Monday, September 14, 2009

Motivation Monday

Motivation is a tricky subject.

It is illusive, what can motivate us one day may not motivate us the next…

Plus Motivation is fleeting. We may wake up (or in my case good to sleep) with our day planned—and chalk full of good intentions only to be distracted at the first temptation.

So today is just a list of things that can get me motivated…at least for a while.

1. I read a book written in the 1950’s about the duties of a house wife. I figure if they could do ALL of that, in heels, a dress, and pearls no less, I can do SOMETHING.

2. I put on music—either angry girl songs, dance songs, or other music I might be in the mood for and then try to accomplish as much as possible in each song.

3. I set a timer for 20 minutes and then race against the clock to see what I can get done in 20 minutes.

4. I call a friend (thanks Annie or Pam) and we “race”. Again a timer is set and we tell each other what we will accomplish in the set amount of time (normally about 20 minutes) and then get to work and call each other back in 20 minutes to see what we accomplished.

5. I work for a set amount of time and then allow myself to “play” (either on the computer, or watch part of a movie, or have a treat).

6. I think about what I could do if my house was clean and I didn’t stress about it—

7. I think about the “older” women who are still struggling with the same stuff I am to keep a clean house and don’t want to be like that!

8. If I get angry (mostly at Lucas) I can get a lot done. I am not sure why that works, but it does.

9. IF it doesn’t involved house work I have a different process.

a. For long term projects I do an outline. I figure out what I want the end result to be and work backwards to figure out the steps I need to take and write it all down. Even the smallest steps—

b. I also try to do the easiest thing first and then the hardest thing next—after that everything else just is easy.

Alright I am sure I have more, but I am so motivated to get out and do stuff---

So have a great day!


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