Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My "Best" side forward

so I was talking with Annie and I said how everyone (everyone as in the strangers who blogs I read) is so amazing.

She told me--of course they are amazing--do you really think people are as "good" as their blog? People will put their best side forward--

which got me thinking--I have a good side, which is what most people see in public--but I have an other side which is what I am really like.

So here is my OTHER side...

+I don't like a messy house, but I DON'T like cleaning more than I mind the mess. I will let all my dished get dirty before I clean them out of necessity.
+I live out of my cars alot and trash both cars before I even think of cleaning them out--and when I do--It takes a couple of trash bags to clean them out (not full of trash, but just stuff!!)
+I dislike reading the same story to my kids and often "lose" their favorite book in order to read one to them I like.
+Would rather read about working out then actually do it (Same with house cleaning).
+Would eat Taco Bell every day if I could-which is why I am physically in the state I am in--and while I am concered about the extra weight I gained over the holidays I have yet to actually DO anything about it.
+Have such mood swings that I get confused!
+Try to please everyone to much and get stressed and take it out on Lucas and the girls.

Ok enough---I should be going to bed, but for some reason when 9-10 rolls around I think--hum I wonder what movie I should watch--instead of doing something productive--Straight Talk or The Rocketeer?

Next blog will be happier and full of pictures.


angela said...

i'm right there with ya...

Jean said...

I have thought that same thing about blogs! I think they make me jealous to think that maybe my life is not "blog perfect" or "perfect blog" I think a lot of bloggers are best foot forward. I love your list.
Trust me, some of us would have much worse on our lists :)

Tomena said...

Hum...haha I wonder what that means for me since my cousin Amy told me she loves my blog cause never makes her feel jealous?

(there is more on that of course but to be funny we'll just say that)

travelingmom said...

Amy, I liked this post alot. Now if my blog could be about all my imperfect choices/qualities I think I could keep it up daily! :) Sedona is absolutely adorable in the other post too!!! How fun is that!! BTW I think you are one of those amazing bloggers myself. Keep up the good work. love you!

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