Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Door Bell

So I was upstairs the other day and I can't hear anything up there.
When I came back down Sedona told me Mom-"someone is here"-
I went to the door and no one was there-Sedona then told me
"The door went Ding-Dong"--I asked When--she said "during Seaseme Street"
Well that was about 45 minutes before then--I think she thinks people just stay at the door until we answer it. So sorry if I missed anyone!

I was very excited to find Lucas bringing me flowers out of our garden the other day--he sure has an eye for arrangement. One more thing he is better at then me :)

It is amazing to me how I can be almost caught up and instead of getting ahead I sit and play at the computer--so I am now saying goodbye until at earliest tomorrow.


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