Monday, May 17, 2010

"Scary Room" Contest--

So I came across a contest that would award the winner a design team to come in and re-design a room in their house, give them countertops and a make-over worth about $5,000.00

I almost signed up, but then I thought. Other than my kitchen--where would I need countertops? I don't know---I have alot of rooms they would be great in, but what if I DON'T want countertops in those rooms? Which I don't--so I passed it up... which was hard for me since I like free things--even though it was a contest and I wouldn't have won anyway---

But them I got thinking!!

What if I did my OWN contest? I have NO idea what I would reward---it would NOT be big--since I am am a poor farmer/trucker wife---BUT I could do something--

So I started coming up with idea's--My favorite part...coming up with ideas---not following thru, but the creative planning part--(if anyone knows a job that pays for ideas (and not having to follow thru with those ideas) let me know) ).

Here is what I have

Starting NEXT MONDAY (I think the 24th) and the last day of school), I want people (all 7 of you that read my blog) to post a picture of your "scary room" on your blog-- (I know most people don't HAVE scary rooms like I do--but we all have a junk drawer, scary closet, scary toy room or SOMETHING that needs worked on. Then in one week we will post an AFTER picture. I will find a fun prize (an apron maybe) and send it to the Winner of the "Cut and Clean the Clutter Contest!" It will end on the 29th (since the 30th is a Sunday and you should be resting that day anyway!)--

I will post all before and after pictures on my website and do a poll to see who wins.

Sounds good? No cheating--If you want to do it this week instead of waiting that is fine, BUT don't cheat--You have 5 days to clear and clean a clutter spot. Good Luck!


travelingmom said...

hey! good idea amy! I'm in. do i e-mail you my before picture? i've been wanting to do this anyway so here's some motivation. :)

Shelly said...

I don't know if I would count. I already have plans of before/after pictures, but they aren't going to be of clutter, just the new house. I'll post anyway, and you can decide if I count. :)

angela said...

Thanks for making it through my horrendously long posts about our trip. And I'm excited about your challenge--my problem (besides getting it clean) is deciding which room needs it most.

Tomena said...

I would post my office... but it won't be done until the rest of the house is done...and that is NOT going to be in a week.

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