Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life at Larson's

Life today

To do list
-work on float (done)
-mow lawn (done)
-scrap and paint railing upstairs (started-take more time then I thought)
-Pass over the cemetery stuff (Tomorrow sometime-she'll call me)
-Post of Blog (done-for now)
-Clean House (except bedroom-maybe tomorrow)--will work on after blog and girls in bed!


The house with the brown trim--can't hardly tell a difference. The upstairs railing is next--then around the windows in front. I will be about 1/4 done with house when I finish the front (but the front has alot more to do on it then the other sides---but the other sides are higher so they will be harder.)
I had a before picture and accidently erased it--so sorry only picture is the AFTER picture.

Garden when it was first Planted.
The cut milk jugs are peppers
the Green wall o waters (which I LOVE!)
are covering tomatoes.

1/2 Way Garden Pictures
Everything is growing, but nothing to harvest yet.
In the background are weeds--but the tall plants are corn
then Tomatoes, carrotts, and radish
Then pea plants and lettuce--the spinach didn't do well this year-then Peppers.

From the other side of the garden--The lettuce is the closest row --then the peppers (both also pictured above)-Then Beans, Tomaotes, pumpkins, squash, and a few more peas.

Hopefully we will have a good crop this year. Also all of our apple trees are going crazy! So excited for some great apples!

Grandpa Jeff's Birthday
kids enjoying a nice night.
notice Sedona's pose-she wanted to stand like that.
A great sunset
And a grill full of meat---that is how Larsons' BBQ!

Worked on the Float--got about 1/2 done. The rest will be finished on Saturday so we can take a picture with the primary on Sunday and send it to the Friend Magazine

I will take finished pictures on Saturday-
The mountains on the back of the float
Sanford 1st Prim(ary)


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