my joints are starting to shift, which makes me get up and walk like most of the 80 year old women I know. Plus I have to go to the restroom about every hour, which is frustrating.

I don't really have any cravings, but I didn't with the other kids until after they were born--strange I know...I craved food WAY more after they arrived then before.

I have heartburn with most everything I eat--and I carry tums with me.

I have acted irrational a few times (ok more than a few, but hey I have an excuse!), and of course I get teary eyed at stupid things, but stay stone cold unmoved by others...This is also somewhat of a new experience for me--normally I am more level with my emotions and feels when prego than not.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to nap when I need. I try to nap in the late afternoon, but sometimes I just don't make it that long. Other times I am roaring with energy.

I am nesting on and off. I have a whole list of things I need to get done, but then spend an hour washing half of a window--I know--My house will look great, and then two days later you would have never known it was spotless (normally it doesn't even get to the spotless stage -- that is how I know I must be nesting). Plus projects that haven't even been thought of in years are now very important and I am working on them.

BUT...I love it. I will say that I am more excited for this kid to arrive than I have been for any of the others. I know now why women say "they are easier to take care of when they are out, then when they are in". With my first two, that wasn't true, but with this one....I am a believer!

so far that is about all I have to report--was there anything else anyone wanted to know? I am happy to share :)

Sedona is SO PROUD to have lost her 1st tooth!! I think she looks adorable! This picture kind of makes her other teeth look strange, but it is SO cute!

Have to put a few pictures of my girls in--this is my little cutie who LOVES to have foot baths!!

PS: my masterlist is still underway--just slow!


Cheryl said...

First of all, congratulations to you and Lucas for your baby boy on the way! Sorry I'm just now commenting on this when he will be here soon.
It was so fun to read more about your pregnancy! Don't worry about your weight gain or shape. It looks like it's ALL baby and that your baby's POSITION is why your tummy's sticking out more. Seriously, don't even worry about it because you look BEAUTIFUL!!!
It's crazy to see how much Sedona and Pepper have grown! What a beautiful family of 4, almost 5, you make!!!
I miss you! I know I haven't been good about staying in touch, but I have such fond memories of you and Lucas from TZE! I want to do much better with staying in touch and getting to know you better through blog comments and calling you! :o) Hopefully, I can find your phone number.
By the way, Kirk and I had a baby girl at the very end of December. I haven't even put the details about it on my blog yet. I plan to soon though. The longer I don't post, the more I feel I need to post about the past before I can post about the present and than it gets overwhelming and I just don't... I's a silly cycle. :o)

Unknown said...

Amy! Thanks for sharing! I chuckled through the entire blog because I just experienced all the same things through Amber, during her pregnancy! And it brings back my own memories of carrying my three big boys! I clearly remember Rusty shoving his foot against my side. We could actually SEE the impression of his foot, and we could grab it! He'd pull it back, then push again... we were playing a little game!
And I remember well when my entire belly would be flat on one side and bulging at the seams on the other! ALIEN!!
I still miss the feeling of being pregnant. It's so personal, and only YOU have that special connection with your son. There is NOTHING that can ever compare!
Love you ALL!

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