Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sledding on New Years Day

New Years day we ended up at the Rogers Cabin and enjoyed the evening. The next day really think the Larson boys only have fun if it deals with trucks. So Micah decided to get the trailer stuck--:)
Then Lucas and Micah spent the rest of the time Lucas and I had there trying to get the trailer around the cabin. I am NOT a fan of this type of entertainment. I think family events should be that!! BUT it really seems like every time we are together (somewhere other than home) with family it turns into something about cars or trucks....
Racing them, lifting them, checking them out, fixing them, switching something up with them, or just talking about them.

Sedona and K shoveling the bridge off.

R and K enjoying the day

Pam trying out the sledding hill

K trying to do a snow angel.

Hummm... Where are the pictures of my girls--I guess I will have to post more later.


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