Wednesday, September 2, 2009

lots of gabber--enjoy

How to Clean Silver (THE EASY WAY!)

(I don't know how it would work on jewerly)
Since I was cleaning small salt and pepper shakers I used a mini bread pan. I lined it with aluminum foil and covered the shaker (one at a time) with Baking Soda

Next I poured boiling water over it until it bubbled like this-

Sorry for the gross sink drain-

And I kept pouring a little bit of boiling water on it until it stopped bubbling completely

Then I took it out and wiped it off--that was it--nothing else--See before and after below--not bad for no elbow work-
I have scrubbed silver before-with special powders, gels, and other such stuff---

this worked almost just as good--with no work

(but it still smelled like rotten eggs--I think that is the way the tarish must smell)
Before--kind of blurry--
sorry-there was black in the detail work-you can't really see it.
Kind of get the idea anyway.

--now remember I didn't scrub or anything-just wiped off with a paper towel when finished--not perfect, but WAY better then scrubbing!
Garden Loot from today
That bag is about 2 feet tall
and stuffed full
stuff was falling out when I was carrying it into the kitchen
The top 1/3 is green chili peppers (Or jalapheno's)
Then Green Beans
and 1 zuchinni at the bottom

working with Green beans
I just blanch them and freeze them
The bottom mess is all the ends I throw away-
Yes I know I am throwing alot of the green bean away, but I line
all my green beans up and cut with a knife and if a little extra is left--it goes in
the trash--spare me the lecture, Lucas already gave it to me.


The dollar bill is clean, I washed it with my clothes on accident earlier that day.
I like the color of Green Chili Peppers--so enjoy


again the money is freshly laundered, so therefore clean.

One crazy one on the end was growing between so many branches of the plant that it was totally misshaped...Thought it was neat.


So I got most of the upstairs railing finished
I don't know if I will ever finish this project. If the weather is still nice when I come home from Denver I really want to get the doors upstairs and around the windows in the back done.

But I will settle for finishing up the railing and the door I have scraped up there.

I also wanted to thank Rose Porter for suggesting to me to paint the trim brown--I really like it brown and would have never thought of it myself! THANKS!


Picked alot of the garden

The garden was plum full---but not with plums. I had A TON of green beans and green chili peppers. and a big zuchinni!

It took about 1/2 hour to pick everything, and that is how long I thought it would take to pick and freeze everything. I am not canning this year again....maybe next year....will life ever NOT be hectic?

The last few years I haven't gardened well because ...

2005-newborn Sedona
2006-no excuse, but Sedona was only 1 and that is a hard age to get stuff done with.
2007-Pepper was a newborn--was in Denver for most of the harvesting season
2008-Primary President/Story time leader/Personal issues
2009-Dad in hospital/Primary President
So I have had some excuses I guess.
Maybe next year I will be a perfect gardener--including starting plants inside, without killing them.


I am just tired of having projects and never

1. Learning how to do them

2. Starting them-then getting stuck and just abandoning them

3. Thinking they have to be perfect so I never start them for fear of messing them up.

I just need to really perge my craftroom and ligthen that room so I feel less pressure to make/create/do things.

I need to find something I am really good at that I enjoy and is easy and cheap--any suggestions?

I almost feel like I enjoy collecting the craft stuff and organizing it more than I like to use it.

When I did Pepper's baby book I bought things one page at a time--a little more expensive, but man it worked way better that way for me. Maybe I will have a huge craft sell

(like a garage sell, but only sell my craft stuff)

I will let you know


I raked and shoveled the apples that have fallen off the lawn

I have a love/hate relationship with tree's. I love the way they look in spring and fall, but hate the apple trees mess--they stink when they fall off the tree and rot-they are slimy to touch, BTW--while I was mowing the lawn--I didn't rake first and there were so many apples I literally got the riding lawn mower stuck in the apple slime. The back wheels were just spinning and making applesauce all over the back of the lawnmower--gross!

Plus each year I think I will do so good and make Pie filling, Apple Juice, Applesauce, and apple jam---in all the years we have lived here I did make pie filling last year--sign--

I do love the crab apple tree in spring, but I hate the mess and I have a feeling that that tree will be trimmed way down this upcoming spring.


As I type I can hear a mouse sneaking around in my kitchen. I will have to set a trap--it ate the tops of the cupcakes I made while I was at my Primary meeting---grrrr...

I really have to start writing down the things the girls say--Sedona is such a drama queen I can't even believe it, but she makes me laugh so much
Pepper is starting to talk and sings and does so all the time at home. Her favorite sayings right now
1. I hungry
2. Potty Mommy
then when finished
3. Show mommy -and shows me she went potty
She is totally cute and totally spunky--
I love my little girls so much sometimes when lucas isn't home I just want to go upstairs and all of us sleep in Sedona's bed, but then I remember the last time I slept with those two girls (camping) and decide wisely against it--if I want any sleep!

I have a friend coming over to help tomorrow after 2:30--but would it be bad if I just had her teach me more about sewing instead of helping to clean/work?

I should be working, but I am going to do something I haven't done in a long time. I am going to try to be up by 6:00--ok 6:30 and work like crazy until the girls get up...then take a nap when Pepper takes one. Can I do it--Yes I can!
I will tell you more about it tomorrow

It is almost midnight-thirty--I guess I better go to sleep!

I have so much to say when I just sit down and start typing---

hope you enjoyed some of it.


Tomena said...

Amy~ I'm cracking up at the applesauce you made in your yard. Still laughing.... that sounds like something I would do.

You are too hard on yourself... look what you accomplished today!

Your garden looks great. Ours recieved very little attention this year and that's great cause I don't really have time to put it up.

Sewing sounds good to me ;)

A sale sounds great too.... My goal is to aventually go digital. (Working on it)

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