Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Next projects...

So tomorrow Sedona's teacher is coming for a home visit--which means I will clean the house better than normal, so that naturally means I will find lots of stupid odds and ends stuff to keep me not focused on my task--One which I am hoping to be a really cute flip chore chart that I found on a blog.

They took a three ring notebook and turned it into a chore flip chart.
I have a brain book for myself, which I need to get into the habit of using again, so why not give one to my kids...
The notebook is flipped on it side so it stands up by itself and each child have a ring with her chores on it. It is great, but I can't find the picture--When I make mine I will take a picture so everyone can see what I am talking about!

Off to get ready for scout activity! Have a great night everyone!


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