Saturday, June 5, 2010

More things to add to list...

Maybe I will just post new numbers and at the summer see how many I have accomplished... maybe I won't!

anyway---adding today we have

1. Gone to the Summerfest (sunshine festival)
2. Sedona jumped in a bouncy house
3. Pepper rode a Kids training
4. Had chocolate dipped icecream
5. Had out of state visitors (if even for a mintue)
6. Rented a movie
7. Ate out for lunch

Like I said some are big and fun, some are not--- but everythings helps make up fun days of summer!

Off to the video store to actually accomplish #6 (the rest have aleady happened).

One more thing I would like to accomplish is each week

-teach the girls a "school" lesson and do "homework" out of summer workbooks.
-Do a House project each week---I keep saying this and FEAR is keeping me from doing this, but I am more embarressed when family comes to see the house and it doesn't look like I want it to look!!!!

So this week upcoming week
-We will learn about the food pyramid--plus library day on Wed.
-I want to get ready for a yard sale (Saturday) and paint the bathroom!


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