Friday, July 17, 2009

another day in paradise....

So last night I was asleep by 9:45--I was so tired! But I awoke ready to work.

so here is my to do list today
1. Finish scraping 1 railing upstairs and paint the windows on front of house
2. Meet with Shelley to give Cemetery stuff
3. Exercise
4. Laundry
5. Clean up bedroom
6. Clean up bathroom
7. Get clutter room moved around so I can readch other railing

This morning I tried to french braird Sedona's hair--I can't do it to tight or she complains, but I think it looks ok. Still learning...

plus she has been getting herself dressed in the morning...and choose Peppers clothes today too...

Pepper has discovered pockets and loves to put her hands in them. It looks like her hands are down her pants, but she is looking for pockets!

Still learning!


Jonathan Whitaker said...

Good job with the hair. I have a question about dad's blog. Can you put a "hit counter" on it. I am curious how many people follow it a day. I don't know how to do those add on's.

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