Thursday, January 28, 2010

lot of random bits

I have learned that when I sit down to write I have alot to write about, so bear with me.


I have this wonderful idea for a valentines gift and it would only cost me $430 dollars!!


Anyway--I want to plan a date night with me and Lucas once every month. AND I want to pre-buy all the things needed, for example, if we are going to eat out, I will go to the restraunt and buy a gift certificate for the restraunt, if we are going to go 4 wheeling, I will put cash for the gas in the gift, that way we aren't stuck doing the same thing because of lack of money--AND I want to make a little slip of paper for each of the following 12 months Feb-Jan 2011, which tells what will be doing that month,--and put them in a muffin tin. Using double stick tape around then edges of the cups, then I will lay a piece of tissue paper of it so it makes a little punch board, so he has to punch the tissue paper to get his next gift. I am not sure how to explain it better....

I actually stole this idea off another website, but the tissue paper idea was TOTALLY..... stolen off another sight....see people think I am creative, but the truth is I just "steal" ideas.



I was SO excited because in March--yes TWO MONTHS away--the truck would have been paid for, but INSTEAD, the transmission went out on Lucas yesterday, so while we can still make this months (feb) payment, I am a little worried about Marchs payment, but since the trucking industry is so poor, the people lucas have a lease with are very willing to work with us, SO if we can make it work, we will still pay the truck off in March, we will just have to use a *gasp* credit card to do it. We don't want to do it that way, but it looks like we might!!

He had troubles going down to NM, and could only go about 50 the whole way home, but I am thankful he made it back safely!!


So I am now really looking at the job available at the library, but finding child care in our area is next to impossible. I have thought about doing child care, but I my house is not "kid friendly" and I want to see what happens with the library first. If that falls through then maybe the child care MIGHT be an option, but I am not sure....Oh I wish when you prayed it was like a big "DING DING DING" when you pray about the right thing to do.


I have been working on the playroom upstairs and having a lot of fun, I am a little worried with the finances being tight that I won't be able to finish it now....looks like I will have to be creative. I decided to repaint one of the green walls yellow and I will hopefully finish that today. then I have to buy Floor glue--(I have no idea what exactly I need, so I will do some research first), install the floor, and then put some Christmas lights up intill we find a more perminate lighting idea. Then Luacs needs to make me the furniture and then the toys can be moved in!! I was hoping to finish all that I could do this week, but plans always change---so we will see.



Lucas has written about 5 songs lately and I love them!! Personally I think he is very talented, and I have heard Sedona singing them around the house. I got a book at the library about the songwriters market, so I really want to look into that and see if Lucas has the luck we are always talking about and get him to break into song writing---wouldn't that be totally cool?

I would post pictures, but alas---I can't find the battery charger--the camera is safe and sound-but the charger is on my to do list today--I know it is in a drawer somewhere---I just have to remember which one :)


Tomena said...

That is a good Valentine's Idea! Marlin and I just trade off every week... this week is his turn.

I'm really sorry about your truck!
I hope you find a job that is a good fit for you. I'll keep my ears open.

Have fun with you playroom!

Jean said...

I love the Valentines idea! But I would have the same big problem coming up with all that money at once. I wonder if you started through out this year to buy the gift cards and such little by little if you could have it ready by next year, and if you kept the momentum going if you could always prepare the next years with the year before? I'm not a very good saver, so if I tried to save $400 for the project it would for sure get spent on something a car that needed a repair LOL
I don't really have any amazing insight for prayers being answered in a more effective time concience manner, trust me I wish I did. All I can say is that the child care thing can work out. I have never made money an other way. I have always gotten to be home with my children, and aside from a few problomatic/transisitons/moves I have always made at least a 1,000 month. This wasn't running a "daycare" just teaching the preschool during the school years and caring for one family or two if there schedules didn't overlap, as in I have a set of twins on Saturdays currently. I would suggest if you are worried about kids all over your house :) Find a baby, they don't move yet, much easier to keep safe, less likely to fight with your children and you can get more money b/c they are younger.
Don't know if any of that was very helpful LOL

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