Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bug city and life

Bugs have taken over my bathroom--I killed two spiders, a stink bug and a centipede in my bathroom yesterday. What is up with that!? Where do they come from? seriously--the spider and centipede were in the bathtub--do they crawl up the drain?

Wheeler is doing great--but he still decides every few days to stay up all night. He is so cute and we are totally loving him! He had a Dr. appointment and has grown an inc and gained a pound. He is so big!

The house is going to be tamed today and I am so excited to get it done! The kitchen is almost done and the bathroom is about 70% done. Then the rest of the house--well--moving on.

Sedona is such a wonderful girl and I love her so much--she keeps coming up to me and asking "what else can I do to help you?" wonderful child!

Pepper is a joy--she loves to rhyme all these words and has the cutest smile. She is a great joy to me and with her little smile she can melt hearts!

WHAT would an Amy post be without a TO DO list...

1. Shower
2. Wheeler bath
3. Girls Dresses
4. Lucas's & Wheeler Tie
5. Mow lawn
6. Clean House

Does that seem like a big list? I am hoping to actually accomplish 4 or 5 today!
Here I go!!


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