Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The good---the bad--and the Ugly

So the good is that Sedona and I enjoyed a wonderful night in the tent. We enjoyed our campout alot and slept pretty well.

The Bad---Sedona did not clean her room--I gave her more than an hour to clean it and when I went upstairs it was just as messy as before.

The Ugly--I went and got grocery sacks, and put all her toys on the floor in the sacks--She will be able to earn her toys back if she keeps her room clean for 1 week--If not, the toys are going to goodwill. She cried the whole time I was picking toys up to put in the bag.

Sedona has gotten into the habit of licking! It is SO GROSS. She just licked her finger and wiped it down my nose as I was typing. I am not happy!

I took before pictures of my rooms downstairs and will post after pictures as they get clean. It is 2--and I have spent most the day on the computer and that always makes me grumpy, so I am off to get something DONE.


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