Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

SO I am back and hopefully full force.

Life is TOTALLY calm--when compaired to last week and my house guests have all left--funny pun--Guests--get it? if you don't that is fine.

Anyway back to trying to blog daily in order to help me stay motivated in getting my work done.

I did spend a bit of time looking at other peoples blogs today, but then I kicked it into high gear and got quite a bit done--still have a TO DO list a mile long, but thought this would be a good time to blog.


I am starting on Number 82 because I have told 81 things I am thankful for in my other posts.
I am sure I repeat, but oh well.

82. Primary Kids
83. The words Please and Thank you
84. Pepper's cheeks when she drinks out of pop can--so funny looking!
85. Potty trained kid--Pepper is working on it again--kind of
86. paychecks-both $$ and of the heart
87. Fly Swatters
88. Bishop's
89. really yummy mexican food
90. peoplw who clean up after themselves
91. people who wait to start a movie until everyone is ready--not just them
92. visiting teachers
93. good movies
94. Youtube videos
95. America's funnest home videos--except the ones when people get hurt-not funny!
96. washing machine/Dryer/dishwasher/oven
97. magazines
98. Lists--to do, menu, grocery, and so on
99. My good heater
100. Wood Burning stove
101. Medications for those with illness--physical and mental--
102. $1.00 store
103. Late night talks
104. Naps
105. Creative mind
106. Sharing Times planned in advance
107. Teachers who get substitutes
108. warm coats
109. good socks
110. knowing all bills for the month are covered!
111. a hardworking husband
112. a husband who is willing to grow
113. renewing old friendships
114. Weddings
115. New baby Lettie! (last but NOT LEAST!!!)

or I have a ton of things I could write, but I would just like to take a moment and reflect on how many of the things I am thankful for and just THINGS! I need to work on that--I fill my life with THINGS and then too busy cleaning, organizing, dusting, and messing with THINGS! I am working on it!

Tomorrow--Funny Friday!
I am not feeling very funny, so hopefully by then I can think of some stuff-


Katie Seamons said...

new baby??? Is this new news of yours?

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